Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Girl’s body covered with scales and boils from allergy to sun [Shocking Pics]

While most children sit inside all winter
waiting for the sun to shine so they can go
outside and play, Georgia Mitchell does the
exact opposite.
The five-year-old from Kentucky has a rare
skin condition which causes her
excruciating pain when she is exposed to the
sun, meaning she spends all summer waiting
for winter so she can enjoy the outdoors.
The condition, known as non-bullous
conprivate part ichthyosiform erythroderma
(NBCIE), causes boils and scales all over
Georgia’s body, causing her to look like she
has suffered horrific burns.
However for Georgia’s mother, Misty, every
winter is another miracle for her daughter,
who doctors said wouldn’t live past two
‘When Georgia was born she had scales all
over her skin – it looks like she has been
burnt. Doctors didn’t think she’d make it,’
she said.
Misty said that having to deny Georgia the
normal pleasures of childhood due to her
condition, such as her wish to go to Disney
Land, is ‘heartbreaking’.
They were also forced to take her out of
school because running around with the
other children was causing her too much
Despite this, Misty and her husband Sonny
are determined that Georgia will live a full
happy life.
She said: ‘Georgia is very outgoing and she
lets nothing hold her back.’
‘She says she wants to be a doctor and we
continue to encourage her’, Misty added.

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