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Saidi Balogun
Popular actor and movie producer, Saidi Balogun,
is unhappy and the reason is connected to piracy
that has hit his business. It is said that pirates
have dubbed several copies of his new movie, You
or I, despite recent campaigns against piracy in
the country.
Although he shied away from talking about his
failed marriage, he stated that it was not a
coincidence that his last two movies centered on
marriage. He said some of the people who had
seen the movies assumed that he was using them
to address some issues in his last marriage.
Saidi Balogun said: �I hate talking about my
past marriage, but it is true that my recent
movies speak about marriages. I cannot say if the
movies are about my past marriage but people
would be able to deduce when they watch the
film. The first movie, Modupe Temi, shows how
gossip breaks a home and the other, You or I,
asks which race is suitable to have as a wife
between the white and black. If you say I am
talking about my past marriage, fine, all I want is
the audience to learn from my movie.
�Possibly, the Lord is using me as an example to
tell a story. Although, before the marriage all
these stories have been there but God is the
greatest producer. He creates all things but
whatever people want to say they should say. All
I want is for people to learn from my stories. If
you say I am a living example to what I wrote,
fine, I accept but I would ask people to please buy
an original copy, watch and learn regardless who
they think the story is about.


Ruggedman Doing It with Naija Rough Girl
Sources sent information weeks back indication
that �things� are happening between the rapper
and this Gospel single who has turned into
another thing. But we didn�t publish it. Anyway,
the story is still spreading and Ruggedman has
decided to open up on the allegations.
On her part, she has confessed that she loves
�the thing� and enjoy doing it several times
daily. But has she been doing it with Rugged
man? See what he said below plus photos of
them together

Reacting to rumours that �things� are going on
between them, Ruggedman said they are just
�I wanted her to do something for my clothing
line, she came to an office close to my house and
I asked her to stop by to pick the clothes, that is
all. We have been friends since 2007.

You Won't Believe This Yam Has A Female Pr1vate Part Shape! [18+ PIX]

I stumbled on a shocking pix of a yam online and believe me, it's no photoshop. Y'all need to see it.
See the photo when you
continue below:
Can you eat this type of yam?

‘I Had S3x With Davido And It Was Fun" -- Maheeda Leaks

The controversial singer is known for making strange declarations Maheeda is at it again! This time the singer/n*dist extraordinaire has said that she had s*x with Davido, in her dreams!
Maheeda revealed this via her Twitter handle @MaheedaNigeria saying: “I had sex with davido in my dream yesternight, But why? I no de crush on him, Was fun sha! If na as him do am him dey do for real life hmmm!”


Bovi's performance at Bovi man on Fire 2013
titled Loving Boyfriend
Flytime Promotions, Rhythm 93.7fm, Brownhill
and Kountry Kulture presents. The biggest
comedy show in Nigeria Bovi- Man on Fire. The
first Bovi Man on Fire was held last year at Eko
Hotel to a sold out audience.
This year, Flytime is spicing it up a bit by adding
R&B artist Ashanti and Hip Hop Legend Jarule to
perform at the show. Patoranking would be
performing alongside these 2 artists. See video
Basketmouth would also be Hosting this event.
Bovi, Man on Fire is taking place October 3rd at
the Eko Convention Centre.
Tickets N5k and N25k for VIP.
For Tables, Call: 08174565603
Tickets available online at
and also Silverbird Cinemas in VI and Ikeja, Eko
Hotel and Ozone Cinemas
Bovi man on fire is proudly sponsored by
Diamond bank and Arik Air.


The Rough Things This Woman Is Doing To Dayo
The popular Kennis Music executive is really
enjoying himself here; �wetin man go do�? See

more coming!

Man Utd Reach Agreement With Ajax for Blind

Manchester United have reached agreement
with Ajax for the transfer of Netherlands
international Daley Blind.
The Old Trafford club are believed to have
agreed a fee of £13.8m for Blind, who has
notched up 120 appearances and won four
Eredevisie titles with Ajax.
A club statement said: “Manchester United is
delighted to announce it has reached
agreement with Ajax to sign Daley Blind,
subject to a medical and personal term.”
Daley Blind Set for United Medical.
The 24-year-old versatile defender was part
of coach Louis van Gaal’s squad at the 2014
Fifa World Cup.
United have been linked with Blind
throughout the summer but the Dutch
champions have been reluctant on selling
him unless the Premier League club met their
valuation, reportedly in the region of £14m.
Van Gaal is keen to strengthen his defensive
options after a torrid start to the season,
having recorded just a point from their
opening two league games followed by
Tuesday’s humiliating loss in the League Cup
at Milton Keynes Dons.
Blind was on target in the 3-0 World Cup
third-place match victory over hosts Brazil
about two months ago.

REVEALED: The Town Where Men Don’t Use Condóm In Lagos

Following his pleasant discovery earlier in
the day, Hueze Huesu, in his 50s, couldn’t
wait to get home later that night. He felt like
a school boy preparing for a first date. He
was excited about exploring the world of séx
with a ‘rubber.’
“Nobody had told me about condóms until I
heard from some people that it prevents
pregnancy and séxually transmitted
diseases,” he said. However, his excitement
was deflated when he tried to explore…
He wanted to enjoy his new discovery with
one of his wives t night. He said, “For the
first time, I tried to use it when I wanted to
sleep with my wife but she bluntly refused.
She said she was not a prostitute and
queried why I wanted to use a condóm when
we have been married for years and never
used one.”
Since then, Huese, who has 10 children, has
never tried to use a condóm with any of his
two wives. “I have never believed in the use
of condóms anyway. This has not stopped
me from having séx regularly. The woman
knows the sign when the man is about to
release or reach climax. So she has already
even enjoyed it more than the man before he
withdraws,” noted Huese animatedly.
The use of condóms is strange to men in
Makoko, a densely populated slum town in
Lagos where majority live in wooden shacks
built on water.
Like Huese, many Egun people in Makoko, as
well as Oko-Agbon and Ago-Egun
communities in Yaba Local Council
Development Area, Lagos, do not like using
condóms due to their long held traditional
belief in the old practice of coitus interruptus,
also known as the withdrawal or pull-out
method during séxual intercourse.
For centuries, this has been used as a
method of birth control worldwide.
The history is not lost on the Egun people
whose forefathers migrated from
neighbouring Francophone West African
countries like Togo and Benin Republic, as
well as from Badagry, Lagos. This age old
practice has been transferred to the current
generation, where most of the people speak
their local Egun dialect and sometimes
French. Their major occupations are fishing
and farming. Only a few understand English
and the residents, whose maj live in wooden
shacks built on murky waters oozing with an
unpleasant odour.
“The use of condóm means nothing for us
here as Egun people. We don’t like using
condóms because we know ourselves, both
women and men; we don’t go outside or
sleep around. It’s those people who go
outside sleeping with different people that
contact such diseases like HIV,” said Lowato
Luke, one of the traditional chiefs in the area.
Luke, who has two wives and 12 children,
gleefully boasted that he had mastered the
withdrawal method and understands his
wives’ ovulation cycles. “I know the
particular times to have séx with my wives,
even if they are breastfeeding and I want to
have séx with them, I know how to do it to
prevent another pregnancy,” he said. Like
Huese, he also claimed that his wives enjoy
the séx more than he does. “But if you use
condóm, it won’t be that enjoyable. I have
never used a condóm,” he noted.
It is the same case with Kirianko Goi, in his
40s. “I don’t believe in the use of condóm
because I never heard that from my father.
It’s not for me to say whether I will advise
my children to use condóm or not. If the
young boys and girls want to have séx, they
won’t tell you. This generation is clearly
different from that of my father and mine.
But if I’m in a position to do so, I will advise
them, it is my duty to advise them,” he said.
Goi’s nephews, two young men in their 20s,
one married and the other unmarried, giggled
intermittently during their uncle’s brief
condóm talk. But they declined comments
when asked if they use condóms during séx.
Many of the men who spoke to our
correspondent in the community expressed
their aversion to the use of condóms during
séxual intercourse and were insistent that
their women enjoyed it that way.

