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Wizkid shows off his $37,000 Rolex watch, and it's real

Wizkid showed off his new $37,000 Rolex watch
on his instagram page and a fan Cced Fake
Watch Busta to find out if it's real...well, it is!

Model Danii Phae shares pics of battered face after attack by rapper bf

Model Danii Phae wrote on her Tumblr page that
she was battered by her ex-boyfriend, a
struggling rapper named Justin Joseph aka J
$tash. Below is what she said happened to
her...in her own words.
"This is very hard for me at this moment in
my life to express my heart/mind to the
world, but I will say these last few months
have been the worst months of my life. I
was dating someone (J$tash) that abused
me verbally, emotionally and physically
throughout the end duration of our
relationship. Monday morning on September
15th 2014 my life was forever, changed. A
person I thought and believed I could trust,
whom I gave my love/time/energy to
brutally punched me in my face repeatedly
with his fists while I became slowly
unconscious covered in blood in his
brooklyn apartment bed.

"After he was done he told me to not tell
anyone to not tell my friends, He also
started to prepare legal action to protect
himself in case I pressed charges against
him. He cried and became unstable within
his emotions and was apologetic towards
his actions, but would continue to say i did
this to myself.
He then boarded a flight to Japan a few
hours after and has been sending me text
messages claiming he will destroy me even
more than he already did. He said he will
ruin my life! I got brutally beaten for
confronting him on infidelity which caused
him to become violent in an instant.
Do not interpret this as a cry for help this is
honestly a decision to speak up against
domestic violence for those who cant due
to the manipulative acts our abusers inflict
on us to never speak up and for those who
didn’t survive because of brutal domestic
I will not allow myself to sit in the shadows
of darkness and disrespect myself for not
taking a stand.
I am speaking out for all my women!
Be brave this is what bravery looks like.

Photo: Two Nigerian sex slaves rescued in Burkina Faso

Two teenage Nigerian girls, Rejoice Chioma
Israel, 16, (centre) and Rosemary Uchenna
Emmanuel, 19 (right), who were trafficked to
Burkina Faso to become sex workers in the
country have been rescued, PM News reports.
The two girls left Nigeria on 11 July with a
man who promised to take them to
Malaysia via Burkina Faso for a better life.
The trafficker explained to them that they
will be given fresh passports and some
vaccines in Burkina Faso before proceeding
to Malaysia for well paid jobs.
But once in Ouagadugu, the capital of
Burkina Faso, they were handed over to a
Nigerian woman called Onome who
introduced them to prostitution.
“The madam told us we will have to do ashawo
(prostitution) or pay her N1.2 million each to
take us back to Nigeria,” Rosemary said in an
interview in Lagos on Tuesday.
They refused and explained they were on their
way to Malaysia and were just making a brief
stop in Burkina Faso for new passports and
“She invited bad boys to take us away to a
village on motorcycles,” Rosemary said.
It was at that time they were rescued by some
people who called an anti-human trafficking NGO
founded by a Nigerian and known in French as
Association Nationale de Lutte Contre le Traffic
des Jeunes or the National Association Against
Trafficking of Young Persons (Lutra – Jeunes).
During the rescue operation, Rosemary said, she
was pushed off the bike and sustained injury in
her right hand and right leg.
Before embarking on the journey, Rosemary and
Rejoice worked at a small restaurant in Port
Harcourt away from their families in Imo and
Abia States.
They lived together and worked at the same
restaurant where they earned about N3,000 a
They were there for some months until one day,
a man visited the restaurant and told them
about the well paid new jobs in Malaysia.
They contributed only N5,000 each and were
handed over to the man’s brother who took
them on the journey. The journey from Port
Harcourt to Burkina Faso lasted about two days.
They were then handed over to the Nigerian
woman there who manages at least 30 other
Nigerian girls with some as young as 14 years
“They were deceived and trafficked from Nigeria
with the hope to secure manual work in Malaysia
to better their future,” said Ochuko Patrick Otoba
(pictured left), a Nigerian and President of Lutra-
Jeunes, the NGO that rescued them and brought
them back to Nigeria on Monday after two days
on the road.
“But they were surprised to find themselves in
Burkina Faso, forced to take up prostitution as
they new trade. When they refused, they were
maltreated and beaten up with injury of
irreparable degree,” he said.
Otoba, a human rights activist, said the number
of Nigerian girls who have become victims of
human trafficking across the borders of West
African countries, especially Nigeria, Benin, Togo
and Burkina Faso is on the rise.
“Enslaved, indebted, sold like donkeys, the young
victims are between the ages of 14 to 22 and
they are deceived by traffickers in Nigeria who
are also Nigerians,” he said.
He called on the Nigerian government to embark
on serious awareness campaign, rescue other
victims in Burkina Faso, build rehabilitation
centres to house these victims and begin
empowerment projects for rescued victims who
are not educated but need skills to get back into
the society.
His own NGO, he said, has not received funding
from the government, and had been struggling to
Source: PM News

Three Boko Haram members sentenced to 25 years each

The Federal High Court in Lagos today
Tuesday September 30th sentenced 3 Boko
Haram members to 25 years imprisonment
each, The Nation reports.
However, journalists were not
allowed to cover the judgment.
Only lawyers in the prosecution
and defence teams were allowed in
A source, who witnessed the
verdict, but craved anonymity
because he was not authorised to
speak on the matter, told reporters
that the fourth defendant was
The court, on December 3 last year, barred
journalists from covering the trial of 17
suspected members of the sect.
Justice Ibrahim Buba made the order
following an application by the Lagos State
Attorney-General and prosecuting counsel,
Mr. Ade Ipaye.
Men of the Department of Security Services
(DSS) had prevented journalists from
covering the suspects’ arraignment last
November 27.
The accused are – Ali Mohammed, Adamu
Karumi, Ibrahim Usman, Bala Haruna, Idris
Ali, Mohammed Murtala, Kadiri Mohammed,
Mustapha Daura, Abba Duguri, Sanni Adamu,
Danjuma Yahaya, Musa Audu, Mati Daura,
Farouk Haruna, Abdullahi Azeez, Ibrahim
Bukar and Zula Diani.
The Attorney-General, it was learnt, had
entered a nolle prosequi (Latin for “do not
prosecute”) in respect of two of the
defendants, who were subsequently
Later, another 11 were also discharged in the
course of the trial following another nolle
prosequi by the prosecution.
Only four – the first to fourth defendants –
went through a full trial.
The suspects were first charged with
conspiracy to commit terrorism, illegal
possession of firearms, and being members
of a proscribed organisation.
They allegedly committed the offences on
March 21 last year, at Plot 5, Road 69, Lekki
Phase I Housing Estate, and at No. 24,
Oyegbeni St., Ijora-Oloye, Apapa-Iganmu,
They were alleged to have in their possession
three packets of explosive construction
pipes, 15 detonators, and 11 AK47 rifles with
30 rounds of live ammunitions.
Source: The Nation

