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The Punch reporter, Lekan Adetayo who was expelled by President Buhari's CSO over a "Fresh Anxiety in Aso Rock over Buhari's health" report has been recalled.

President Buhari's special adviser, Garba Shehu said the director-general of the Department of state services, Lawal Daura gave the order for Mr. Lekan to be recalled back to the presidential villa.

He stated that the media office would resolve the issues.

"We just got a clearance from Malam Lawal Daura, the DG SSS to recall Lekan to the Villa".

"The Special Adviser on Media, Femi Adesina and I will resolve the issues".

"Lekan should be assured that he is safe. We will straighten out everything" Shehu tweeted.
Presidency Recalls Lekan Adetayo, Expelled PUNCH Reporter To Aso Rock

Who Is The Presidency? –Reuben Abati
When last week, President Muhammadu Buhari decided to suspend the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, and the Director General of the Nigeria Intelligence Agency, Ambassador Ayo Oke in order to allow unfettered investigations of both public officers, the most striking immediate reaction was the SGF asking: who is the Presidency? State House correspondents had accosted the then SGF as he left a meeting with the Vice President. It is standard practice at the State House for correspondents to lay ambush. Babachir Lawal obviously did not know that he had been suspended from office.

If the Vice President knew, he did not tell him. Again, that is how the Nigerian Presidency works. Once you fall out of line or favour due courtesies may not be extended to you. I was instructed on many occasions to wait until certain persons left the Villa, before issuing their sack statements. I once announced the disengagement of an important public official from the Presidential wing of the airport, as our aircraft taxied on the runway en route France.

In Babachir Lawal’s case, he was asked to react to something he knew nothing about. When he sought clarifications, the correspondents told him that the Presidency had suspended him from office. Anybody in his shoes would have been just as shocked as he was. He was right there in the Villa, and nobody told him there was a knife at his back. Besides, he occupies a very strategic office. The SGF’s office is the engine room of the Presidency.

The Chief of Staff may be the political, administrative head of the State House, but the engine of the Presidency is in the office of the SGF. He is in charge of Council meetings, the Ministers must interface with him, the civil service also, and he is directly in charge of more than 30 government agencies and parastatals. No key government event or appointment can take place without that office. Presidential power is delegated and distributed. The office of the SGF arguably has a larger share, in other words, in real terms, that office is probably more influential than every other office in the Executive arm of government.

The problem with privileged people in government, holding political appointments, however, is that they often get carried away. They forget that they are mere agents, exercising delegated authority. The illusion of power and the delusion of agents constitute one of the major threats in the corridors of power. But the delusion of relatives, associates and wayfarers is even worse. I have seen ordinary relatives of the President threatening to be powerful, and mere acquaintances claiming to be in charge of the Presidency. It got so interesting at a point that a colleague, who had a First Class and whose only dream was to get a Ph.D in his lifetime, kept insisting that he would devote his doctoral thesis to a study of the impact of informal agents on Presidential powers and authority. If waka-pass characters in the corridors of power can lay so much claim to power, there can be no doubt that privileged persons with big egos would be worse.

At that moment therefore when Babachir Lawal asked the question: who is the Presidency?, he must have thought of all the powers and influence in his custody and imagined himself as being indeed the main engine of the Presidency. His response to the correspondents was actually a retort: “who will dare take such a decision behind my back? I am the Presidency and I have just held a meeting with the VP. You reporters don’t know anything. You are telling the Presidency that the Presidency has suspended him from office?” By now, a week later, Babachir Lawal must have learnt one basic lesson about power.

The lesson is simply that it is power that gives power, when power withdraws power, what is left is powerlessness. For example, another person has since taken Babachir Lawal’s place in acting capacity and there is nothing he can do about that. Some other politicians are also already being positioned to take over that office eventually, so far three names have been mentioned- Ogbonnnaya Onu, Adams Oshiomhole and Olorunnimbe Mamora and it looks like there is a serious hustle for that office. Nobody is likely to reject the job if Babachir Lawal loses it. Meanwhile, the Presidency continues to move on while Babachir Lawal is under interrogation. In the last week alone, the suspended SGF should also have learnt a few more lessons about human beings. He may no longer ask that question: who is the Presidency? He is more likely to be asking: who is Babachir Lawal?