Twenty-five-year-old Bernadette Sato, who
has two children, agreed. She does not like
condóm. “We don’t like using condóm. But if
we don’t want to get pregnant, we know
how to do it by ourselves; it pays us more
that way, because we don’t like using
condóm. I was told in a hospital in Cotonou,
Benin Republic, where I gave birth to my first
child, that people who don’t want to get
pregnant can use condóm. Sometimes, I use
a family planning drug before and after séx
with my husband to prevent pregnancy,” she
said, noting that many of her friends also
don’t like condóms, while some claimed it
could bring about disease. “I don’t know the
type of disease, but I just don’t like condóm
during séx,” she added.
Pipi Olorunwa, who has been married for 12
years and has six children, gave an insight
into the female perspective. She said:
“Although there is no official report that says
condóm is bad; personally, I don’t like it
because God did not create it. Those who
created it did so because of the level of
immorality in the world today so that they
can enjoy themselves. There are several
methods to avoid pregnancy. A couple can
have séx without the wife conceiving.
“I also don’t like the chemical and odour
from condóm because I believe the chemicals
used in preserving the condóm could cause
problems and is harmful to the body.
Although I didn’t get the information from a
medical expert, but everybody does
according to their belief. I don’t use any drug
either to prevent pregnancy. I just do it the
natural way with my husband.”
“We don’t use need it or any other
contraceptive because we understand how to
do child spacing,’’ noted the head of the
traditional chiefs in the area, 55-year-old Mr.
Francis Agoyon Alashe. When probed further,
he gave a timeline of the spacing among
some of his 14 children as proof. It showed a
two or three-year gap among them. “My
children are well spaced. Some of them,
including the twins, were born in 1984, 1986
and 1989. I stopped having children in 2003,”
he explained, adding that he still had séx
with his wives during those period without
childbirth because he had ‘planned it
carefully with the withdrawal method.’
“Of course, the woman enjoys it. It’s a
matter of agreement between the man and
the woman. We don’t like using condóms as
such because we want flesh to meet flesh. If
a man is too anxious during séx, he will
release on time, but if he can control his
excitement, he can take longer minutes,” he
According to Agoyon, the use of condóms
could even have ‘negative effects.’ “We
believe using condóm could bring disease on
its own. This could happen when the sperm
goes back into the manhood. We call it
‘foon’. Then, to urinate will be very difficult,”
he said
However, a medical doctor, Dr. Kareem
Jamiu, punctured holes in Agoyon’s
statement. “That’s not true. It’s not
medically possible. But there is what is
called ‘retrograde ejaculation’, where the
sperm goes backwards to the bladder
instead of forward. Normally, when a man
wants to release, the bladder neck closes so
that the sperm can easily flow forward. But if
the bladder neck muscles are weak or
relaxed, then it means there is a problem.
Some causes of retrograde ejaculations are
complications from diabetes, a
malfunctioning bladder sphincter, as well as
some STDs. But in a normal male, the
bladder neck is normally so tight and so the
sperm cannot go back,” explained Jamiu,
who once worked with the Doctors Without
Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières during
their intervention programme in Makoko,
Oddo and Badia communities in Lagos State.
The MSF team, comprised foreign doctors
supported by Nigerian medical staff, worked
in these areas for over two years and
established a health centre, until they left in
Despite the lack of information, knowledge,
and awareness about the consequences of
unprotected séx, there is a general low rate
of STDs and HIV/AIDS in the Makoko

communities, noted Jamiu, who confirmed to
our correspondent that the people in the
communities really don’t like using condóms.
He said: “We tried talking with them but it
was difficult getting the message across to
them. When you tell them about it, they just
laugh about it and say they will try.
“From our experience with them, their way of
preventing pregnancy is coitus interruptus.
Most of the males that had STDs patronised
traditional healers, while the females
sometime came for treatment, although the
rate of STDs or HIV/AIDS was not as
widespread as feared. I don’t think there
was any difference between the rates in
Makoko when compared with the general
population or with people who live in
different settings. Sometimes, there were 11
cases of HIV in a month, sometimes 12. The
community also recorded low figures in
malaria and cholera cases,” he explained.
“We have special herbs to cure STDs like
gonorrhoea and other types of diseases,”
said Huese. “It is an Egunsecret,” Agoyon
replied when probed about it.
This surprising trend may be due to what is
medically termed ‘herd immunity’, Jamiu
noted. “When a group of people are exposed
to something too frequently, they tend to
develop a general immunity to it,” he
According to Vaccines Today, an online
publication, “Herd immunity is a form of
immunity that occurs when the vaccination
of a significant portion of a population (or
herd) provides a measure of protection for
individuals who have not developed
“I think that’s what happened in Makoko.
The rates of diseases were not really as bad
as envisaged, Jamiu said.
Another medical doctor who worked with
MSF, Dr. Valentina Edoro, echoed Jamiu’s
words. “There were isolated cases of STDS,
but not high. The number was not something
that needed any special intervention. When
the women came for family planning; we
found out that they don’t discuss it with
their husband. We needed to bring the men
on board during discussions on family
planning, but it came about much later when
we were about rounding off the project,” she
said. Edoro added that many of the men in
Makoko said they didn’t enjoy séx with
condóms because they believed it decreased
the pleasure during séx.
However, she pointed out that the
withdrawal method may not necessarily be
effective in preventing pregnancies and STDs.
“This is because the pre-ejaculation fluid
from a man’s man-hood may contain sperm,
which means that the man may still has
enough sperm to make a woman pregnant,”
she said, noting that the women were less
conservative about family planning than the
“Surprisingly we also discovered that their
children were healthy and they breastfed for
longer time, malnutrition was not a problem.
Yes, they had a lot of chest infections
because of their environment and they
smoke. But they were healthy, despite their
environment. I was also surprised about the
low rate of STDs because they don’t protect
themselves with condóms. They don’t marry
outside the community, I don’t know if that
is a factor,” she noted.
Conservatism, illiteracy, lack of awareness,
traditional beliefs, environmental factors, high
risk séxual behaviour and poverty may be
some reasons for the widespread practice of
unsafe séx among people in the community.
There is also a high rate of teenage
pregnancy there.
Their claims asides, SUNDAY PUNCH
gathered from some of the residents that,
despite their marital status, a few of them
still had séxual affairs outside the
“Today, girls are getting pregnant more and
giving birth. Séx is more common in Makoko
among the young boys and girls. They like it.
All they know in this settlement is séx. You
see young girls of 13, 14 years, who have
had séx. And when they are brought to the
elders, they would claim that they are
husband and wife. We deliberated some
cases last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We
had cases of r*pe in the past but it is very
rare. Nowadays, some of these young girls
spend their mothers’ profits from her trade to
get boys to have séx with them,” Agoyon
said. Most times, a traditional marriage
ceremony is quickly conducted between these
young, consenting lovers. It doesn’t cost
much to have one in Makoko, a traditional
wedding ceremony could cost between
N10,000 and N150,000, Agoyon said.
This developing trend may change the status
quo in the community in terms of population
growth and rates of STDS.
This is the more reason why, beyond the
changing perspectives, Jamiu said people in
communities such as Makoko needed more
enlightenment about the use of
contraceptives such as condóms, considering
the social and economic effects such
population increase in slums areas would
have on the country.
According to recent World Bank statistics,
Nigeria, with a population of over 160 million
where majority live on less than $2 a day,
has the seventh highest birth rate in the
world. The report stated that Nigerian
women give birth to an average of six
children within their childbearing years.
“Their educational awareness and knowledge
of contraceptives is very poor in Makoko. I
can’t comment on how it works for them.
But if the communities can be provided with
standard education, it will help change their
mentality and way of life, because you can’t
dislodge them from there. That’s where they
are comfortable to live in. It’s more of a
rudimentary life. They have some brilliant
children where during interaction with them,
you know they can be better. Education is
what they need,’’ he noted.
Although the older generation still holds
strongly to the séxual practice of their
forefathers, the younger generation of Egun
people seem to be drifting away with the
current of modern times, while in the murky
waters surrounding their communities.
Remi Goka, in his 30s, who was evasive
about his marital status, said he used
condóms whenever he was with his
girlfriends. Like he put it, he didn’t know if
they had other séxual relationships outside.
“But I go for tests regularly. I have many of
my friends who use condóms,” he said.
His friends, whose ages ranged from 18 to
30; Hunkarin, Yomlomnun Monday, Keyebo
Richard and Djisou Honsou, who had his
name tattooed on his arm, all agreed. They
all use condóms also. Goka agreed that séx
among young people was now a common
way of life in the community.
“Yes, there is a difference between my
generation and the older one because we are
more enlightened about the issues. We have
a larger population now. It’s a thing of
choice,’’ he noted.

