Grannies In Syria Set To Protect Their Territory From ISIS


Ready for battle.
A picture of the women, brandishing
Kalashnikov assault rifles, was retweeted
around the world yesterday by those anxious
to raise awareness of the plight of the people
of Kobani.
Kobani, which lies just inside Syria on the
border with Nato member Turkey, has been
described as the town the world cannot
afford to lose to the terrorists.If they succeed
in taking it, IS will control an unbroken 125-
mile stretch of frontier with Turkish allies.
Kobani is barely more than 200 yards from
Turkey, which wants to join the EU, and for
the past two weeks it has been possible to
stand on a Turkish hillside and watch as the
jihadis under their black flag tighten their
stranglehold on the Syrian town. A massacre
beckons, and nobody seems capable of
stopping it.
Seven men and three women from Kobani
have already been beheaded by the jihadis,
with the women’s heads placed on
display….A gruesome photograph uploaded
to Twitter purported to show a grinning IS
fighter clutching the decapitated head of a
girl. And there are sickening reports of
women and girls being defiled.