Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Must Read ! Lagos State Trains 80 Females to Drive Commercial “ BRT” Buses

Lagos state is currently training 80 women to
drive commercial LAGBUS buses, popularly
known as “BRT”.
Mass transportation firm, LAGBUS Asset
Management is conducting the training, Punch
The managing director of the company,
Babatunde Disu, stated that the inclusion of
women in the training program constituted a part
of the state’s efforts to provide equal
employment opportunities for females in Lagos.
We will first train them to drive a car,
then we will train them to drive a bus
after which they will learnt how to drive
the big bus. We have signed agreement
with a driving training school to train
them on how to drive a car and a small
bus. Then they will get transferred to our
own driving school where they will be
trained on how to drive a bus,” said
General Manager of Fleet Operation for
LAGBUS, Seyi Osiyemi.
The training process will last from between 3 to
6 months.

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