But that is a private question. No matter how concerned we may be, we can’t answer it for him. It is a kind of question, manifesting in form of a cross which every person must carry at certain critical moments in their lives. When he asked that other question however: who is the Presidency?, Babachir Lawal, beyond his egoistic slip, threw up something anagnoristic, which is of significant public interest. I offer to attempt an answer to the question.

The simple answer is that the President is the Presidency – office, power and system unified in one person. Under the type of Presidential system that we run, the President of Nigeria is more or less a unilateral person. He is Head of State, Head of Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. His powers are derived from the Constitution, under which he is elected and which he swears to uphold and defend, and it is also subject to it, that he is expected to exercise his powers. The idea of our American-styled Presidential system is further hinged on the doctrine of the separation of powers.

This makes the President the custodian of Executive powers and provides constitutional checks and balances on those powers through the legislature and the judiciary. The Constitution requires the President for example to seek the National Assembly’s approval for appropriation and certain appointments, and grants the legislature the powers to impeach the President or pass a vote of no confidence, although this oversight power is hardly exercised. The Judiciary is constitutionally independent, and whereas the Executive approves the appointment of judges, it is not granted the powers to dictate to the judiciary. There are also certain independent bodies like the Electoral Commission, the Federal Civil Service Commission, the National Judicial Council and the Code of Conduct Bureau, which in the eyes of the law are required to be free from partisan control. The President also cannot take certain decisions without consultation. He consults such bodies as the Nigeria Police Council, the National Defence Council, and the Council of State, even if their advice is not binding on him. In making appointments he is also required to respect the Federal Character principle as stated in Sections 14(3) and 147(3).

The sum effect of the constitutional powers of the President under the 1999 Constitution in addition to the residual and implied powers of that office is that what we have in Nigeria at the moment is an imperial Presidency, far more imperial than the imperialism of the American Presidency contemplated and analysed in Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr’s book of the same title. Sections 5, 11, 157, 158, 215, 216, 218, 231, 305, and 315 of the 1999 Constitution grant the President of Nigeria enough powers to compromise the authority and impact of the other two tiers of government.

The exercise of so-called residual and implied powers makes the situation worse. The President can hire and fire, enter into covenants on behalf of the country, send police men onto the streets, send troops to war and seek legislative approval later, he can give national honours, grant pardon, spend money and seek approval within a time-frame, insist on the declaration of an emergency, and act as he may wish in the national interest.

This imperialism is a throwback to the monarchical nature of primeval societies. It is sustained sadly by contemporary myths, the thinking that the President is a mythical repository, a superhero- the man who has all the answers and who can do all things. Other players within the system at all levels, be it the legislature or the judiciary, the private sector or the civil society, also actively promote this myth and concede to it. The result is that power becomes centripetal. The people unwittingly submit their sovereignty. The idea of the President as a savior is a sad re-imagining of our democracy, which in full flight over-extends the symbolism and powers of the Presidency and threatens to make the legislature and the judiciary irrelevant and thus displaces the people from being partners into consumers of government propaganda and tyranny.

By regarding their Presidents or Heads of states as super-heroes, Nigerians place them above democracy and short-change themselves. This has been our dilemma since 1960. Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria’s first and only Prime Minister was the super hero who received the instruments of independence from the British colonialists, but by 1966, he had led the country into trouble. Yakubu Gowon, a soldier, took over. He was the super hero who led the country through a civil war and held it together, but he was soon shoved aside by another super hero, Murtala Muhammad, also a soldier. From Muhammad to Obasanjo, the military held sway until 1979 when the military returned power to a civilian “super hero”, Shehu Shagari. Shagari’s task was to prove that civilians could take charge of their own affairs, but the civilians messed up and the soldiers returned: Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Abdusalami Abubakar, all super heroes who deployed power in different ways. Fast-forward to 1999 and the return to civilian rule since then.

What seems clear is that the extent to which every Head of State and Head of Government exercises Executive powers is a function of personality and the surrounding myths and circumstances. President Olusegun Obasanjo was such a total embodiment of Presidential powers every knee bowed before him. Those who resisted him regretted doing so in one form or the other. If he had actually insisted on a Third term in office, he could have possibly gotten away with it. He understood the full extent of his powers as President and he was not afraid to put those powers to test. He was succeeded by Umaru Yar’Adua who became President primarily because some powerful persons didn’t want some other people in that office and merely to pacify certain interests but eventually illness and death truncated President Yar’Adua’s potential.