With an increasing population, especially of
women and children, poverty, poor living
conditions, lack of education and basic
infrastructure and services, the increasing
rate of unprotected séx in Makoko
communities is a worrying trend, especially
as the general dislike for cóndoms hasn’t
changed much with the younger generation.
“They live in a kind of cocoon. For them, it’s
a way of life. The men go for fishing; the
women go to the market and come back.
From what I have observed, there are no
special values being handed over. So, it goes
on like a cycle. The young boys grow up to
impregnate their women and it just goes on
and on,” Edoro noted.
Written By Punch’s Arukaina Umukoro

Oh No! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Wife Finally Files For Divorce, Alleges Adultery

According to reports from, Pastor
Anita has finally filed for divorce from her
husband, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Read reports below:
The dissolution of the marriage
between Christ Embassy Church founder,
Pastor Christian Oyakhilome, and his wife,
Rev. Anita Odegwa Oyakhilome, has entered
the final phase, TheCable can report. The
wife is seeking divorce on the grounds of
“unreasonable behaviour” and “adultery”. She
outlined several allegations against the
pastor which TheCable cannot publish for
legal reasons.
The divorce case, with Suit No FD14D01650,
was filed on April 9, 2014 at Divorce Section
A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House,
High Holborn, London, UK, on Anita’s behalf
by Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitors, a full-
service law firm with expertise in commercial
law and a strong consumer focus in family,
wills and estate, personal injury law and
medical negligence. Efforts to reconcile the
popular couple, whose church is one of the
biggest denominations in Nigeria and has
branches all over world, have failed.
They have two teenage daughters, Sharon
and Charlyn. Oyakhilome is the president of
Believers’ Love World Inc, the registered
name of the Christian ministry, while his wife
is the vice-president. The pastor, according
to an elder of the church, has denied
allegations of adultery and believes his wife
is being influenced by “bad friends” who are
intent on destroying their home. While Anita
believes she has been relegated in the
scheme of things in the church, her husband
has reportedly accused her of trying to usurp
power and authority above her seniors in the
Sources told TheCable that the pastor had
been making efforts to avoid divorce in the
hope that the wife would eventually have a
change of mind. However, TheCable can also
report that the decree nissi was served on
the charismatic pastor in his hotel room
during a recent visit to the UK. Decree nissi,
in legal terms, is like a yellow card in a
football match which is a precursor to a red
card (“decree absolute”) if no new evidence
is provided to stall proceedings. Church
insiders said Oyakhilome had been hoping for
rapprochement, but he was left with no
option than to receive the papers when the
lawyers cornered him at his hotel in London.
The decree absolute, which will effectively
end the marriage, is expected to be issued
soon while terms of the divorce will be
worked out by the lawyers on both sides.
TheCable learnt Anita recently wanted to go
public with the details of her allegations
against the husband but reached an informal
agreement to sheathe her sword in the
interest of the church. Oyakhilome is
regarded as one of the richest and most
influential pastors in Nigeria, and co-authors
the fast-selling Christian daily devotional,
Rhapsody of Realities, with the wife.
However, following the strain in the marriage,
the wife had been complaining to friends that
her husband had stopped the payment of
royalties due her from the devotional. “She
complained of being deliberately starved of
funds, perhaps to bring her to her knees in
the belief that she would eventually return to
her matrimonial home and mend things,” a
church member told TheCable in the UK.A
wealthy Zimbabwean businessman, who is
into telecoms, is one of the biggest financiers
of the London branch of the church which
Anita pastors along with other branches in
Europe. When the crisis got to a head, the
Zimbabwean stopped funding the church ─
some said in solidarity with Oyakhilome, his
close friend and neighbour in Johannesburg,
South Africa.
However, Oyakhilome was said to have been
shocked when the wife announced at a
fundraiser that she was sowing a
“seed” (donation) of $1 million ─ despite her
assumed lack of access to funds.
Matters got to a head on Sunday, July 13,
2014, when some relatives of Anita locked up
the London branch of the church to protest
against the “humiliation” being meted out to
their sister ─ who had not overseen services
at the branch since November 2013.
Some church members had sometime in May
10, 2014 launched facebook campaign,
asking: “Where is Rev. Anita Oyakhilome?”
They said Pastor Chris and Rev. Anita must
unite “for the sake of the gospel, the church
and their two beautiful daughters”. They
quoted Malachi 2:16 in the Message Bible: “I
hate divorce, says the God of Israel.” The
facebook page, which has over 3,300 “likes”,
was opened with a stated mission: “This is a
Call to Prayer for all believers who
understand God’s heart concerning marriage
and a Call to Action by Pst. Chris.
#DoWhatYouPreach”. Officials of the church
quickly moved to deny any rift between the
pastor couple. One official, Kenneth
Achumasara, told the media last June: “I can
tell you authoritatively that there is no issue
between Pastor Chris and his wife, Anita… If
you go to the UK now you will see her along
with the kids. She is still with him and there
is no issue between them. I have been with
him for 22 years and the Pastor Chris I know
cannot even utter such words as reported.
He will never address such a gathering. She
will soon be in Nigeria for a programme and I
will definitely invite you to have access to

Siblings Arrested For Having S*x In Church After Watching Movie

A brother and sister in the US are behind
bars after allegedly having s*x in a tractor
trailer parked in a church parking lot.
Police say Christopher Buckner, 20, and her
half-brother Timothy Savoy, 25, admitted to
committing inc*st three times after watching
the Ryan Gosling romance The Notebook.
Police were alerted to the pair’s antics early
on Tuesday morning after responding to a
call about a prowler in the area.
Sheriff’s Office spokesman David Ehsanipoor
told the Savannah Morning News deputies
went to inspect the area after a call at about
Christopher Buckner
During their patrol of the area they spotted a
man and woman walking down the road. The
male said he was walking the female back to
her house.
Deputies determined that the pair were
brother and sister and that they had just had
s*x in a Kenworth tractor trailer, which was
parked at Countryside Baptist Church,
Ehsanipoor said.
The pair have been charged with inc*st,
aggravated sodomy and prowling and are
being held in the Effingham County jail.