‘I don’t want to live up to 100 years’ – Pastor E.A. Adeboye says

While speaking at the 60th
birthday celebration service for Bishop David
Oyedepo of Winners chapel over the
weekend, the GO of Redeemed Church,
pastor E.A Adeboye said he doesn’t want to
live up to 100 years
“When I marked 70 and people
prayed that I would be up to 80, I
said amen. When they said I would
be up 90, I said well, amen. But
when they said 100, I didn’t say
amen. I didn’t because I don’t
know what offence I would have
committed for God to keep me up
to 100 in this sinful world when a
crown of glory is awaiting me in
heaven. I wouldn’t mind to be 92
though, so that I will be alive to
preach when Bishop Oyedepo is
80. But to live up to 100, I don’t
know about that” he said

Girl’s body covered with scales and boils from allergy to sun [Shocking Pics]

While most children sit inside all winter
waiting for the sun to shine so they can go
outside and play, Georgia Mitchell does the
exact opposite.
The five-year-old from Kentucky has a rare
skin condition which causes her
excruciating pain when she is exposed to the
sun, meaning she spends all summer waiting
for winter so she can enjoy the outdoors.
The condition, known as non-bullous
conprivate part ichthyosiform erythroderma
(NBCIE), causes boils and scales all over
Georgia’s body, causing her to look like she
has suffered horrific burns.
However for Georgia’s mother, Misty, every
winter is another miracle for her daughter,
who doctors said wouldn’t live past two
‘When Georgia was born she had scales all
over her skin – it looks like she has been
burnt. Doctors didn’t think she’d make it,’
she said.
Misty said that having to deny Georgia the
normal pleasures of childhood due to her
condition, such as her wish to go to Disney
Land, is ‘heartbreaking’.
They were also forced to take her out of
school because running around with the
other children was causing her too much
Despite this, Misty and her husband Sonny
are determined that Georgia will live a full
happy life.
She said: ‘Georgia is very outgoing and she
lets nothing hold her back.’
‘She says she wants to be a doctor and we
continue to encourage her’, Misty added.

Mob Sets Two Ablaze Over Alleged Okada Theft In Nasarawa

A mob on Tuesday set ablaze two men over
alleged attempted to steal a commercial
motorcycle popularly known as okada at
Akwanga Local Government Area of
Nasarawa State.
The State Police Public Relations Officer,
Ismaila Numan, confirmed the incident to the
News Agency of Nigeria in Nasarawa.
Numan said the mob set the suspects ablaze
after being caught allegedly trying to snatch
an Okada in the area.
He said the policemen from the nearest
divisional command, raced to the area after
receiving a distress call.
“But before our men got to the scene of the
incident, the two suspects were already set
ablaze by the mob while the third suspect
ran away”, he said.
Numan explained that before police could get
to the scene, one of the two suspects set
ablaze died while “our men were able to
rescue the second one alive”.
He however said the rescued suspect died
while he was being taken to the hospital.
Numan said the command had commenced
investigation into the matter with a warning
to members of the public to desist from
taking the laws into their hands.

Woman has 55lb tumour removed from her back [Graphic Photos]

Yuan, 35, has tumours all over her body but
by far the largest was one that covered her
back and right leg down to her ankle.
Doctors have now performed a successful
10-hour surgery to remove this tumour,
which weighed 55lbs.
When Yuan was born she was covered with
brown marks all over the body but due to
family poverty never saw a doctor.
Ten years ago the tumour on her back and
right hip started to grow extremely quickly,
exerting pressure to her spine and finally
distorting it.
In the recent months the tumour has grown
to weigh even more than Yuan, making it
hard for her to move.
Yuan never went to school and is an
She earns her life by polishing shoes on the
roadside and has become used to the way
people react to her.

Ebola: Fashola Challenges Iwu To Reopen Research On Bitter Kola Theory

Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde
Fashola, (SAN) on Monday promised to
provide funds for any research work on the
Ebola Virus disease.
Fashola made the promise while disbursing
grants to 31 beneficiaries whose research
proposal had been approved by the Lagos
State Research and Development Council.
The governor used the occasion to challenge
a former chairman of the Independent
National Electoral Commission, Prof. Maurice
Iwu, to come up with a lucid proposal on his
bitter kola theory for the cure of Ebola,
saying the state government would be willing
to provide funds for his research.
He explained that professors, Ph.D. holders
and scholars are respected not because of
their glittering titles but because of their
intellect and what they have to offer the
The governor said, “I was curious about what
was Prof. Maurice Iwu was doing with
election if he was already doing research on
how bitter kola can help cure some diseases.
He should come back and do his work
because really this is his core competence
and if he is listening to me, I am challenging
him that he will be able to reopen the
frontiers of that research and present it to
this organization.
“It is something that I am sure that we
would be looking at. For me, our world is
moving quickly and we must participate in it.
We must be visible and active theatre of
thinking and ideas”.
Fashola expressed regrets that when the
country was faced with the problem of Ebola,
none of the much talked about probable
solutions came from Nigeria or Africa as a
whole, noting that such a trying time
presented opportunities for researchers and
scholars to write their names in the good
book of history.
“If you look at the last epidemic challenge
that we faced, all the offers and solutions,
ZMapp, Dan and all of the possible drugs
were coming from the outside Africa where
we have the problem itself and there are
scientists here who carry all sorts of titles”,
Fashola stated.

Why Council Polls Won’t Hold In Lagos In 2014 – LASIEC

Retired Justice Fatai Adeyinka, the Chairman,
Lagos State Independent Electoral
Commission, LASIEC, has said that Local
Government election would not hold in state
this year due to some constraints.
Mr. Adeyinka told lawmakers on Monday at a
plenary session attended by some members
of LASIEC that the commission had made
some recommendations to the state
government about this challenges which has
not been approved.
He said part of the recommendations was
the creation of additional wards in the state.
The LASIEC boss also said that the current
voters register needed to be updated because
it was last used in 2011 and could not be
used again by the electorate.
“We need an updated voter’s register which
is with the Independent National Electoral
Commission, INEC, and we have requested
for this but INEC is not willing to release it.
“We don’t want to conduct the election with
the voter’s register on ground because it
does not contain the addresses of electorate.
“So, if we decide to use an old register, we
will be disenfranchising some voters from
exercising their rights.
“Also, there is the need to create additional
polling booths to add to the ones we have
on ground which is also the responsibility of
“Until these constraints are resolved, we
won’t be able to conduct elections into the
local governments.
“Definitely, election cannot hold this year
(2014)”, he said.
Taiwo Kolawole, the Deputy Speaker of the
House, who presided over the plenary, said
that the House could not allow a vacuum at
that tier of government as the tenure of the
current chairmen would end by in October.
“The LASIEC chairman has told us that
election cannot hold this year because of
some constraints.
“LASIEC do not have the power to create
additional polling units and they can’t
conduct the election with a register that is
not updated so that some people will not be
disenfranchised”, he said.
The deputy speaker directed the Leader of
the House, Ajibayo Adeyeye, to work with the
House Committee on Judiciary to liaise with
the executive arm of the state and come up a
law pending when council elections would
Lagos State has 20 local governments and
37 local development areas.