President Goodluck Jonathan became acting President and later President also as a superhero. Nigerians used him to remind the North that in a Federation, no single region is “born to rule,” and that all Nigerians have full rights under the Constitution. The North never forgave Jonathan. In his case, he seemed to have played into the hands of his opponents by refusing to use Presidential powers to their fullest extent. He publicly declared on more than one occasion that power should not be wielded like a whip. He conceded a lot, some say too much to God, and to the opposition, and for this reason, many courtesans of power in Nigeria have also not forgiven him especially for being humble and for allowing power and office to go in the opposite direction.

His successor is a war-hero, a former soldier, who is not shy about being a Nigerian super-hero. He is wielding power and using it. The only problem is that a fully imperial Presidency creates its own contradictions, most of which the subject teaches us, is internal and therefore far more damaging to the system and democracy itself. Under no circumstance should an elected leader appear more powerful than the people, and the checking and balancing systems so vulnerable. The note-taking on this and the long-term dangers in the context of Nigeria’s democratic process and experience is, for now, a work in progress… Babachir Lawal, I hope I have answered your question. I hope you now know who and what the Presidency is.

Mikel Obi Celebrates His 30th Birthday As His Baby Mama Shares Photo To Celebrate Him
John Michael Nchekwube Obinna (born 22 April 1987), variously known as John Obi Mikel, John Mikel Obi or Mikel John Obi, is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Chinese club Tianjin TEDA in the Chinese Super League and the Nigeria national team.
His baby mama, Olga Allegra shared the photo below to mark his birthday and captioned it:

"Welcome to the 30-35 box Che Love you my pooh1"
Mikel Obi Celebrates His 30th Birthday As His Baby Mama Shares Photo To Celebrate Him1

Mikel Obi Celebrates His 30th Birthday As His Baby Mama Shares Photo To Celebrate Him2

Mikel Obi Celebrates His 30th Birthday As His Baby Mama Shares Photo To Celebrate Him3

Singer Oritsefemi Is Married. He Got Married Yesterday To A Beautiful Lady (Photos)
You won’t believe who just got off the “Single Men” market!!! it’s the Taliban Number One of Africa!! — Oritsefemi.

Sources say, Oritsefemi got married to his woman, Nabila Fash, who is a PR expert.. and the marriage took place at his Lekki home, yesterday, April 20. The “wedding” was a very one.. to the extent that court registrars came to his house to conduct the wedding.

After the private wedding yesterday, the singer who has 3 babymamas shared a photo of his new wife, yesterday evening on his Instagram.
Congrats to them. See more photos below
Singer Oritsefemi Is Married. He Got Married Yesterday To A Beautiful Lady (Photos) 1

Singer Oritsefemi Is Married. He Got Married Yesterday To A Beautiful Lady (Photos) 2

Singer Oritsefemi Is Married. He Got Married Yesterday To A Beautiful Lady (Photos) 3

Singer Oritsefemi Is Married. He Got Married Yesterday To A Beautiful Lady (Photos) 4

Governor Ambode Denies Hand In Market Demolition In Ojodu
Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunimi Ambode on Friday said his government is not involved in the demolition of Ojodu market in the state.

Hundreds of shops were demolished on Wednesday at the popular market located within Ojodu Local Council Development Authority by men of the Lagos State Task Force on Environment, allegedly in compliance with a court order.

The demolition was said to have caught many traders unaware as they were not given any notice before the exercise was carried out.

Ambode expressed surprise over the demolition which led to loss of goods worth millions of Naira.

The governor disclosed this at the 2nd Quarter 2017 Town Hall Meeting, organised by the state government at the Shibiri/Ekunpa Area Office, Oto-Awori Local Council Development Authority.

He said he did not approve the demolition.

"I have directed the Commissioner for Justice to look into the matter and report back to me. We are ready to support market women and we will not do anything to jeopardize their interest," Ambode said.

"BBNaija Judges Were Unfair In My Exit, There Was No Molestation" - Kemen
Former BBNaija housemate, Ekemen has declared that judges of the reality television show were unfair to have disqualified him over an alleged sexual assault on Tboss. He said this while reacting to a question by New Telegraph, on whether the judges who disqualified him were fair.