Over 1,000 Igbo Corpses Await FG Clearance In Lagos Mortuaries – Ohanaeze

At least 1,000 corpses of Igbo people are
awaiting clearance in various morgues
across Lagos State, the President of
Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the state, Chief Fabian
Onwughalu, has said.
He blamed the development on the Federal
Government’s ban on inter-state movement
of corpses in the country following the
outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease.
The Minister of State for Health, Dr. Khairu
Al-Hassan, said the ban was part of
government’s effort at curtailing the spread
of the disease in the country.
Bemoaning the plight of the deceased and
their relations, Chief Onwughalu said: “As I
am talking to you now, there are over 1000
dead bodies of Igbo people waiting at
various morgues only here in Lagos State for
movement to their homeland.
“The ugly development has serious effect on
the families of the deceased because in Igbo
land, we believe that the moment a late
family member is buried, the pains of losing
him will gradually fade away. But in a
situation where you keep the body of a
deceased family member unnecessarily, the
pains will be increasing.
“The Federal Government should rescind the
decision or decentralise the authority”.
Asked what the body was doing to address
the issue, he said: “At the highest level, we
believe there are consultations going on. But
we are worried that it is taking too long to
yield fruits”.
He added that the sole authority vested in
the Minister of Health to give clearance to
bereaved families before they can take the
corpses of their loved ones home for burial is
fraught with bottlenecks that cause untold
hardship for the people. He also described
the process as a violation of the Igbo
To enable bereaved families take the corpses
of their members home for burial, he advised
that “the Federal Government should
authorise other government health officers
and doctors to issue certificates to bereaved
families to enable them carry the remains of
their deceased ones home for burial.
“If the authority to issue certificate is
decentralised such that federal health centres
and teaching hospitals would be able to
attend to bereaved families and give them
certificates within a short time, it will enable
our people to convey the remains of their
beloved ones to their ancestral homes in line
with the traditions of their people”.

2015: Yonger Aspirants Urge Buhari Not Run For Presidency

Younger presidential aspirants in the All
Progressives Congress (APC) have reportedly
called on former head of state, Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari to step down from
running for the party’s presidential ticket.
Buhari, the object of the alleged gang-up,
was however said to have travelled abroad
for a comprehensive medical check up ahead
of his declaration for the 2015 presidential
contest, Vanguard reported, citing sources.
Close associates of the general who had
earlier chosen September 1 to announce
Buhari’s intention to vie for the presidential
ticket of the party, were yesterday, said to be
contemplating the deferment of the launch on
account of the APC chieftain’s absence.
Former vice-president Atiku Abubakar,
Governor Rabiu Kwankwanso, Leadership
Newspaper publisher, Sam Nda-Isaiah are
also said to be interested in picking up the
presidential ticket of the country’s major
opposition political party.
The intentions of the party leader, Asiwaju
Bola Ahmed Tinubu however remain unclear
as party insiders spoke yesterday of unclear
signals from the former Lagos governor on
his intentions.
Also in the permutation of party insiders is
Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, who
though still a member of the National
Executive Committee, NEC of the ruling
Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is believed
to be a top contender for the presidential
ticket of the opposition party.
Meanwhile, the party has called on past
leaders of the country to salvage the country
from total collapse in the hands of present
National chairman of the party Chief John
Oyegun made the call when he led top
members of the party to the Up Hill resident
of former military president, General Ibrahim
Babangida on a courtesy visit Thursday
He noted that with what was going on in the
country, Nigeria’s future was very bleak both
economically and socially with the electorate
left to suffer from the mismanagement of the
country’s resources and that it was now left
for the past leaders to join hands together to
bring the country to its right path.

Police Handcuff Man and Then Tase Him To Death

How cruel of an officer, to tase a young
African-American man while he is in
handcuffs. Reports say that police fired their
tasers 10-13 times. The man unfortunately
suffered an unnecessary death caused by,
once again, the police.
Gregory Towns’ life should not have ended
this way. So much justice is deserved for all
the police murdered victims.
Towns’ family attorney Chris Stewart says
“They used their Tasers as a cattle prod on
Mr. Towns,” Towns’ lawyer feels that the
police have violated there service and a
lawsuit is already pending.
Sgt. Marcus Eberhart fired his Taser 10
times, while Officer Howard Weems shot his
Taser three times.Police were forcing the
man to stand up but he had no control after
being stunned so many times.

Daycare Worker Docked After Stomping Toddler To Death

A woman by the name of Athena Skeeter,
40, from the Bronx New York was charged
with endangering the welfare of a child and
According to police, Athena Skeeter murdered
a 20-MONTH-OLD baby boy last week after
stomping the child three times. She told the
police the reason she stomped the child to
death was to make him tough.
Athena Skeeter was babysitting Cardell
Williamson at her house on Friday after the
baby’s father dropped him off, according to
Daily Mail. Athena Skeeter told police she
was play-fighting with the toddler on her bed
and dangled him by one arm and leg and
dropped him on the ground.
She then revealed to police she jumped on
his stomach, but didn’t use all of her weight.
Athena Skeeter also told police she allowed
her son to sit on top of Cardell Williamson
and jumped on his stomach again.
Athena Skeeter told police Cardell Williamson
started behaving differently after
being attacked, and noticed the child
vomiting and unable to keep his head
straight. She began feeling nervous and
placed Cardell’s body inside her tub.
She started to panic and splashed cold water
all over his face, and walked out of the
bathroom, leaving him by himself with the
water still running in the tub. According to
Athena Skeeter, when she walked back into
the bathroom she found him underneath the
“I step out of the bathroom to put the chair
outside - I turned around and Cardell was
slumped over with his head in the water and
steam was coming out of the water,” read
the police complaint.
According to authorities, Cardell had multiple
burns on his face and could barely breathe
when they arrived at Athena’s house. Cardell
was rushed to a local hospital, but he was
immediately pronounced dead once he
arrived. Athena Skeeter was arrested and will
hopefully suffer in prison.
Cardell’s father, Carlyle Williamson, told NY1
his baby had been in Athena’s care for a long
time. He admitted that he did notice a few
bruises on his baby, but concluded he was
just an active toddler.
“He’s a happy little boy,” Williamson said.
“He’s outgoing, very friendly. He’s a loving
child. He’s my heart, my last son, and I’m
sorry I lost him. There’s not too much I can
say, you know. He died too early for no
reason at all. I wish he’s in a better place
right now, but I want him to be with me.”
Athena Skeeter’s neighbors said she had
been a licensed daycare worker for over 18
years. She never had any crazy incidents
occur until Cardell’s death.

4-Year-Old Pupil Reportedly Expelled Because Of His Mother’s Facebook Post

One Florida mother’s Facebook status didn’t
go over so well with her son’s preschool.
Mother Ashley Habat recently complained on
Facebook after the Sonshine Christian
Academy didn’t give enough notice about
picture day. Even though Habat said her
Facebook post was private, she still tagged
the school, and the next day she was
reportedly told by school administrators that
the school would not be a good fit for her
son, according to Jacksonville, Florida outlet
In the post in question, Habat asked: “Why is
it that every single day there is something
new I dislike about Will’s School? Are my
standards really too high or are people
working in the education field really just that
A letter of dismissal given to Habat from the
school said her “relationship with Sonshine
did not get off to a very good start the first
day of school,” stating that she “utilized
social media to call into question not only
the integrity but the intelligence of our staff.
… These actions are also consistent with
sowing discord, which is spoken of in the
handbook you signed.”
The school did not respond to requests for
comment from The Huffington Post.
The incident has drawn responses on both
ends of the specturm. On Mommyish, Maria
Guido asserted that Habat should not have
tagged the school in her post.“Sorry you
have to find a new preschool, but this is
really your own fault,” she wrote.
On TheStir, Lisa Fogarty said she hopes the
school forgives and forgets.
“I feel awful for her little boy – it’s terrible to
rip him away from his friends and teacher
because of a dumb thing his mother wrote
on Facebook,” Fogarty wrote, adding, “And I
wish the school, particularly because I
assume it believes in Christian values — one
of which is forgiveness — would have at
least given Habat a warning before taking
such an extreme measure.”
On its website, Sonshine Christian Academy
describes itself as “a thriving, Christ-
Centered Academy providing academic
excellence through the saving knowledge of
Jesus Christ, equipping each student to
make an impact in our community and the

