Woman Hit Boy With Her Car And Did Not Stop Because She Was late For Work


Some people are just so cruel it’s hard to
even consider them human. A Michigan
woman fatally hit a 15-year-old boy with her
car and did not stop because she was late
for work.
The driver, Ruth Borgman, admitted that she
knew she hit something but wasn’t certain
as to what it could have been. According to
the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, the
woman did not bother to check her car.
The poor victim, Jonathan Bracamontes, was
crossing the street on his way to Meijers
when he was hit by the woman Tuesday
Once the woman reached her office she
noticed the damages on the front of her car
so she called 911. There is no way she was
unaware of what she did, disregarding any
reports. If the damages were in the front of
her car then her argument becomes even
more discredited. Borgman even reported
that something had ran in front of her car.