Sunday, 28 October 2018 - We Are Cheap! Yes We Are. Quality Buy, Easy Sell In 24 Hours

Madam Jumai is a local business woman. She currently has a store at Balogun. Things haven’t been so easy for her and her family. She has been struggling to make sales to feed, pay rent and put her 3 kids through school. Her friend Aunty Amaka has introduced her to several online market places to boost sales but they haven’t really helped her business. They have been utter disappointments. Her goods get lost in the massive pages of these sites with little or no sales conversion.
She had completely lost hope until one day, her good friend Madam Joy introduced her to
Everything changed! Sales improved tremendously, her customer base quadrupled, her family is doing wonderful and she has never been this happy.
Thanks to Aunty Joy o….. LastPriceNi o!

Lasisi has lost several business opportunities. This is because he bought a bad phone from one of these common marketplaces.
The dealer wasn’t honest and the system doesn’t have control on how to mitigate this. Lasisi discovered LastPriceNi, he got a great deal. Quality phone at the lowest price possible! He was able to rate his experience on the site as almost perfect. He can now keep up and track his leads which has boosted his sales and moved his business to another level
Lasisi no dey carry last again o as he easily gets the best quality offers from LastPriceNi.

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