This 100-lb Turban May Be World’s Largest

Hats off to Avtar Singh Mauni: the 60-year-
old holy man may be on the brink of a world
record thanks to a 100-pound turban he
wears on his head.
The titanic turban measures 2,115 feet when
unwrapped — the same length as 13
Olympic-sized swimming pools.
Mauni spends six hours a day getting it on
his head, and his holy headgear is so large
that the only way he can get to his local
temple in Patiala, Northern India, is via
motorcycle, Barcroft TV reports.
The fabric and ornaments add up to around
100 pounds, but the weapons he carries as
part of his traditional costume add another
87 pounds.
Tending to the turban is a serious
commitment for the devout Sikh, but one he
does proudly.
“I don’t consider it to be a burden. I’m most
happy when I wear it,” Mauni said, according
to the Daily Mail. “I just keep putting on the
cloth from top to bottom one layer at a time
just like you would lay the stories of a
“On the rare times I don’t have my turban on
I keep getting this feeling of being
incomplete, that some part of me is missing.
I get afraid that I may fall and I keep
wondering “have I lost something, where is
my turban?’”
Currently, the Guinness World Record
for world’s largest turban is held by fellow
Indian citizen Major Singh, whose turban
measures 1,312 feet.
Mauni would like the recognition, but admits
he wants to have more than just photo ops
with his fellow humans.
“When I go out a huge crowd gathers around
me. Some are amazed beyond belief and tell
me ‘You are great for carrying such a large
turban,’” he said, according to the Express.
“But sometimes all they want is to take a
picture, so I loudly tell them to stop. After all
it takes me hours to put on my turban and
all they want is to take a quick picture and
then run away.”

5 Best Detox Fruit Waters for Energy & Cleansing

Starting the day off with detoxifying fruit
water is a tasty way to cleanse the system
of waste and toxins. Fruit waters are basic
to make, but do take a bit of time since the
fruit has to soak in the water overnight to
create the healthy beverage. By morning, the
refreshing drink will be loaded with
antioxidants and other essential nutrients
that will be nourishing, but also cleansing to
your body.
Cleansing the body is essential for keeping it
youthful, illness free and full of energy. If you
would like some delicious fruit waters to
start your day off right, keep on reading.
Detoxifying Fruit Water Recipes
No.1 – Cucumber Crush
Cucumbers are refreshing, cleansing and
hydrating to the body. They also contain
important nourishing nutrients in them such
as vitamins C, A and K along with minerals
of iron, calcium and potassium. Creating a
delicious green drink with this melon and
other rejuvenating super foods is a highly
detoxifying way to start the day. All you need
to create a Cucumber Crush are:
Once you have these ingredients, peel and
slice the kiwi fruits and cucumber and slice
them up. After, slice up the lime and chopped
up the mint. Next, take a couple of pit sized
mason jars and fill them with a little bit of
each ingredient. Then, fill the jars up with
fresh water and place the beverage in the
refrigerator overnight to help release the
nutrients from these super foods. When
morning comes around, drink the beverage
down to cleanse the body naturally.
No.2 – Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberries and kiwis are packed full of
vitamin A, E and C. The fruits also contain
potent antioxidants that help slow down the
aging process and help fight free radical cells
that cause cancer. Creating a detoxifying
fruit water with these fruits is the perfect
way to help keep you looking young and
beautiful. All you need for this beverage are:
To create this beautifying beverage simple
grab two pint sized mason jars and add in
some slices of these fresh fruits. After, add
some fresh water to them and place the jars
in the refrigerator to release their cleansing
and nourishing nutrients. When sunrise hits,
drink the sweet and tangy fruit water down.
No.3 – Watermelon Mint
Watermelon contains an amino acid that
helps detoxify the liver while also improving
the way it functions. When it is combined
with mint, it also helps improve the digestive
system and eases stomach cramping. To
create the watermelon mint water you will
Chunks of Watermelon
Mint Leaves
Once you have these ingredients, place the
chunk of watermelon and mint leaves into a
large pitcher and fill it the rest of the way
with water. After, place the pitch into the
refrigerator to create a melon mint water that
will cleanse the liver and digestive tract from
impurities. As soon as you wake up, head to
the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of the
melon mint beverage to help get that day
started off right.
No.4 – Lemony Mint
Lemon contains loads of vitamin C, which
helps cleanse and nourish all the systems of
the body. When you combined this powerful
detoxifying fruit with mint and cucumber
slices you get a powerful detoxifying
beverage. You could even add in some freshly
ground ginger to make it more potent. The
ingredient you need to make the lemony mint
beverage are:
Mint Leaves
Grated Ginger
To make the detoxifying fruit water, slice up
the fruits and chopped up the herbs and toss
them into a large pitcher.
Next, add some fresh water to the pitcher
and place it into the refrigerator. After, all
the detoxifying beverage to sit in the
refrigerator overnight before pouring yourself
a glass.
You want to ensure the beverage will be
highly nourishing and detoxifying to the

No.5 – Berry Blast
For a detoxifying fruit water that helps
prevent cancer and reduces inflammation
create a berry blast water. All you need for
ingredients are:
After you have all these super fruits, add
them to some pint sized mason jars and fill
the jars up with fresh water until they are
full. Place the lids onto the jars and store the
fruit water in the refrigerator for a couple of
days before drinking it. This will ensure the
antioxidants and detoxifying nutrients seeps
into the water. Once the water is deeply
pinkish red, drink it down to cleanse your
body from toxins

FG Signs Deal With Brazilian Company To Build N144b Power Plant In Bayelsa

The Federal Government and Benco Energy
Limited of Brazil yesterday signed a N144
billion Memorandum of Understanding, MoU,
to construct a 700 megawatts power plant in
The President of Benco Energy Limited,
Brazil, Mr. Rodrigo Badew, said at the MoU
signing ceremony that the plant which will be
gas and vapour fired will be built in Bayelsa
He added that the plant will have a
construction period of three years.
According to him, “it is a 700MW plant
although it can reduce to 688MW because
this depends on location and environmental
conditions. The investment is around $800
to $900m.
“Of course all these will be confirmed as
soon as we have all the necessary
investigations and have them more defined.
The time schedule is supposed to be around
three years to three and half years for the
construction of the project.
“The location is Bayelsa because it is a
terrain which is close to gas supply,
transmission line and a river. So we have all
the right infrastructure that we need there
and this location is perfect for our
investment,” he said.
Badew added that the power plant would
basically consist of two turbines that run on
gas and two others that will run on vapour,
noting,“that is the power module of the plant
that we are going to be implementing”.
The Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo,
said in his address that a couple of years
ago, Electrobras of Brazil and the Nigerian
government signed an MoU which was aimed
at bringing into Nigeria Electrobras to help
the country develop as much as 10,000MW
of power
According to him, “what we are seeing today
is the very first takeoff of the implementation
of that MoU bringing Benco to work with the
Federal Ministry of Power for their plant. We
want to assure Benco that the terms of the
MoU that we have signed today, we will do
our best to implement them.”
The minister also noted that Nigeria now
generates and distributes an average of
4,500MW of power.
He said, “I am very sure that some of you if
not all of you would have noticed that within
the past few weeks we have averaged about
4,500MW of power delivery and it has been
“And that means that most of you are now
getting better power supply than you have
had in the recent past. Gas is now coming in
and we are expecting even a lot more of gas.
“The transmission facilities are being beefed
up to strengthen and make more reliable and
stable the national grid to be able to wheel
out more power,” he said. [Vanguard]


