“Ladies Got Pregnant For Me But I Won’t Marry Any Of Them” ––Oritsefemi


Popular artiste just dropped the bombshell in a
chat with Vanguard:
A lot of your fans are confused about your marital
status. For the record, are you married officially?

Honestly, for now, I am not married. But
definitely, I am going to get married very soon. I
have a fiancee and we have been together for
close to two years now.

But you have children?
Yes, I have two beautiful daughters who are
between ten and nine years. I have a family and
I’m from a polygamous home. I have a
responsibility as a father.

Isn’t your fiance the mother of your two
No. My two daughters are from different mothers
and I am not marrying any of them.

What happened?
It’s a long story. Back in time, as a street boy,
growing up in the ghetto city of Ajegunle, I had
some childhood girlfriends who got pregnant.
Then, I had no means of livelihood to sustain
them. But I ensured that I took care of my kids
right from when they were born.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t take care of their
mothers because of my financial status then. But
now, that God has elevated me, I am planning to
take my children abroad.

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