Tuesday, 30 September 2014

60 Nigerian soldiers to face trial for mutiny today

60 Nigerian soldiers including 2 corporals, 9
Lance corporals and 49 privates who refused to
partake in an operation in Maiduguri on August
4th will be arraigned before a military court
today Sept. 30th at the Sani Abacha barracks in
Abuja for committing two offenses, conspiring to
mutiny and mutiny.
According to the charge sheet, on August 4th the
soldiers had refused to join the "111 SF Bn
troops" led by Col E. A. Aladeniyi to Maimalari
Barracks for an operation, thereby committing an
offence tagged "conspiring to mutiny" against
the authority of the division, an offence
punishable under Section 91(1) of the Penal
Code Cap P89 LFN 2004 as well as outright
mutiny which is punishable under Section 52(1)
(a) of the AFA CAP A20 LFN 2004.
The charges are said to be triable in the GCM
under Section 114 of the AFA Cap A20 LFN 2004
and punishable under Section 91(1) of the Penal
Code Cap P89 LFN 2004.
The soldiers to face trial today include; Andrew
Ogolekwu, Saturday Efa, Henry Shaibu, James
Maifada, Ndubuisi Sabestine, Dauda Dalhatu,
Kasega Aoso, Mallam Jacob, Nwonu Friday,
Joshua Friday, Anthony Simeon, Olayode
Oluwasegun, Tijani Jimoh, Kabiru Abubakar,
Mamud Sywasan, James Emmanuel, Mulaika
Musa, Magaji Amadu, Amao Bukola, Wuyep John,
Oti Kelvin, Ameh Mathew, Olaitan Joseph and
Meanwhile a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief
Godwin Obla, is working towards appealing the
death sentence handed to some of the 12
soldiers on September 12th. The Senior Advocate
in a telephone interview with Punch however said
the inability of the military to disclose the
whereabouts of the sentenced soldiers to him is
stalling the process of the appeal as they are
needed to sign some document before he can go
further with their appeal.
"We have been trying to get them (the
soldiers) to sign for the process; and
because we have not been able to get
them, we have not been able to complete
the process; there are things for them to
sign. Nobody has been able to tell us
where they are being kept; nobody is
volunteering information; nobody has been
able to tell us where they are. We are just
hearing that they have been moved to the
Directorate of Military Intelligence Cell in
Lagos. We will make the move so that the
process would be filed on their behalf.” he
Source: Punch

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