Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tinubu calls for revolution

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
A former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola
Tinubu, says there is a need for the country to
undergo a “common sense” revolution.
Tinubu, who is a national leader of the All
Progressives Congress said the many years of
misrule by successive Peoples Democratic Party
presidents had continued to sink the country
further into crisis.
The former governor said this in a statement
titled ‘A Return to Decency’, on Monday.
He described the 16 years of PDP rule at the
federal level as a period of steady decline into
He said, “The longer they rule, the less benefit
the people derive. Nigeria now needs a ‘common
sense revolution,’ a revolution that calls forth a
return to decency, probity, transparency of
process and fairness in outcome.
“This is done not by subterfuge, divide and rule
and turning Nigeria in a field of discord or a
street of broken institutions. It is accomplished
by honouring the principles of democratic good
governance and economic justice. It is done by
persuading the people they are better off as one
instead of better off tearing at one another’s
“Nigerians should be prepared for change. We
must rescue Nigeria from those set to cause it
irreparable harm. The change I talk about is the
only route to our deliverance from 16 years of
the PDP locusts. Nigeria is ours to keep and its
democracy is ours to save.”
He advised that this year’s Independence Day
should be a time of sober reflection because
other countries that received independence at the
same time as Nigeria had since surpassed the
He described the Nigeria of today as the
nightmare of its founding fathers. Tinubu further
berated the PDP-led Federal Government of using
religion to divide Nigerians.
He said, “We commemorate this Independence
Day because the nation has survived despite its
many challenges. We dare not celebrate because
the nation has not flourished as it should. Fifty
four years our national trek began with hope and
promise, peace and unity.
“Today, the nation staggers beneath the weight
of trouble multiplied by hardship. Peace and
unity seem to have yielded the moment to
violence and discord. We exist as a political unit
on a map but we do not prosper as brothers and
sisters in one nation, under one flag and
pursuant to one accord.”
“Never has an elected government in Nigeria
employed religion as a tool to divide the people,
setting Nigerian brother against brother in a
manner that allows this administration to
function at the basest level of governance while
seeking to establish a political domination that
seeks no greater purpose than its self-
He described attempts to stigmatise and
physically intimidate the APC and the
militarisation of elections as features of a
perverse democracy.
He described President Goodluck Jonathan’s
transformation agenda as an avenue to siphon
funds through a dubious blueprint.
“They do not have a national blueprint or vision.
They do have a blueprint and vision for excessive
self-enrichment. Their equation is simple: You
work, they feast. You toil, they grow fat. You
seek a decent wage; they pilfer the collective
treasury to enjoy a king’s ransom,” he said.
He said rather than promote religious tolerance
and harmonious living, Jonathan’s government
believes its electoral chances are enhanced by
promoting ethnicism, internal divisions and
religious suspicion but “successful nations are
not built this way, have we not learned the
lesson that we paid the high price of civil war to

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