Jonathan Approves Abuja Flat For Steward, Two Others

President Goodluck Jonathan has directed
the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory
(FCT), Senator Bala Mohammed to give a
flat to the Head, Presidential Steward, Mr.
Onuh Isaac Michael.
It was learnt that Mr. Onuh, inspite of 30
years of service to his fatherland, having
served several presidents, has not been able
to build a house of his own.
The president gave the directive during the
award of national honor of Member of the
Order of the Niger (MON) on his steward
yesterday alongside 312 others at the
International Conference Centre, ICC, Abuja.
Mr. Jonathan also approved a flat each to
an honest taxi driver, Mr. Imeh Usah and a
traffic warden, Corporal Solomon Dauda, who
were also awarded national honours.

Jonathan Condoles Emir Sanusi II And People Of Kano On Death Of Galadiman Kano

President Goodluck Jonathan has
commiserated with the Emir of Kano, Alhaji
Mohammed Sanusi II and the people of Kano
on the death of the Galadiman Kano, Alhaji
Tijani Hashim.
Alhaji Hashim, who was considered one of
the most powerful members of the Kano
Emirate Council, died early hours of Monday
in Abuja at the age of 79. He was also the
oldest prince in the emirate.
In a statement yesterday by his Special
Adviser on Media and Publicity, Reuben
Abati, the president joined people of the
state in mourning Alhaji Tijani, who he said
served his people admirably over many years
as a regional minister in the first republic and
very senior member of the Kano Emirate
The statement reads in part: “The president
believes the eminent Kano prince and highly
revered community leader will always be
remembered and honoured for his laudable
contributions to peace, stability and progress
in his community and country.
“President Jonathan prays that God Almighty
will receive the late Galadima’s soul and
grant him eternal rest”.
The president also prayed God Almighty to
bless the good people of Kano with a worthy
successor to the late prince.

Driver Knocks Down Police Officer In Warri

A 25-year-old motorist, Peter Bolorunduro
Igbekele, killed an Assistant Superintendent
of Police (ASP) with his car while the
deceased was on stop and search duty with
three others at DSC roundabout Warri, Delta
Peter knocked down the police officer with
his Ford vehicle with reg. number EFR 274
XA, Leadership reports.
Unfortunately, the police officer died before
he could get to the hospital.
Before his death, the ASP was attached to
Ebrumede Division in Warri, Delta State.
Confirming the incident, the command’s
Public Relation Officer, DSP Celestina Kalu
said the driver claimed to have lost control
of the car.
She added that he had been arrested while
investigations were ongoing.
She however warned motorists against
careless driving, saying “anyone caught
henceforth will be made to face the full wrath
of the law ”.
Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police Zone 5
comprising Edo, Delta and Bayelsa States
said that it rescued 19 kidnapped victims
between August and September 2014, while
seven suspected kidnappers were arrested.


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Question from Doyin Okupe

For me, the biggest problem in Nigeria today -
Boko Haram, and how he plans to get rid of
these people. What's yours?

Fuji star, Saheed Osupa reportedly buys land for all his band members

Fuji star, Saheed Osupa reportedly bought a large
parcel of land which he gifted to each of his
band members who have been with him
throughout his sojourn in music. According to
City People, the four acre of land which is
located in Ota, Ogun state was shared among
the members last month. That's so nice of him!

9ice shares pic of his new born daughter

The artiste turned politician showed off his new-
born daughter, Michelle Abolanle Akande, on his
instagram page today. He welcomed the
beautiful girl with his girlfriend, Sukanmi Ajala,
last week.

60 Nigerian soldiers to face trial for mutiny today

60 Nigerian soldiers including 2 corporals, 9
Lance corporals and 49 privates who refused to
partake in an operation in Maiduguri on August
4th will be arraigned before a military court
today Sept. 30th at the Sani Abacha barracks in
Abuja for committing two offenses, conspiring to
mutiny and mutiny.
According to the charge sheet, on August 4th the
soldiers had refused to join the "111 SF Bn
troops" led by Col E. A. Aladeniyi to Maimalari
Barracks for an operation, thereby committing an
offence tagged "conspiring to mutiny" against
the authority of the division, an offence
punishable under Section 91(1) of the Penal
Code Cap P89 LFN 2004 as well as outright
mutiny which is punishable under Section 52(1)
(a) of the AFA CAP A20 LFN 2004.
The charges are said to be triable in the GCM
under Section 114 of the AFA Cap A20 LFN 2004
and punishable under Section 91(1) of the Penal
Code Cap P89 LFN 2004.
The soldiers to face trial today include; Andrew
Ogolekwu, Saturday Efa, Henry Shaibu, James
Maifada, Ndubuisi Sabestine, Dauda Dalhatu,
Kasega Aoso, Mallam Jacob, Nwonu Friday,
Joshua Friday, Anthony Simeon, Olayode
Oluwasegun, Tijani Jimoh, Kabiru Abubakar,
Mamud Sywasan, James Emmanuel, Mulaika
Musa, Magaji Amadu, Amao Bukola, Wuyep John,
Oti Kelvin, Ameh Mathew, Olaitan Joseph and
Meanwhile a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief
Godwin Obla, is working towards appealing the
death sentence handed to some of the 12
soldiers on September 12th. The Senior Advocate
in a telephone interview with Punch however said
the inability of the military to disclose the
whereabouts of the sentenced soldiers to him is
stalling the process of the appeal as they are
needed to sign some document before he can go
further with their appeal.
"We have been trying to get them (the
soldiers) to sign for the process; and
because we have not been able to get
them, we have not been able to complete
the process; there are things for them to
sign. Nobody has been able to tell us
where they are being kept; nobody is
volunteering information; nobody has been
able to tell us where they are. We are just
hearing that they have been moved to the
Directorate of Military Intelligence Cell in
Lagos. We will make the move so that the
process would be filed on their behalf.” he
Source: Punch

Retiree Wins N1.4 Million From Winners Golden Bet

"Thank God, I can now buy my own bus and
become a public transport operator and take
care of my family and myself." These were the
words of Mr. Peter Ebunosa, who retired as a
driver with SDV Nigeria Ltd. (pictured above
being presented with the cheque of N1.4million
by the River state co ordinator of Winners
Golden Bet, Mr Ayodeji Akinosun)
Ebunosa, who is in his fifties, recently won
N1.4million through a bet he placed at a Winners
Golden Bet shop in Port Harcourt. Ebunosa, who
has been  Winners Golden Bet bettor since the
company started operating last February, was
winning for the first time.
Despite not winning for a while, he said he
believed that luck would shine on him someday
and it has.
He commended the management of Winners
Golden Bet for keeping to their promise of
prompt payment to winning punters and
promised to continue playing on the platform of
Winners Golden Bet.
Ebunosa is the second winner of a sum
exceeding one million after Whetode James from
Badagry in Lagos State. He wants to buy a bus
with the money and become a public transport

See Photo Of John Dumelo Touching Yvonne Nelson Boobs

Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo, suddenly
developed an interest in star ghana actress
Yvonne Nelson’s Chest in the full glare of

PHOTOS ! Meet 3 Year – Old Boy Who Weighs 70 kg and Can ’ t Stop Eating

Meet a three-year-old boy who apparently
weighs 70 kg and can not stop gaining weight,
Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
Misael weighed 2.9kg when he was born but
every month since then, he has gained
approximately 3 kilograms. The poor boy, who is
supposedly suffering from Prader–Willi syndrome,
now weighs 70kg and is struggling to
walk. Classic signs and symptoms include
constant craving for food and rapid weight gain.
Misael eats frequently and consumes large
portions and even then he still feels hungry. The
boy also has serious behavioural problems and
his parents have to hire a private taxi to
transport the boy to a local hospital..See pics
after the cut..

