Friday, 31 October 2014

What Happens To Your Facebook Account When You Die?

When someone dies, their Facebook account
remains active indefinitely and it could be hacked
and used to send spam or worse.
However, there are two options to avoid this, the
late person’s account can either be deleted or

If the account is deleted, then all photos, posts,
comments etc. are also deleted unless legal steps
are taken to retrieve them.
Also you can choose memorialization, Facebook
changes a number of things on the account: No
one is allowed to log in to the account. You can’t
change, add to or delete existing content, which
includes adding or removing friends. Automated
activities, such as daily quotes or horoscopes, are
stopped. Memorialized accounts don’t appear in
“public spaces”
such as birthday reminders, People You May
Know, or
Memorialized accounts can only be accessed by
the user’s confirmed friends. However, the
original contents stays in place. Also, Facebook
adds, “depending on the privacy settings of the
deceased person’s account, friends can share
memories on the memorialized Timeline”.
So, if you’ve being wondering that is what could
happen to your Facebook account after your

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