His words: “I don’t think they were fair but in their perception of the scenario, it is normal for them to take the decision they took because it was necessary at that time based on how sensitive they were to the issue.” .

On if T-boss led him into touching her breast, the fitness trainer said, “There was no leading on, I and T-Boss had a cordial relationship. There was no leading on of any sort and there was no case of molestation.”

 Popular Pastor Accused Of Arresting Church Member Who Refused Sex With Him (Pics)
According to investigative journalist/former broadcast journalist/producer at NTA,Fejiro Oliver,Nigerian pastor Rev Chris Kwapovwe has arrested one of the ladies who works in his church for refusing to sleep with him.Below is what he wrote...

'Ashawo Pastor: Our Daily Manner publisher, Rev Chris Kwapovwe is a serial womaniser

As I type, he has forcefully arrested one Rita Ibeni who refused sleeping with him using Federal SARS. He had earlier arrested the lady who was the HOD of the media department of his ODM Church of stealing equipment simply because she refused to make love to him.

He has bribed the Nigerian Police with millions to tear the lady's statement she wrote at Ogudu where he first arrested her.

The lady has dangerous evidence that can crumble his ministry hence he wants to get her down by all means.

The man who claims to be a man of God slept with another lady on Valentine's day when Rita refused to show up'
 Popular Pastor Accused Of Arresting Church Member Who Refused Sex With Him (Pics)1

 Popular Pastor Accused Of Arresting Church Member Who Refused Sex With Him (Pics)2

"Main Side Chick Is Pregnant For Flavour, 3rd Babymama Loading"- Whistle Blower (Pic)
It has been alleged that Nigerian superstar artiste, Flavour N'abania, has got a new baby mama, who is said to be madly in love with the singer. According to an anonymous social media user, the lady who has been identified as Onyinye, was reportedly same lady who had a social media fight with Flavour's ex-girlfriend, now turned singer.

The U.S based lady who is alleged to be 4months pregnant with the singer's baby, is also reportedly the lady behind the famous "Mr. Flavour on the Microphone". The source who disclosed this, said he's 100% sure of what he's saying.

Well lets wait and see how this story ends.

More photos of the alleged baby mama Below;
"Main Side Chick Is Pregnant For Flavour, 3rd Babymama Loading"- Whistle Blower (Pic)1

Veteran Yoruba Actor, Olumide Bakare Is Dead
The thespian, who had been sick since last year, according to family sources, underwent a surgery Friday night at University Teaching Hospital, UCH, Ibadan for an undisclosed ailment.

"His situation however gone bad during the procedure and he could not make it. So he died", a close family source, Abiodun Alarape Said
 he was  rushed to UCH on January 24, after suffering cardiac arrest.

His condition was however said to have improved, until he went in for the procedure and failed to make it out alive.

His death which came as a rude shock to his numerous fans globally while most of them still find it difficult to believ

May His Soul Rest In Peace
Veteran Yoruba Actor, Olumide Bakare Is Dead 1

ASUU Calls For JAMB Registrar’s Resignation
Following alleged lopsidedness in the on-going registration of candidates by Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, the Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities, (ASUU) University of Ibadan Chapter, Dr Deji Omole has called on the Registrar of JAMB, Professor Ishaq Oloyede to voluntarily resign from office.

The academic union also asked the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu to call the registrar to order to lessen the difficulty being experienced by the candidates.
Dr Omole said the board had outlived its usefulness and the best thing is to scrap it and allow universities design their standard examination for their own candidates.
He noted that the fact that a mock examination was stopped due to logistic reasons underscored the point of alleged incompetence of the Registrar, noting that if candidates could not do mock how sure are they to pass the examination.

He said: “Why will anybody make life difficult for candidates whose parents are struggling to live under the terrible condition the government has made them to live in?"
“Why would somebody introduce changes that are only known by members of the board? We have made case for the scrapping of this body because in the present instance the introduction of different registration procedures has turned candidates to victims of fraud.”while different centres now make business by arranging with private schools who bring all their students in group to come and register while children of the masses look on.”