Prader–Willi syndrome symptoms include
constant craving for food and rapid weight gain
Misael weighted 2.9kg when he was born
While syndrome itself is not life threatening, the
compulsive eating and resulting weight gain can
be. That is why restricting a child’s diet is a
particularly important part of managing their
“And when we walk down the street, people stop,
want to take pictures with him, people say that
they never saw a boy this size.”
The boy also has serious behavioural problems
such as stubbornness and hysteria
According to Misael’s father, when the boy and
his parents walk down the street, people stop,
want to take pictures with him. People say that
they never saw a boy this size and want to know
how old he is, how much he weighs.
Although there is no cure for Prader-Willi
syndrome, treatment aims to manage such
symptoms as a permanent feeling of hunger,
which can easily lead to dangerous weight gain,
reduced muscle tone, learning difficulties and
behavioural problems.

INTERESTING ! Did You Know that NFF Secretly Plot To Reinstate Siasia [ See Proof ]

Super Eagles former head coach, Samson Siasia
might be in line to come in and replace current
coach and his former team mate, Stephen Keshi
if NFF’s ideas go as planned.
According to Goal, top NFF officials are worried
about Eagles last two games and have gotten
their opportunity to take out Keshi. The official
told Goal, “There are many factors standing in
the way of Stephen Keshi in his bid to retain the
Super Eagles job and I will give you a break-
down. But before that I must say that Keshi must
be most grateful to the Honorable Sports
Minister,Tammy Danagogo, for fighting for his
retention as the team chief coach.
“The minister has never hidden his love
and preference for him and he based it on
Keshi’s past achievement which he said
was more than necessary for him to
continue his job. The minister still
believes that the Eagles under Keshi
could still bounce back and qualify for
the 2015 AFCON in Morocco.
“But we at the NFF here know that the
problem with the team is more than what
we are seeing from the surface. Firstly,
there is no commitment on the part of
the players Keshi is parading for the
2015 AFCON qualifiers and if something
drastic is not done, Nigeria may not be
among those nations that would
campaign in Morocco 2015.”
He also went into details and explained that
majority of the executive committee are now
pissed off with Keshi’s behavior and disrespect
towards them and they want a coach who would
listen to their demands and respect them as his
“They have also not forgotten in a hurry the way
the former Eagles captain allegedly humiliated
the Aminu Maigari Board members during the
Africa Cup of Nations which Nigeria won in South
Africa and felt highly disappointed with the way
the coach received all the accolades and praises
from all and sundry without mere mention of the
NFF Board and Secretariat.
We all know how Keshi threatened to dump the
team in South Africa shortly after the Eagles won
the 2013 AFCON.
The controversies generated by this singular
action put the NFF in a bad light and so many
other crises including the players threatening not
to play one of the qualifying matches for the last
World Cup as well as during the World Cup
proper when the players demanded for their
bonuses. These crises put negative mark on the
Eagles have come under huge criticisms after
their home loss to Congo and drawing away to
South Africa and now left trailing with only 1
point from a possible 6 despite being the
defending champions of Africa.

Fashola Calls for Patience on Synagogue Building Collapse Investigation – See What He Said !

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State on
Monday said the government would follow due
process in the investigation of the September
12th building collapse at the Synagogue Church
of Nations, Ikotun, near Lagos.
Fashola made the statement while receiving
members of the Nigerian Institute of Town
Planners in Ikeja.
He said the government would not yield to
pressure from some Nigerians, who wanted
immediate action on the incident but would act
methodically on the issue.
Fashola said most of the pronouncements made
on the incident did not reflect what actually
happened and called on people to stop making
comments that could confuse the situation.
“On this issue, we are going to act methodically.
We are going to act in a civilized manner. This is
what we discussed at the State Executive Council
“We are not going to, without evidence, say this
person has done wrong. Investigations are
always painstaking and are done through
scientific processes.
“This is the way that every civilized society
develops. And we must assume that all the
necessary provisions of law will be complied
with. That is our track record here and nothing
less will happen in this case,” he said.
Fashola described NITP as the state’s partner in
progress and said his administration would
continue to work with the association in ending
the menace of building collapse in the state.
Steve Onu , NITP National President, commended
Fashola for his many interventionist strides in the
He said the association would continue to
partner with the state in the area of
infrastructural planning and environmental
On the Synagogue building collapse, Onu urged
the state government to ensure that a thorough
investigation was carried out to unearth the
culprits of the disaster.
“This is a good opportunity at getting insight into
the incidence of building collapse and know
whether it happened by technical or natural
occurrence,” he said.

Are You Ready? ‘ Dance Go ’ with Wizkid & 2Face Idibia ! – See When Its Dropping

Talented music stars on a track! 2face idibia and
star boy Wizkid are both on another level.
This week promises to be an exciting one for
music fans, with 2Face and Wizkid finally set to
release their 1st ever collaboration! The song
titled “Dance Go” will premiere on Thursday.
Watch out!

Must Read ! Lagos State Trains 80 Females to Drive Commercial “ BRT” Buses

Lagos state is currently training 80 women to
drive commercial LAGBUS buses, popularly
known as “BRT”.
Mass transportation firm, LAGBUS Asset
Management is conducting the training, Punch
The managing director of the company,
Babatunde Disu, stated that the inclusion of
women in the training program constituted a part
of the state’s efforts to provide equal
employment opportunities for females in Lagos.
We will first train them to drive a car,
then we will train them to drive a bus
after which they will learnt how to drive
the big bus. We have signed agreement
with a driving training school to train
them on how to drive a car and a small
bus. Then they will get transferred to our
own driving school where they will be
trained on how to drive a bus,” said
General Manager of Fleet Operation for
LAGBUS, Seyi Osiyemi.
The training process will last from between 3 to
6 months.

