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Girl goes missing after leaving club with man

Found this report on The Nation, and wanted to
share it because a lot of young girls can learn
from this. It's a story about a 300level English
Language student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University,
Annabel Nzubechukwu Edeh, who has not been
seen since she left a night club with an unknown

man many weeks ago in Awka, Anambra state.
Annabel had gone to the night club with friends
on September 17th and as the group of girls
prepared to leave, Annabel told her friends she
was in need of money so would go home with a
guy she'd met at the club and would return to
school the following morning. It's been 6 weeks
and Annabel hasn't been seen.
Read the full story as told my Oluchukwu Igwe, a
500l Chemical Engineering student of same
school, after the cut...
They were six girls, who went to Lounge 24
Gaga, a nightclub in Awka, the Anambra
State capital, on September 17. They are
Calista, Uju, Lovelyn, Ada, Chika and
Annabel. All of them are friends and live
close to one another. When they returned to
their hostels the following morning, one of
them – Annabel – could not be found.
Where is Annabel? This was the question
classmates of Annabel Nzubechukwu Edeh
could not answer. The 300-Level English
Language and Literature student of the
Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) in
Awka has not been seen anywhere, 43 days
after she went to the night club with her
Was she kidnapped? Is she dead? These
are some of the questions being asked by
her distraught family members and friends.
She is the only girl in a family of three.
Annabel, 24, a native of Enugu State, was
last seen on Wednesday, September 17
evening, when she left her Paradise City
Hostel in Iyiagu Estate, Awka.
When she was leaving the club, Annabel
reportedly left at midnight with a guy she
met at the club. That was the last time she
was seen.
Annabel’s friend and hostel mate, who
simply gave her name as Ifeoma, said after
clubbing, the girls decided to find a place to
sleep before returning to their hostels. But
Annabel, she said, told her friends she
wanted to go with Mmiri, a male
acquaintance, she met at the club. She was
said to have told her friends that she was
in need of money, which could have
informed her decision to go away with the
When she did not return in the morning, it
was learnt that Ada and Chika called
Annabel’s phone but were disappointed to
hear a male voice claiming to have found
the phone on the ground and asked the
‘owner’ to come for it.
Ada and Chika, it was gathered, retrieved
the phone and contacted Annabel’s elder
brother, Ifeanyi, who reported the matter at
the State Criminal Investigation Department
(SCID) in Awka.
CAMPUSLIFE learnt that Ada and Chika
were detained for alleged complicity but
were later released on bail.
When contacted on the phone, it was learnt
that Mmiri claimed Annabel left his house
at 3:30am when she refused to enter his
But, after the conversation, Mmiri reportedly
switched off his phone and stopped going
to a popular bar, where he drinks with his
friends. He is nowhere to be found.
Our correspondent’s efforts to speak with
Annabel’s friends she went to the nightclub
with were futile. All of them declined to
comment on the issue.
Annabel’s roommate, Ukamaka, gave an
account of what happened when she spoke
to CAMPUSLIFE on telephone.
She said: “Annabel told me she was going
to the club that evening. Her friends, Ada
and Chika, waited in the compound till they
were joined by their other friends. I had a
premonition of the incident in a dream I had
the previous night. I told her not to go to
the club but she refused. When the other
three girls arrived, they all left together.
When she did not return in the morning, I
called her line but nobody picked. Later, a
man claimed he found it.”

Asked to describe the kind of person
Annabel is, Ukamaka said that her
roommate is a good Christian and
hardworking, saying Annabel is a good
tailor. “I believe Annabel is a victim of
circumstance,” Ukamaka said.
Ifeanyi said his family remained devastated
by the incident. “We are devastated at the
moment. When I received the news, I
travelled from Onitsha to Awka to report
the matter at the police station. The matter
is still being attended to at SCID and “B”
Division. We have even gone spiritual to
seek God’s help to find my missing sister.
Our Dad is late but mum is highly
Ifeanyi said the matter had been reported
to the UNIZIK management.
When CAMPUSLIFE visited Annabel’s
mother in Onitsha, she fought back tears as
neighbours consoled her. She said: “I
warned my daughter to stay clear of bad
friends, but she would not listen. When she
was admitted in a hospital a few months
ago, my spirit never accepted the kind of
girls who visited her. Now, they have done
their worst. I can’t see my daughter, now.
Where is my only daughter? Annabel was
seven months in my womb when my
husband died.”
Mrs Edeh said she had consulted a prophet,
who confirmed to her that her daughter is
alive but held captive somewhere. She
claimed that the prophet informed her that
it was Annabel’s friends that facilitated her
‘abduction’ and threatened to sue them if
her daughter did not return within days.
She added: “All I am asking is the safe
return of my daughter. I have no other girl.
If she was kidnapped, those holding her
would have called us. I am confused. We
are only praying to God and hoping that
she returns home safe and alive. I am
pleading with anyone, who knows her
whereabouts, to give useful information
that can help us to locate her.”

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