Tuesday, 30 September 2014

‘I don’t want to live up to 100 years’ – Pastor E.A. Adeboye says

While speaking at the 60th
birthday celebration service for Bishop David
Oyedepo of Winners chapel over the
weekend, the GO of Redeemed Church,
pastor E.A Adeboye said he doesn’t want to
live up to 100 years
“When I marked 70 and people
prayed that I would be up to 80, I
said amen. When they said I would
be up 90, I said well, amen. But
when they said 100, I didn’t say
amen. I didn’t because I don’t
know what offence I would have
committed for God to keep me up
to 100 in this sinful world when a
crown of glory is awaiting me in
heaven. I wouldn’t mind to be 92
though, so that I will be alive to
preach when Bishop Oyedepo is
80. But to live up to 100, I don’t
know about that” he said

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