$9.3m arms deal scandal: Oritsejafor breaks silence, says I have no hand in it

The President of the Christian Association of
Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, yesterday broke
his silence over the $9.3m arms deal scandal in
which his private jet was used to carry the huge
sum of money out of Nigeria to South Africa.
Speaking at the National Executive Council
meeting of CAN at the National Christian Center
in Abuja, Pastor Oritsejafor absolved himself of
any wrong doing, saying he would never do
anything that would tarnish the image of Jesus
"I wish to assure you that I will not do
anything to tarnish the image of Jesus
Christ or compromise the divine standard
of the church. As you are all aware, the
media has been awashed in the past few
days about an unfortunate incident
involving the movement of funds from
Nigeria to South Africa. In the unfortunate
news reports, attempts have been made to
link me directly with the transaction. So far,
I have refrained from making any direct
public response pending the time that I
would have briefed the leaders of the
church and explained my position on the
issues to them.
I believe that the primary institution that I
owe any explanation to is the church. At
the risk of being seen to be defending
myself, I wish to confirm to the
distinguished leaders of the church that the
Bombardier Challenger 601 aircraft in
question is mine. The aircraft was
presented to me as a gift by members of
our congregation and ministry partners
worldwide at my 40th anniversary of my
call into the ministry. May I be permitted to
stress that the aircraft was not given to me
by the President of Nigeria, neither was it a
settlement for any political favour or
patronage. With the benefit of hindsight, the
President of the country was a guest in our
church during the anniversary celebration
when the jet was presented to me. This has
construed an implication that it was a gift
from the President of the country. The
President of Nigeria has nothing to do with
the gift of the aircraft. By the way, I still
wonder why all those saying this cannot
come out to show proof so that the matter
can be put to rest once and for all. Let me
say that this might be an issue of the court
in the near future ”he said
He said he was also shocked and distressed at
finding out what the private jet which he leased
to the company managing it used it for, adding
that there is a war being waged against the
church in Nigeria
"Based on this, I leased the aircraft on
August 2, 2014, to a company to run it. It
was the lease that entered into an
agreement with the people who carried out
the transfer of funds. Having leased the
aircraft to the Green Coast Produce
Company Limited, any transaction
undertaken with the aircraft can no longer
be attached to me. Inasmuch as I am
shocked and distressed by the incident, I
wish to appeal to Christians in Nigeria to
remember that a war has been waged
against the Nigerian church. This war is
being fought on many fronts and this
unfortunate incident is another dimension in
the assault against the church." He said
He went further to state that;
"The media hype and the deliberate
distortion of information that followed it
confirmed that forces that desperately
desire to cause division and disunity in the
church are at work. Even the devil knows
that a house that is divided cannot
stand. As Christians, we need unity in the
church now more than ever. We are
witnessing inhuman attacks by religious
extremists against Christians in the
northern part of the country, while christian
infrastructure is being destroyed in
hundreds. If we permit the enemy divide us,
our chances of corporate survival shall be
severely threatened. Distinguished leaders
of the church, please permit me to state
clearly before God and before all of you
here present today, that I am not a party to
the movement of $9.3m from Nigeria to
South Africa to purchase arms and
ammunition. I am not part of the deal. I
know nothing about it.” he said

Lagos offers funding for research on Ebola

Ebola virus
The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola,
says the government is prepared to provide
funding for any research endeavour that can lead
to finding a cure for the Ebola Virus Disease.
The governor, who challenged scholars in the
country to move beyond earning titles to
contributing meaningfully to the development of
Nigeria, spoke on Monday during the
disbursement of grants to 31 beneficiaries.
The beneficiaries are those whose research
proposals have been approved by the Lagos
State Research and Development Council.
The governor urged Prof. Maurice Iwu to come
up with a lucid proposal on his Bitter Kola
theory, adding that the government would be
willing to sponsor it.
Fashola said, “Ph.D holders and scholars are
respected not because of the finery of their titles,
but because of their intelligence and what they
have to offer the society. The state has taken a
giant step by disbursing research grants to
scientists and researchers who have proposals
on what can move our society forward.
“I am curious about Prof. Maurice Iwu’s research
on how Bitter Kola can help cure some diseases.
I am challenging him that he should reopen the
frontiers of that research and present it to us. It
is something that we would be looking at.”
The governor said it was disappointing that
when the country was faced with the problem of
Ebola, none of the much talked about probable
solutions came from Nigeria or Africa. He added
that Ebola scourge presented opportunities for
researchers and scholars to write their names in
the book of history.
“If you look at the last epidemic challenge that
we faced, all of the offers and solutions ─ ZMapp
and Dan ─ among others, came from outside
Africa where the problem is. And we have
scientists here who carry all sorts of titles.
“This is the time to earn your titles. All the Ph.D
and professors must now live up to their names.
There will be no more excuses. I don’t have even
masters, I am ordinary. We must know the
people that have contributed to the development
of our country ─ Not all these awards that are
given, all these doctorates that have not really
advanced our development,” he said.
Earlier, the Chairman of the state research
council, Prof. Olufemi Bamiro, said the grant
ranged between N3m and N5m per beneficiary.

Police nab driver who killed LAWMA workers

The scene of the accident
The Police have arrested the hit-and-run driver,
Kasali Mustapha, who knocked down two women
working with Lagos Waste Management Agency,
killing one and injuring the other.
PUNCH Metro had reported on September 9 that
the driver had rammed into the highway cleaners
along Iyana Oworo Expressway, in the Sura area
of the state on a Monday morning shortly after
they resumed duty for the day.
It was reported that one of the victims, Lateefat
Sulyman (popularly called Iya Tawa), died on the
spot while her colleague, Fatimoh Ajetunmobi
was rushed to a general hospital.
Our correspondent on Monday gathered that
Ajetunmobi, whose condition an eyewitness had
described as critical, eventually died at the
It was also learnt that the suspect, whose car
number plate, KRD 864 CM, was recovered at the
scene of the accident, was tracked down by a
team constituted by the Commissioner of Police
and was handed over to the Adeniji Adele Police
While briefing PUNCH Metro on the development,
the LAWMA General Manager, Mr. Ola Oresanya,
said the state government through the Attorney
General and Commissioner of Justice, Ade Ipaye,
had taken up the matter.
Oresanya added that the culprit was likely to be
charged with murder to a court.
“We really appreciate the efforts of the police for
ensuring that the driver was eventually arrested.
The state government is on top of the matter.
The Attorney General is on the case and the man
is likely to be charged with murder because he
ran away after the incident. That shows he did it
intentionally,” he said.
Attempts to get the reaction of the Lagos State
Police Spokesperson, Kenneth Nwosu, proved
abortive as calls made to his mobile phone rang
However, a police source, who craved anonymity
because he was not authorised to speak with the
press, told our correspondent that the driver had
been arraigned before an Igbosere Magistrate’s
Court on four counts bordering on reckless
driving and murder.
He said, “The driver has been charged to court
on four counts of dangerous driving, failure to
stop and report the accident and causing of
He was admitted to bail in the sum of N100,000
with two sureties who must be government
officials and must have five years tax clearance.
The case was adjourned till October 21, 2014.”