“This is a failed approach to change and the Registrar admitted this with the cancellation of the mock examination. How can we ensure that the candidates prepare well for the exams when they spend weeks waiting for Personal Identification Number and are at the mercy of registration officers who force them to go to cybercafe where they have arrangements to first create their profile before they can have their PIN”

“This is where people are duping Nigerian children. This is a total failure. Students must have at least three months for registration, its procedure must be open and their options to public universities must not be limited to serve the agenda of the proprietors of private universities”, he argued.

Ooni Of Ife Hosts Emir Of Kano, Lamido Sanusi In His Palace In Osun State (Pics)1
The Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II on Wednesday played host to the Emir of Kano, His Royal Highness Sanusi Muhammadu Sanusi. The Emir accompanied by senior members of Kano Emirate Council said he was in Ile-Ife to formally congratulate Ooni on His ascension to the throne of his forefathers and to appreciate him for his fatherly role sequel to the recent Hausa/Fulani crisis in Ile-Ife.

The Emir thanked Ooni and the people of Ife for the warm reception given to him and prayed for the robust continued relationship between Kano Emirate and Ife Kingdom.

After presenting the Emir with an artwork gift representing the cultural diversity in Nigeria and the unity of the people, Ooni Ogunwusi and his chiefs led the Emir and his entourage on a visit to the Hausa community at the Sabo area of the town where they both had a brief meeting with Seriki Hausa and his people.
Ooni Of Ife Hosts Emir Of Kano, Lamido Sanusi In His Palace In Osun State (Pics)

Ooni Of Ife Hosts Emir Of Kano, Lamido Sanusi In His Palace In Osun State (Pics)2

Ooni Of Ife Hosts Emir Of Kano, Lamido Sanusi In His Palace In Osun State (Pics)3

Ooni Of Ife Hosts Emir Of Kano, Lamido Sanusi In His Palace In Osun State (Pics)6

Ooni Of Ife Hosts Emir Of Kano, Lamido Sanusi In His Palace In Osun State (Pics)5

See Reasons Why You Should NEVER Refrigerate Your Bread

New age philosophy has everyone storing their bread in the fridge to keep it fresh, but not so fast.

As it turns out, keeping your bread in the fridge is not a good way to keep it fresh. Actually quite the opposite.
There are two parts to the story of staling bread; part one is moisture loss, the other one is recrystallization of starch which also causes bread to get hard and stale.
According to Serious Eats, “The reason a refrigerator is bad for bread: When bread is stored in a cold (but above freezing) environment, this recrystallization, and therefore staling, happens much faster than at warmer temperatures. Freezing, however, dramatically slows the process down.”
There you have it folks – stop keeping your bread in the fridge to keep it fresh. One of the best tips for keeping fresh bread comes from Baker David Norman who recommends not buying pre-sliced bread, since the shelf life immediately decreases with this way of processing. A better option is to buy whole loaves or to freeze it.

#BBNaija: Efe, Tboss and Bisola Get Plots of Land as Gift from Tonto Dikeh’s Ex-Husband, Churchill (Photos) 1
The estranged husband of Nollywodd actress, Tonto Dikeh, Olakunle Churchill, gifted three housemates of Big Brother Naija reality television show with a plot land each.
The top three Big Brother finalists – Efe, Bisola and TBoss – were gifted with plots of land courtesy of the billionaire businessman and philantropist.
Olakunle Churchill is the president and founder of Churchill Foundation (a non-governmental non-profit organization).
The plots of land which were awarded to the housemates, and are part of the properties of King Andrea Realtors, were presented to the top three finalists on 17th April, 2017.

BBNaija! It Took 7 Hours of Deliberation/Discussion to Disqualify Kemen – Ebuka Reveals 1
Ebuka Obi Uchendu, the Host of the just concluded Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show, has revealed what happened behind the scenes before Kemen was disqualified from the race while he was hosted by BeatFM today.
BBNaija! It Took 7 Hours of Deliberation/Discussion to Disqualify Kemen – Ebuka Reveals 2
Ebuka disclosed that it took up to 7 hours of discussion, deliberations before reaching a decision on Kemen’s disqualification.
He made the disclosure while being interviewed by celebrity OAP, Toolz.

Kemen’s disqualification has caused quite a buzz over time on Nigerian social media with many calling for the man’s head.
However, many others have asked for the matter to be buried since Kemen never r*ped Tboss.

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