Clark Warns PDP
Ijaw leader, Edwin Clark, has warned the
leadership of the PDP not to grant waiver to a
former EFCC boss, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, to
contest the party�s primary for Adamawa
governorship election.
Clark, who spoke at his residence in Abuja on
Thursday, said Ribadu had no political value and
alleged that the enemies of President Goodluck
Jonathan were those sponsoring Ribadu in PDP.
In an open letter addressed to PDP chairman,
Adamu Mu�azu, Clark said:
�What, really, is our party receiving so joyfully?
What is the political value of this emerging
treachery, the well-established bone-marrow
trademark of the man, Ribadu?
�In 2011 election, Ribadu ran for President on
the platform of the defunct Action Congress of
Nigeria, lost at his family home polling booth, and
also his ward, scored a mere 32 votes in Yola,
and 32,786 total in Adamawa, against Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari�s 344,526 and President
Goodluck Jonathan�s 508,314.�
Chief Clark said at the end Ribadu would betray
The Ijaw leader said when the President saved
Ribadu from public disgrace by converting his
dismissal to retirement as Assistant Inspector
General of police, the former anti-graft boss has
refused to show gratitude to Jonathan.
Clark said, �Seemingly, not imbued with a spirit
of gratitude, Ribadu has, up till this moment, failed
to show respect to Mr. President, who
magnanimously saved him the odious stigma of
the status of �dismissed-with-ignomy� to the
honourable one of �retirement-with-full-
�Not only that, Jonathan�s administration
dressed him up with a high-profile appointment
as chairman of the Petroleum Revenue Special
Task Force Committee, against the run of play.
�His response? A failed drama of trumped-up
indictment of government, the fingers that thought
to feed his thinned-out public image, following
battering it rightly received during the Yar�Adua
Clark said that even Ribadu�s friends in the
ruling party had failed to celebrate his defection
from the opposition APC.
He alleged that the defection was a script by APC
against President Jonathan.
He also said the former anti-corruption crusader
was known for raising false alarms against
governors that were elected on the platform of the
PDP in the past while serving as the chairman of
the EFCC.
He said Ribadu was involved in the impeachment
and attempted impeachment of PDP governors in
the past.
He, therefore, warned the leadership of the party
against granting Ribadu any waiver to content


El-Rufai is Boko Haram Commander
From all indications, we will soon catch all those
sponsoring Boko Haram and causing us pains as
some of those who should know are beginning to
open up. Speaking to Vanguard Thursday, Former
Chief of Army Staff, Lt-General Ihejirika exposed
former minister of the FCT, Nasir El-Rufai, as the
chief and influential commander of Boko Haram.
�The (commanders), including El-Rufai, know
where the problem is,� Ihejirika told Vanguard.
�He should stop deceiving Nigerians by trying to
divert attention�.
�The likes of El-Rufai have been supporting Boko
Haram. In fact, El-Rufai and his likes are the
same group of people that ensured the army did
not to get the requested equipment to deal with
this menace once and for all, as they used their
cohorts to tell the government that procuring
modern equipment were not necessary.�
The former Army Chief said that El-Rufai and
others allegedly green-lighted Boko Haram�s
activities and attempted to divert concern from
the atrocities of the sect. �When the Boko
Haram operation started, supporters of the sect
like El-Rufai said that there was nothing like Boko
Haram and that the army was just killing innocent
youths,� he said, furthering, �El-Rufai said that
I was re-inventing the killing of the Ibos during
the Biafra war following government�s
determination to rid the country of terrorism.�
Iherjirika also says that he was the first person to
declare that the country was dealing with a war
situation, but El-Rufai and others allegedly denied
the gravity of the situation, disagreeing with his
judgment. This move, the General says, gave Boko
Haram time to regroup and redevelop.
�It is the same group of El-Rufai that started the
human right abuses campaign. It was done in
order to block any international assistance after
the state of emergency was declared and the sect
was initially tamed. That gave Boko Haram time
and respite to build up again�.
Ihejirika also alleged that El-Rufai and others are
further involved with Boko Haram and its
operations, but that he could not yet disclose that


Enugu state gets new deputy Governor
48 hours after Sunday Onyebuchi was impeached
as the deputy governor of Enugu state for rearing
chickens in his official quarters, members of the
Enugu state house of Assembly today Aug. 28th,
confirmed clergy man and politician, Ralph Nwoye
(pictured above) as the new deputy governor of
the state.
Mr Ralph Nwoye, a pastor of the Christ Ascension
Church in Enugu, is said to be a former Local
government chairman. He is expected to be
sworn-in as deputy governor soon.


Governor Amaechi Set To Work With Buhari
The 2015 general elections is just about six
months ahead, so it is naturally to see the
gladiators doing all that is necessary to secure
victory, if the template for a free and fair contest
is assured.
Sources say Rivers State Governor Rotimi
Amaechi is highly disposed to work with Gen
Muhammadu Buhari in the presidential primary of
the All Progressives Congress (APC).
His political allies told TheCable that he is very
comfortable with Buhari. �Amaechi said at a
meeting with his political allies recently that even
though APC has very good presidential materials,
Buhari stands out. Electorally, he can deliver
northern votes and get a significant number from
the south.
�More importantly, he thinks Buhari is the only
candidate who can fight corruption in Nigeria
because he has nothing to lose. A lot of people
need to be jailed to stop this impunity, and he
believes Buhari will not go about setting up
committees to achieve simple tasks.
�He did not rule out supporting any other
aspirant, but Buhari will be his first choice,� one
of governor Amaechi�s associates told TheCable.
Amaechi�s support is considered �vital� in the
party because of his logistics capability.
APC�s flag bearer is expected to come from the
North when the primary holds later in the year.
Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar and Kano
Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso are also
thought to be interested in the ticket. But
Amaechu will roll out his machinery to back
Buhari who had been described by many as very
consistent since 2003.
�He has nothing but absolute respect for Buhari
who has proved himself to be honest, courageous
and committed to the development of Nigeria. He
will do everything necessary to help the general
emerge as the candidate of the party,� the
Amaechi associate said.

Friday, 29 August 2014


Meet the teenager with the longest neck in the
Doctors say most necks have 7 vertebrae but 15
year old Chinese boy Fu Wengui (pictured above)
has 10. As a young boy he was diagnosed with
Congenital Scoliosis and an abnormal chest frame
which made his neck grow extra three inches.
This causes him a lot of pain and makes it hard
for Fu to walk. Congenital scoliosis is caused by
the bones in the spine developing abnormally in
the womb.
�He always causes a stir when he�s out. The
vertebrae press on the nerves in his neck and
make it difficult for him to walk.� his dad,
Genyou said
Fortunately for Fu, after his situation was made
public, a Beijing-based charity agreed to finance a
procedure and treatment. He will have corrective
surgery that will hopefully reduce the length of his
neck and ease the discomfort.