Source: PUNCH

Tinubu calls for revolution

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
A former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola
Tinubu, says there is a need for the country to
undergo a “common sense” revolution.
Tinubu, who is a national leader of the All
Progressives Congress said the many years of
misrule by successive Peoples Democratic Party
presidents had continued to sink the country
further into crisis.
The former governor said this in a statement
titled ‘A Return to Decency’, on Monday.
He described the 16 years of PDP rule at the
federal level as a period of steady decline into
He said, “The longer they rule, the less benefit
the people derive. Nigeria now needs a ‘common
sense revolution,’ a revolution that calls forth a
return to decency, probity, transparency of
process and fairness in outcome.
“This is done not by subterfuge, divide and rule
and turning Nigeria in a field of discord or a
street of broken institutions. It is accomplished
by honouring the principles of democratic good
governance and economic justice. It is done by
persuading the people they are better off as one
instead of better off tearing at one another’s
“Nigerians should be prepared for change. We
must rescue Nigeria from those set to cause it
irreparable harm. The change I talk about is the
only route to our deliverance from 16 years of
the PDP locusts. Nigeria is ours to keep and its
democracy is ours to save.”
He advised that this year’s Independence Day
should be a time of sober reflection because
other countries that received independence at the
same time as Nigeria had since surpassed the
He described the Nigeria of today as the
nightmare of its founding fathers. Tinubu further
berated the PDP-led Federal Government of using
religion to divide Nigerians.
He said, “We commemorate this Independence
Day because the nation has survived despite its
many challenges. We dare not celebrate because
the nation has not flourished as it should. Fifty
four years our national trek began with hope and
promise, peace and unity.
“Today, the nation staggers beneath the weight
of trouble multiplied by hardship. Peace and
unity seem to have yielded the moment to
violence and discord. We exist as a political unit
on a map but we do not prosper as brothers and
sisters in one nation, under one flag and
pursuant to one accord.”
“Never has an elected government in Nigeria
employed religion as a tool to divide the people,
setting Nigerian brother against brother in a
manner that allows this administration to
function at the basest level of governance while
seeking to establish a political domination that
seeks no greater purpose than its self-
He described attempts to stigmatise and
physically intimidate the APC and the
militarisation of elections as features of a
perverse democracy.
He described President Goodluck Jonathan’s
transformation agenda as an avenue to siphon
funds through a dubious blueprint.
“They do not have a national blueprint or vision.
They do have a blueprint and vision for excessive
self-enrichment. Their equation is simple: You
work, they feast. You toil, they grow fat. You
seek a decent wage; they pilfer the collective
treasury to enjoy a king’s ransom,” he said.
He said rather than promote religious tolerance
and harmonious living, Jonathan’s government
believes its electoral chances are enhanced by
promoting ethnicism, internal divisions and
religious suspicion but “successful nations are
not built this way, have we not learned the
lesson that we paid the high price of civil war to

At 54, Nigeria boasts low-ranking varsities

The fact that no Nigerian university ranks among
the top 10 in Africa should be a source of
concern to all.
As Nigeria celebrates its 54th anniversary as a
sovereign nation on Wednesday (tomorrow), it is
not only time again to click the glasses in
celebration, it is also an occasion to appraise
development in every sphere of the nation’s life.
For the education sector, the evaluation will
attract mixed commentaries. For instance, while
government officials and their allies will give
kudos to the authorities for a well-deserved
journey so far, especially with significant
increase in school enrolment, increased number
of universities, polytechnics, colleges of
education, and greater private sector
participation, those on the other side of the
divide will point to the lapses in the sector.
The latter will easily point to the policy flip-flops,
underfunding, frequent industrial actions, and the
recent attacks on schools, among others, as the
hallmark of the sector. According to a professor
of Political Science and International Affairs
scholar, Kayode Soremekun, there is not much to
celebrate in the area of education as the country
commemorates another independence
He says, “I do not think that we have done well,
especially in the public realm. As far as I am
concerned, the public dimension of nation’s
education system has collapsed. For instance,
the frequent mass failures recorded in the West
African Senior School Certificate Examination tell
a lot about the decay at the secondary level. The
country’s primary and secondary schools are no
longer what they used to be.
“If you look at the university level, there is still a
similar decline in standard. More alarmingly, the
recent warning by the National Universities
Commission Executive Secretary, Prof Julius
Okojie, urging vice-chancellors to avoid creating
positions for roadside professors is another
pointer to the decline in the sector. Therefore,
you can see that between the primary schools
and the universities in the country, there is a
Beyond Soremekun’s statement, analysts also
point to the 2014 University Web rankings for
African universities, saying it is not cheering
news for a country that has attained the golden
age. Indeed, going by the rankings, no Nigerian
tertiary institution is among the top 10
universities on the continent.
Where South Africa and Egypt shine, dominating
the best rankings portfolio and occupying the
choicest of positions, Nigeria, the most
populated black nation in the world has its best
in the University of Ilorin, which occupies the
20th position in Africa. In fact, going by this
year’s rankings, only 10 Nigerian universities are
among the first 100 tertiary institutions on the
South Africa, where apartheid regime ended in
1990, not only occupies the first position with
the University of Cape Town, it also has seven
other universities in the first 10-bracket table.
Egypt has two – the Cairo University, Giza and
the American University, Cairo – in the first 10
best ivory towers on the continent.
Some of the criteria for receiving favourable
rankings are student population, university’s
ability to attract foreign students, number of
Nobel laureates, lecturers’ publications and
international journals, web presence of the
institutions as well as their capability to attract
grants. Compared to several other universities
abroad, many believe that Nigerian institutions
clearly lag behind as far as these factors are
But some stakeholders are also quick to note
that many lecturers and non-academic workers
in the tertiary institutions also conduct
themselves in ways that deal professionalism a
big blow. In many of the institutions, there are,
for instance, lecturers who rely on obsolete notes
while others are so lazy and exploitative that
they place premium on handouts.

Besides, analysts allege that some engage in
examination malpractice, while others are adept
at sexual harassment of students. Of course,
some play all kinds of politics while pursuing
higher degrees like the PhD. And even
professorship. Analysts are thus worried that
even if all infrastructure were in place, it would
still be difficult if such elements were not weeded
So, as the popping of champagne goes on in
commemoration of Independence Day, analysts
want to know why a country considered to have
the biggest economy on the continent is not
doing well in the education sector, 54 years after.
They want to know why Nigeria’s no fewer than
129 universities, comprising 40 federal, 38 state
and 51 private institutions, are not receiving the
best of assessment in Africa. They also bother
why many Nigerians prefer the United States,
United Kingdom and many neigbouring West
African countries as safe havens to pursue their
For the Ibadan zonal Coordinator of the
Academic Staff Union of Universities, Dr. Nasir
Adesola, the reasons for the poor rankings are
obvious, considering the frequent strikes,
inadequate funding and policy inconsistency,
among others, rocking the sector.
He notes, “Sincerely, we are not faring well at all.
We have not achieved the desired level of
development in all the sectors. For the fact that
things are still as bad, the immediate implication
is that our education has not translated into the
development of the country and this is a thing of
concern. Within this same period, I mean 54
years of independence; many Asian nations have
had beautiful turnaround in their countries. It
means that we really need to sit down and look
at our system again.
“What the Federal Government should do is to
appraise the system and set a target for Nigerian
universities to endeavour to attain a certain
position in the rankings. It should focus on how
to move the nation’s schools up the ladder, and
not paying lip service to education.”
Indeed, last year alone, the strike called by the
Academic Staff Union of the universities resulted
in the shutting of the gates of the nation’s public
universities for 169 days. The teachers were
kicking against the non-implementation of an
agreement the Federal Government signed with
them in 2009, as well as the non-payment of
their earned allowances.
The polytechnic system, where the President,
Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, Mr.
Chibuzo Asomugha belongs, the sub sector has
not fared better, either. Though ASUP suspended
its over eight months strike on compassionate
ground last July, almost three months after, the
Federal Government has yet to resolve the
lingering issues. The same scenario plays out at
the nation’s colleges of education. Teachers in
the colleges have a myriad of unresolved issues
to sort out with the authorities in the last 10
It is not surprising, therefore, why the ASUP
President also agrees with Soremekun and
Adesola that it is not Uhuru yet for the sector.
Asomugha declares, “If I were to assess the
nation as an examination paper, I would not give
it a pass mark. Given the potential of the
country, where we are after 54 years, in truth, we
cannot be adjudged as progressing.”
Besides education, he believes that more needs
to be done in all spheres of the nation’s life. He
adds, “A cataclysmic serial leadership failure has
kept the nation crawling for 54 years. All
segments of society have performed within the
failure range: education, defence, health, security,
unity, infrastructure, youth employment, among
others. It is easy to share the sentiments of
certain discernible figures in society that Nigeria
is more or less a failed state. Yet the potential
that can turn the nation’s fortunes around

