Friday, 31 October 2014

Neymar sends private jet to bring model he met in Ibiza to Barcelona

When you are big, you do big things...hehe. 28yr
old Serbian model and reality star Soraja Vucelic
(pictured) claimed in a recent interview with a
Serbian newspaper that 22 year old Real Madrid

and Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Santos
Junior, sent a private jet to pick her up to visit
him in Barcelona after the pair met in Ibiza...and
she shared a pic of herself in the jet in Neymar's
jersey to prove she was not lying.
Soraja told Kurir newspaper that she met
Neymar in Ibiza in July and they exchanged
contact and frequently chatted via Skype. One
day he told her he wanted to see her and sent a
private plane to pick her and her friend up.
Soraja was in Barcelona for many days with
Neymar. This happened this October but Soraja
refused to say when exactly and what happened
between them. Well, if a man sends you a
private jet...ahn! Pic of the two after the cut...

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