Jonathan Begs Obasanjo to Help Tackle Boko
It started like a big joke, but today Boko Haram
has become a monster that is seen as more
powerful and well motivated than the Nigerian
military, source observed. How did we get to this
sorry state?
Anyway, there is still hope. After realizing that
Boko Haram has started taking over Nigerian
villages and towns in broad daylight, President
Goodluck Jonathan invited ex-President Olusegun
Obasanjo to a meeting in Aso Rock on Wednesday
where they discussed the nation�s security
challenge and how to help.
Obasanjo told in Abeokuta on his return from
Abuja that the meeting was purely on security
�Yes, I can confirm that I met with Mr. President
on his invitation. In fact, he had wanted to come
down to Abeokuta, but as a sign of respect to the
Office of the President, I had to go. We had
discussion on the country�s security issues and
that is all.�
The former president said he would continue to
make himself available on national issues in the
interest of peace and progress of the entire
On the recurrent Eggon/Fulani crisis in Nasarawa,
Obasanjo called on government of Benue and
Nasarawa to ensure that peace was restored to
the warring communities, as it is their
responsibility to do so.
In his words, �There is no way such will not
happen, but the two state governments should
come up with lasting solutions. The farmers
would want their crops to be protected, while the
cattle men will also want their cattles to feed. So,
the government should fashion out peaceful
means to end the crisis.�
Obasanjo has promised to help end the Boko
Haram madness if the Presidency won�t
sabotage his efforts.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


 Regina Askia Shows Off Her Cute Body In The
She is an ex-beauty queen in Nigeria so I don�t
expect anything less from Regina Askia. See more


Boko Haram Is Just Messing Up Nigeria Easily
Under Jonathan
APC Says Territorial Claims By The Terrorists Is A
National Embarrassment
The All Progressives Congress has described as a
national embarrassment, the increasing seizure of
Nigerian towns by the terrorist group Boko Haram
and the reported fleeing of 480 Nigerian soldiers
to Cameroon during an attack on a military base
in Gamboru-Ngala on Monday.
In a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by its
National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the
party called on President Goodluck Jonathan to
urgently address the worsening security situation
in the northern part of the country before it�s
too late.
It said in the face of the biggest threat to
Nigeria�s unity and territorial integrity since the
country�s civil war, Jonathan must put
partisanship aside and rally the nation against
Boko Haram, which seems to be getting bolder
and stronger, to the extent of hoisting its flag
over parts of the nation�s territory.
APC also restated its call for an urgent national
stakeholders� conference on security that will cut
across party lines. It also pledged support for any
sincere effort by the Federal Government to end
the insurgency.
As a first step, the party said President Jonathan
should halt the illegal electioneering campaign by
his Ministers, appointees, supporters, saying
Nigeria must survive as a nation before any party
or individual can rule over it.


What i don�t like most about some guys is why
they choose to get a girl and rapes her brutally
like what these motherfucking assholes did. The
girl was begging them to let her go but no one
was ready to listen to her plea.
Girl Getting Raped By Three Guys In A CarThree
big guys fucking her like no one�s business and
they even have the gut to record it on video. I
always say that there is a line one should never
cross and it doesn�t matter who or where you
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was someone doing the same to your sister?
Do you really feel real sex for that matter or you
just want to satisfy your self alone? Well they just
raped this beautiful girl in their car so girls
beware of taking a taxi when there are more guys
in it looking shifty. See the video below or you can
download it below.


Driver who escaped with employer�s N6.5m
vehicle arrested
26 year old Kingsley Nwabueze (pictured above)
has been arrested by operatives of the Lagos
State Criminal Investigative Department for
stealing and absconding with his boss�s Infinity
FX 35 SUV valued at N6.5 million, less than three
months after he was employed.
According to reports by Tribune, on April 10th this
year, Kingsley drove his boss, Abosede Olubiyi, in
her newly acquired Infinity FX 35 SUV to an
appointment in Yaba, Lagos. When they got to
their destination, the woman told Kingsley to find
a place to park the car as there was no parking
space in front of the building they were going to.
The lady came down from the car and went for
her appointment and that was the last time she
saw Kingsley and her car.
The matter was immediately reported to the
Lagos State Police command. In the course of
their investigation, the police arrested a friend of
Kingsley who they used as a bait to get him out
of his hideout. The friend cooperated with the
police and Nwabueze was traced to Imo State.
After some persuasion from his friend who lied to
him that he had a very lucrative business for him,
Kingsley appeared in Port Harcourt, where he was
Kingsley has since confessed to stealing his
boss�s car, saying that he had already put it up
for sale at an Autoshop in Aba, Abia state.


Shocking moment 9 year old girl accidentally kills
instructor with gun
What does a 9 year old girl need shooting lessons
for? A 9-year-old girl learning to fire a
submachine gun accidentally shot and killed her
instructor at Last Stop gun range in White Hills,
Arizona on Monday Aug. 25th.
Authorities say when the girl pulled the trigger,
the weapon recoiled over her shoulder and shot
the instructor, 39 year old Charles Vacca, in the
head. He later died in the hospital.
The accidental shooting was captured on a
cellphone. Continue to see the video�
The Mohave County Sheriff�s Office said the girl
was with her parents. The website of Bullets and
Burgers, the shooting range where the accident
happened, says children between the ages of 8
and 17 can shoot a weapon if accompanied by a
parent or guardian.
Police identified the weapon as an Uzi, an Israeli-
made submachine gun.
Check out the cell phone video released by
authorities yesterday showing the moments before
the fatal shots were fired..


Pastor Disguised As Destitute to His Church and
Members Refused To Help Him
When I was growing up in the 80s in Nigeria, the
church is where you go when you need help, love
and any and every kind of assistance. Guess
what? You�ll get the attention of the big people
(Pastors and assistants) as that is their purpose
� to help the vulnerable and needy,source
But what do we get these days? Pastors
competing with themselves over who has the best
suits, the best cars and, in recent times, whoenjoy
more beautiful girls in the �Pastoral Cure Unit�.
Now the mess has spread to church members,
many are living the artificial life rather than be of
help to their neighbour.
Below is what happened to this pastor who
disguised as a destitute to his church:
Pastor Jeremiah Steepek transformed himself into
a homeless person and went to the 10,000
member church that he was to be introduced as
the head pastor at that morning.
He walked around his soon to be church for 30
minutes while it was filling with people for service,
only 3 people out of the about 10,000 people said
hello to him.
He asked people for change to buy food � no one
in the church gave him change.
He went into the sanctuary to sit down in the
front of the church and was asked by the ushers
if he would please sit in the back.
He greeted people only to be greeted back with
stares and dirty looks, with people looking down
on him and judging him.
As he sat in the back of the church, he listened to
the church announcements and such.
When all that was done, the elders went up and
were excited to introduce the new pastor of the
church to the congregation.
�We would like to introduce to you Pastor
Jeremiah Steepek.� The congregation looked
around clapping with joy and anticipation.
The homeless man sitting in the back stood up
and started walking down the aisle. The clapping
stopped with all eyes on him.
He walked up the altar and took the microphone
from the elders (who were in on this) and paused
for a moment then he recited: �Then the King
will say to those on his right,
�Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take
your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you
since the creation of the world.
For I was hungry and you gave me something to
eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to
drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I
needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick
and you looked after me, I was in prison and you
came to visit me.�
�Then the righteous will answer him: �Lord,
when did we see you hungry and feed you, or
thirsty and give you something to drink? When did
we see you a stranger and invite you in, or
needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see
you sick or in prison and go to visit you?�
�The King will reply, �Truly I tell you, whatever
you did for one of the least of these brothers and
sisters of mine, you did for me.�
After he recited this, he looked towards the
congregation and told them all what he had
experienced that morning. Many began to cry and
many heads were bowed in shame.
He then said, �Today I see a gathering of people,
not a church of Jesus Christ. The world has
enough people, but not enough disciples. When
will YOU decide to become disciples?�
Pastor Jeremiah Steepek then dismissed service
until next week.
Following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ should
be more than just talk. It ought to be a lifestyle
that others around you can love about you and
share in.