Apart from strikes, the nation’s university
system, nay the entire education sector, has the
problem of inadequate funding hanging on its
neck like an albatross. In fact, analysts argue
that since independence, the best the sector has
witnessed in terms of funding is 13 per cent,
which, they add, is a far distance from the United
Nations Children Education Fund’s 26 per cent
According to them, the troubled funding is at the
heart of the problems besetting the sector. For
them, the inadequate funding is at the source of
the frequent industrial actions, dearth of
infrastructure, abandoned and dilapidated
buildings, lack of well-trained personnel,
ineffective teaching methods, inadequate
curricula and, above all, the fallen standard of
education in the country.
But, proffering solution on how to alter the
situation, Soremekun, a former Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile-Ife, Osun State lecturer, says, “All
we need to do is to go back to the basics. We
need to ask ourselves what has really gone
wrong. You see, the western world thrives mainly
because of its knowledge structure. That
knowledge structure is not yet in our country. So
we need to map out our own structure.”
The ASUU helmsman Adesola agrees with
Soremekun. He notes that beyond criticising the
government, the union is leading other
stakeholders in planning an education summit
later in October as a way of addressing
practically some of the salient but festering
issues bogging down the nation’s education at
the tertiary level.
Similarly, Asomugha believes that not all hope is
lost yet. He says, “We need to muster the
collective will driven by a focused and selfless
leadership to maximise the depth of possibilities
at our finger tips in order to develop not just the
tertiary sector but also the nation at large.”

Mind how long you keep food refrigerated

Despite the irregular power supply that has
become our lot as a country, the truth is that
refrigeration is still one of the simple ways we
preserve food, fruit and vegetables.
Whether as a working woman, stay-at-home
mom or self-employed, it’s absolutely impossible
to meet the family’s food needs without the
balancing act that refrigeration provides.
For very busy women who are always on the go,
it may take the form of cooking assorted stews
and other foods such as beans and jollof rice
that will last a week, and refrigerating them.
That way, whenever any member of the family
arrives home, all that needs to be done is to
take your portion and warm it up either in the
microwave or on an open stove.
Refrigeration allows us to have food in a jiffy
without the usual hassles that go with the
process of initial cooking. Again, it helps in
slowing down microbial activities and chemical
changes that would have resulted in foods
getting spoilt.
Any food can be refrigerated, as refrigeration
keeps foods fresh and also preserves, keeping
them away from air-bone food contaminants and
insects such as cockroaches, fruit flies and
According to Consultant Nutritionist, Dr. Simeon
Oladimeji, when you refrigerate foods, you are
able to store them for a long time, and the
process protects your food from microbes.
“Refrigeration keeps foods, vegetables and fruits
cool and thus protects them from heat and
direct sunlight.
“It prevents food from getting spoilt and also
protects them from insects and rodents. In fact,
freezing stops the multiplying of
microorganisms,” Oladimeji notes.
Again, the opportunity to freeze your foods
makes you to buy items in bulk when they are on
sale and thus enable you to save money.
Despite all these great advantages of food
refrigeration, though, there are many downsides
to it, too, especially when you keep your foods,
fruits and vegetables for too long in the freezer
or refrigerator.
For one, the nutritionist warns, foods that stay
too long in the refrigerator or chest freezer hardly
taste quite as good as when fresh. “This is
because, in the case of certain foods such as
beef, fish, vegetables or fruit, except you’re sure
of their freshness at the time of purchase, you
may not bank too much on their preservation
through refrigeration,” Oladimeji says.
He adds, “When freezing meat, ice crystals form
and cause the cells of the meat to break down
and result in loss of moisture.”
He notes that more often than not, even when
we buy foods freshly from the market, we make
the mistake of driving around with them —
sometimes from the market to the office where
we allow the foods to sit in car booth for
extended period of time.
He says we should be mindful of the fact that
once removed from their natural habitat, foods
start degrading, whether cooked or not. So, even
if you later refrigerate the foods, much damage
has been done to them already and in a matter
of a day or two, you will see the result.
He says the same goes for foods bought in the
supermarket where the temperature in the food
aisle is usually cooler than it is in any other area
of the supermarket.
“Immediately you bring out the food from the
supermarket fridge or freezer, it begins to thaw.
And as you continue to shop around, the process
continues at rapid stage. By the time you make
the payment at the check-out counter and hit
the road, the temperature in the car continues
where the outside temperature stopped.
“So, nutrition-wise, you may not get real value
for the food by time you want to eat it,” the
consultant counsels.
Apart from the effects of warm temperature, he
says even in the case of home-made foods such
as beans and rice, for instance, they may
become dehydrated, especially if they are not
properly covered or sealed.

To guard against this, Oladimeji advises that you
use tight-lid containers or ziplock bags that
prevent foods from getting too much freezer
The nutritionist also notes that when foods stay
too long in the refrigerator or freezer, the taste is
likely to be affected; and, in the case of cooked
foods, they may become soggy and unable to
hold water.
Worse still, Oladimeji says, sometimes you bring
out an ice cream from the freezer and what you
notice is that it has picked up the flavours of
other things that were stacked with it in the
freezer! To prevent this, store foods according to
their groups.
As we all know, vegetables are the worst hit
when it comes to disadvantages associated with
food refrigeration. If vegetable absorbs too much
moisture from the refrigerator, for instance, it can
become unattractive and limp.
“Consequently, they can lose flavour, colour,
vitamins and minerals; and they can become
tough,” the nutritionist says.
As for dairy products such as milk, cheese and
yoghurt, careless handling may expose you to
serious food-borne pathogens such as listeria,
salmonella and E. coli, all of which are quite
deadly and could kill.
Oladimeji also says despite refrigeration, some
microorganisms, such as psychrophiles, which
make foods to spoil easily, may still thrive,
especially where the fridge is opened too
frequently, or where the electricity supply is not
able to keep the freezer or fridge cool enough for
what they are supposed to do
He advises against freezing cooked foods for two
long because, he says, the sodium (salt)
concentration tends to concentrate after
sometime; and that’s why you may be surprised
that your food is suddenly saltier than it was
when you first stored it.
He also counsels against storing raw and cooked
or ready-to-eat foods together, saying the raw
foods can contaminate the ready-to-eat foods
He notes that fridges or freezers come with
compartments for fruits, vegetables and other
food items, saying using them as appropriate
and under the right temperature will preserve
The bottom line: Don’t shop for too much food.
One week’s supply is okay at a time.

