Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Woman has 55lb tumour removed from her back [Graphic Photos]

Yuan, 35, has tumours all over her body but
by far the largest was one that covered her
back and right leg down to her ankle.
Doctors have now performed a successful
10-hour surgery to remove this tumour,
which weighed 55lbs.
When Yuan was born she was covered with
brown marks all over the body but due to
family poverty never saw a doctor.
Ten years ago the tumour on her back and
right hip started to grow extremely quickly,
exerting pressure to her spine and finally
distorting it.
In the recent months the tumour has grown
to weigh even more than Yuan, making it
hard for her to move.
Yuan never went to school and is an
She earns her life by polishing shoes on the
roadside and has become used to the way
people react to her.

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