My Wife Used Juju to Make Me Marry Her
Some marriages these days is all about deceit
and serious tension. A woman has appealed to an
Ibadan court to dissolve her 8-year-old marriage,
because her husband, Lukman Aguntasoolo left
her for his first wife.
The woman, Rianat Aguntasoolo, told the Grade C
customary court at Agodi-Gate that Lukman does
not carry out his responsibilities as the head of
the house.
She said, �There is always trouble in our home
because we fight nearly everyday. He has
abandoned me for his first wife. Lukman doesn�t
cater for me and our children. The moment I
challenged him for not performing his duties at
home he began to accuse me of committing
adultery. He would go as far as checking my
belongings and spying on me all the time.�
But in his response, Lukman revealed that his
wife�s children did not belong to him�
He accused her of sleeping around. He claimed
that his wife had been invlolved in an extral
marital affairs with an Alfa who rented her an
apartment before he met her.
�I later opened a shop for her. I thought Rianat
was going to change from her old ways but she
rather became worse. She would go out and
come home late in the night. Rianat is
promiscuous, I don�t want her as my wife any
longer,� he said.
Lukman accused her of using diabolic means to
marry him, after he allegedly found devilish
materials (juju) in her wardrobe which he brought
as evidence to the court.
The court concluded that the case between the
couple was a complicated one, and called for DNA
test to be conducted in order to determine the
father of the children.


Grieving brother discovers dead sibling moving
inside zipped-up body bag in morgue
54 year old Valdelucio Goncalves (pictured above)
was found alive inside a body bag after doctors
declared him dead. His grieving younger brother
got the shock of his life after he found Valdelucio
�wriggling around� inside a zipped-up body bag
in a morgue in Brazil.
Doctors claimed the man had suffered
�respiratory and multiple organ failure� and
declared him dead a few hours after his family
took him to the hospital on Saturday August 23rd.
His family then took what they believed was his
corpse to the morgue inside the Menandro de
Farias General Hospital in Salvador, northeast
The next morning Val�s brother Walterio was
allowed into the morgue to dress his body ready
for his funeral later in the day, only to get the
shock of his life.
As Val�s brother approached the body bag,
which had been laid on a table top all night, he
saw it moving. Walterio told Brazil�s G1 website
�We had already made all the arrangements for
my brother�s funeral. All I needed to do was put
some new clothes on him, so he�d be ready for
the undertaker to come and collect him.
�Workers at the morgue let me in, and showed
me where he was lying, in a zipped-up body bag.
But as I got closer I could see it wriggling. Then I
saw it raising and falling as if he was breathing.
�I went crazy and shouted for the medical team,
the nurse, so they could see what was happening.
They checked him and confirmed that he was still
His niece Patricia Cintra said:
�We were worried about him and thought he�d
be better off in hospital, that they�d take better
care of him that we could at home. It was a
shock to all of us when they called to tell us
he�d passed away. But we started making the
funeral arrangements.
�By Sunday morning everything was sorted.
We�d paid for his death notice in a newspaper,
bought the coffin and booked his funeral.
�His feet had already been tied together and his
nose and ears stuffed with cotton wool.�
After he was found to be alive, Val was rushed
back to the intensive care unit of the same
hospital which wrongly declared him dead and
after checking him, he was transferred to another
hospital, Santo Antonio in Salvador.
In a letter he wrote yesterday, Val, who cannot
speak, said he saw death. He wrote:
�I, Valdelucio, saw death at my feet, but my faith
was so great that I was cured. Before Irma Dulce
I said, do a miracle in me, and she heard my
prayer. I saw my mother telling me, son, hold onto
her and you will be saved.�
The health department for the state of Bahia ave
said they will open an inquiry into the blunder.
�We will meet with the whole team involved in
the patient�s care to clarify the chain of events
which allowed this to happen.


This is to inform University of Benin (UNIBEN)
prospective candidates that the 2014/2015
Admission List(names of admitted students) is
now available on JAMB�S website.
Candidates who applied for admission in the
institution can now check their admission status
by clicking HERE
NOTE: The admission status list is still being
updated by JAMB, so candidates whose
admission status reads �No Admission Given
Yet" are advised to check back.


This is to inform University of Ilorin (UNILORIN)
prospective candidates that the 2014/2015
Admission List(names of admitted students) is
now available on JAMB�S website.
Candidates who applied for admission in the
institution can now check their admission status
by clicking HERE
NOTE: The admission status list is still being
updated by JAMB, so candidates whose
admission status reads �No Admission Given
Yet" are advised to check back.


Further to our earlier circular ref no. RO.2/
Vol.VI/74 on reduction in the charges payable by
students, dated 19th August, 2014, please be
informed that students who have not yet
registered should still pay charges earlier
approved by the University.
However, the modalities for the refund of excess
charges paid by students are as follows:
1. The deductions in charges paid by the current
final year students will be credited as part of their
Alumni Dues payable at graduation.
2. The excess charges paid by returning
undergraduates, who are non-final year students,
will be credited against their charges for the
2014/2015 session (for example returning
undergraduates in the Faculty of Science will pay
N24, 700.00 instead of N27, 700.00 etc).
3. Late Registration fee paid before 29th August,
2014 will also be credited to affected students for
the 2014/2015 session.


To all candidates who took part in the 2014
Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination
conducted by JAMB, this is to notify you that the
long awaited 2014 Admission Letter printing has
been fully enabled and now available.
For candidates who are yet to confirm their
admission status, you can do so following these
Visit the JAMB admission status checking portal
by clicking HERE
Type in your JAMB Registration Number in the
provided space
Click on "check admission status"
Thus, irrespective of whether or not admission list
has been released by a particular school,
candidates who applied for admission in that
school can now check their admission status via
JAMB to know their Admission prospects.
Also those whose names appeared on the
2014/2015 admission list of their choice
institutions should confirm if their admission
details correspond with the one on JAMB's
Candidates are to first confirm their admission
status before requesting for their Admission

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Too sad, A lady who was trying to get to
work at Lekki Gardens this morning was
crushed to death by a truck.
According to eyewitness, the lady was trying to
cross from the Abraham Adesanya End to the
Lekki Gardens End when the truck ran over her.
The truck driver tried to run but was
stopped by a crowd that immediately
One of her colleagues eventually came to the
scene and identified her and even said
tomorrow is her birthday.
People are still gathered there waiting for police
to arrive.
See more photos after the cut…

May her soul rest in peace…


This is to inform all 400 level students that the
University SIWES Orientation Seminar is scheduled
to take place on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at
1200 Lecture Theatre at 11.00a.m.
Industrial Training Fund (ITF) staff and the
University Principal Officers shall be at the
seminar, hence attendance is compulsory.
Faculty based SIWES Orientation Seminars have
been scheduled as follows:
FAGS - Tuesday, August 12, 2014
FET - Thursday, August 28, 2014
FBM - Tuesday, September 2, 2014
FPAS - Wednesday, September 3, 2014
FES - Thursday, September 4, 2014
FMS - Monday, September 8, 2014
Please note that attendance shall be taken at the


Following the announcement by the Ogun State
Government Of the indefinite closure of Olabisi
Onabanjo University for security reasons, the
University authorities hereby direct all students to
stay away from the University campuses.
To this effect the Student union Government has
been proscribed forthwith for collaborating with
unregistered group and external influences.
A meeting of the Parents Forum and the
University Management will be called in due
course to discuss the implication of the closure
and the way forward. Parents and guardians are
hereby adviced to ensure that their wards comply
with this university directive and go home to avoid
unpleasant circumstances.
Acting Registrar


Enugu Assembly impeaches deputy governor
Embattled deputy Governor of Enugu state,
Sunday Onyebuchi, has been impeached by
members of the Enugu state Assembly. The
Deputy Governor, who was served his
impeachment notice on July 22nd, was voted out
of office this morning.
Details of his impeachment session is still sketchy
but it is believed to have been masterminded by
Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime. Among the
allegations leveled against Onyebuchi was that he
was unlawfully rearing chickens in his official
residence plus disrespecting the state governor.


Big Girl Flaunts Her Massive Assets
Who says ladies who are fat can�t look cute?
She says, �I�m s�xy and I know it�. Gbam!