America Invented The Ebola Virus To ‘Kill Africans’ — America’s First Ebola Victim’ Sister Fumes


America invented the Ebola virus to ‘kill Africans’
and deliberately left victim Thomas Eric Duncan
to die ‘like a dog’ in revenge for bringing the

disease into the U.S, his sister claimed today.
In an extraordinary interview with MailOnline,
grieving Mary Pearson claimed that the deadly
virus was created as part of an experiment to
infect black people on the continent – echoing
the views of a race-hate preacher who says
Ebola was invented to ‘depopulate’ Africa.
Mrs Pearson, 52, who runs a general store in
Liberian capital Monrovia, said: ‘What we heard
is that Ebola was created by the Americans and
they sent it to kill us.

‘You are the ones that sent it to kill us. They
sent the virus and infected people here. Then they
blamed Liberians for Ebola. They killed that boy
for nothing.’
Thomas Eric Duncan died in Dallas on October 8
after flying to the US from Liberia three weeks
earlier. He was infected when he helped a
pregnant neighbour seek hospital treatment.
Mrs Pearson insisted that her brother did not
receive the same level of care as American
citizens who had contracted the disease and were
taken back to the US for treatment.
It comes as the Texas Presbyterian Hospital
accused of failing in his care was forced to settle
with Mr Duncan’s family in a secret deal.
Of the nine people who have been treated for
Ebola in the U.S., only Duncan has died and his
nephew Josephus Weeks said: ‘We begged. We
pleaded. I even offered my own blood, even
though it wouldn’t do anything for him. We
requested everything we could think of to save
Eric. They said no.’
Mrs Pearson said: ‘Eric suffered in exile and it
really hurts me. They didn’t feel sorry for him.
They didn’t give him drugs. They had the means
to treat him but they treated him like a dog.
‘They are wicked. They didn’t treat him because
they said he brought Ebola to America.’
Duncan was infected on September 15 when he
went to help out a pregnant neighbour,
Marthaline Williams, 19, who was sick and
needed to get to hospital. There was no
ambulance available so Duncan loaded her into a
taxi and took her himself.
Williams died from Ebola the following day.

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