Most of us aren�t born wanting to cheat on our
spouses. We all walk down the aisle (most of us
anyway) with visions of monogamy and love
dancing in our heads, sure that this union � our
union � will be the one to beat the odds. Sadly,
not all of us will live up to those hopes and ideals.


If 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and 50
percent of spouses are victims of infidelity, then
there are a whole lot of cheating spouses out
there. But who are they? What are the signs that
a person is about to cheat? What are the signs
that you are about to cheat? We asked various
women who cheated on their spouses to explain
what drove them to it and culled their answers
into a list of five signs you are about to cheat on
your man.
1. Your se*x life has dwindled: A lot of the
women said that between the stress of raising
children and the stress of working, they were
having sex less and less. Eventually, some guy
caught their eye and boom! They were the cliched
housewife sleeping with their personal trainers.
2. He was your only one: �I was 24 when I got
married to my husband just out of college,� says
one anonymous source. �I never slept with
anyone but him.� This led to her being curious,
and curiosity� well, it sometimes kills cats and
other times it leads to affairs. She and her
husband made it through, but a better way to
handle those feelings would have been to be open
in the first place. �Once we talked about it, I
knew he felt the same way, too. He may have
even let me have a free pass if I�d asked.
Instead, I almost caused a divorce.�
3. You crave compliments: Sometimes when
you�ve been together for a long time, the
compliments just kind of stop coming. For many
women, that leads to seeking compliments � and
other things � elsewhere. Is that his fault? No.
But really, compliments are good. Keep them up.
4. You want revenge: One woman cheated
because her husband cheated. Another because
her husband was a gambler who left them in
financial ruin. �I was so pissed, it made sense at
the time,� said the gambler�s wife. They
eventually divorced.
5. You are feeling neglected: We�ve ALL been
there, right? Our husbands are busy and driving
us crazy. We are busy and focused on the kids,
and all of a sudden, we start to feel like it�s
been years since they�ve said what a good job
we�re doing or how much they love us. Been
there. This is the reason a lot of women end up in
bed with another man. Stop it before it gets there!
Talk to him. Tell him what you need.