Task force arrests fake Chinese phone dealer

Mobile phones
The task force of the Phone and Allied Products’
Dealers Association of Nigeria has apprehended
a Chinese, Mr. Lin Tian Huan, for being in
possession of over 10, 000 substandard mobile
The PAPDAN, an umbrella body of phone dealers
in the country, said Huan belonged to a Chinese
cartel responsible for flooding Computer Village
in Lagos with fake and substandard mobile
phones passed for Nokia and Samsung brands.
According to the association’s task force team,
the suspect was nabbed at No. 4 Cornerstone
Estate, opposite Abiola Gardens, Alausa, Ikeja,
The team told our correspondent that Huan’s
arrest was part of its effort to rid Computer
Village of the menace of fake phones.
Upon questioning at the market’s (Computer
Village) police post, it was discovered that Huan
had illegally imported over 10,000 pieces of
different models of mobile phones products into
the country.
PAPDAN’s President, Mr. Iyke Nwosu, said the
association was committed to assisting the
Standards Organisation of Nigeria to eradicate
the menace of substandard products at the
Computer Village.
While explaining the steps the association has
taken to rid the market of counterfeit products,
Nwosu said that PAPDAN provided an office for
SON officials for the establishment of a market
“Two staff of SON were subsequently deployed
to operate from the office in order to mutually
fight substandard products,” he said.
He said, “Besides, PAPDAN facilitated a joint trip
for SON’s top management to China where they
visited some phone factories and met with over
65 owners of phone factories to ensure that
these factories no longer manufacture and import
substandard phones into the Nigerian market.”
Nwosu also explained that the association and
all importers of mobile phones at the Computer
Village market agreed that from July 1, 2014, all
mobile phones that would be sold in Nigeria
would be products that had been duly registered
with SON.
These products, he said, “must have brand name
marks.” According to him, passed off mobile
phones, such as Nokia and Samsung products,
will not be stocked and displayed in stores
owned by PAPDAN members.
“In addition, the group agreed that all mobile
phone brands sold in the Nigerian market needed
to have a functional service centre, which would
cater to “after sales services.
“It, however, warned that the joint task force of
the SON and PAPDAN would confiscate and
destroy all products that lacked these
requirements,” the PAPDAN president said.
Nwosu added that PAPDAN’s partnership with
the SON had led to the registration of over 30
phone brands in the market. Some of the mobile
phone brands that have passed SON’s
comprehensive e-product registrations are
Gowin, M’horse, Bontel, XGP, Tukaro, Q7, and
Soloking. Others are U-Boss, Oktec, Maxtel, BML,
MBO, Teemur, Aus, Mi-phone, Opsson, and MTK.
Admet, H-mobile, DXD, Teenic, Simba, Ucall,
Treesky, and Gionee and Kenxinda are the
When contacted, the new Police Public Relations
Officer in Lagos State, Mr. Kenneth Nwosu, said
no Chinese was handed over to the police.
“However, there was a suspicion to that effect
by traders who later let the man go after they
were convinced that what the man had were
samples,” the PPRO said.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Jason Derulo says he & Jordin split because he felt pressured to marry

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest today, Jason
Derulo said he and longtime girlfriend Jordin
Sparks broke up because he felt so much
pressure to settle down...
"What happened...in a nutshell, there was a
lot of tension in the relationship for a lot of
different reasons... There was a lot of
pressures of marriage. There was a lot of
arguing and stuff like that that just weighed
on our relationship over time. When you
stop having more good times than bad bad
times, it’s time to call it quits. It becomes
something that is unhealthy. I'm not one to
throw my business out on the street, but I
thought it was important because things
are getting a little out of hand.
To be fair, it was not just from her either.
It was kind of from everybody. That’s not
the sole reason, but it definitely played a
part. I'll be lying if I said that we parted in
good terms. But it's not a bad situation.
There’s no bad blood. We didn’t end off on
a weird way or a negative way.' Jason

Photo: GEJ's cook, Taxi driver and Traffic Warden honored at 2014 National Awards

From left: Presidential steward, Onu Isaac
Michael, Taxi driver, Imeh Usuah and traffic
warden Cpl Solomon Dauda, conferred with the
Member of the Order of the Niger, MON and MFR,
today. Usuah was honored for returning
N18million a passenger forgot in his taxi. The
three of them were also given houses in Abuja.

Photos: GEJ honors Nigerian flag designer, puts him on lifetime salary

The man who designed the Nigeria flag, Pa
Taiwo Akinkunmi was decorated as an Officer of
the Order of the Federal Republic, OFR, by
President Jonathan today September 29th, 55
years after designing the flag.
He wasn't only given an award today, president
Jonathan also said he will be placed on a
lifetime salary that must be in line with what any
Senior Special Advisers earns.
No other government before this government
found Pa Akinkunmi worthy of a national award
or a lifetime salary. So happy for him.

“Nobody is contesting President Jonathan’s second term endorsement” – Edo PDP

Leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party in Edo
State have described President Goodluck
Jonathan as an exceptional leader who should be
given another four years to continue his good
The Edo PDP Chairman, Chief Dan Orbih, while
speaking with newsmen in Monday in Benin,
affirmed that “nobody is contesting President
Jonathan’s second endorsement”, adding that,
“PDP members have agreed on his performance
and sincerity.”
Similarly, former PDP candidate for Edo State
governorship seat, Gen. Charles Airhiavbere said
the Jonathan’s contribution in area of grass-root
development made him to win his way into the
hearts of many PDP members and Nigerians at
“You agree with me that when a leader brings
unity and development, irrespective of the terrain
and party affiliation, you will want to trust and
choose him for continuation”, Airhiavbere said.
In his own view, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen, the
former Edo NDDC Commissioner, said “President
Jonathan is not just a leader, but one who has
complemented the efforts of the past
administrations in the area of infrastructure
Also speaking, Sen. Ehigie Uzamere said, “PDP
campaigned on quality of a leader, what to look
at when making a choice and how to vote, for the
vote to be valid.
“Jonathan stands for quality; he has performed
and still performing; we are just comfortable with
him for the second time.”
He, however, warned against those selling their
votes, adding that the choice of their leaders
would determine the development in their
“Do not vote for imported candidates who do not
know the meaning of unity and development but
somebody who knows and feels the pains of what
you are in need of, or lacking like Jonathan.
“Cast your vote according to your conscience not
for sentiment; and by so doing, development will
extend to your door steps”, he advised.

Tonto Dikeh attacks Impersonator on Instagram

Tonto Dikeh Has been off the radar for a
while but she had sprung up again.
The controversial Nollywood actress and
singer –Tonto Dike who has a great influence
on social media platforms has somethings to
say about fraudsters.
We recently have witnessed a high influx of
impersonators in the last couple of years.
People opening fake accounts with names of
popular celebrities to defraud their
unsuspecting fans.
Tonto Dikeh also seems to have received
several complaints from her fans about the
existence of fake social media accounts in
her name and she took to her Instagram
page this morning to issue a disclaimer.
‘Hi Folks, Please Note that These Accounts
are the Only Official accounts of Miss Tonto
Dikeh aka #POKO on Social Media*Please
beware of fraudsters AND Online scammers,
There are numerous complains about my
fans been scammed and this must stop.
Taking Out my time to warn you all, because
am highly against it (It really is a damaging
Act) and we can Put a stop to it by
Spreading the word and saving a friend or
loved ones from been a victims. God bless
you as you Repost/RETWEET** Twitter-
FACEBOOK- www.facebook.com/
tontodikehofficialfanpage(verified) #Thanks’.