See The Beautiful Blind Woman Who Regains Her Sight After Hitting Head On Table [PHOTO]


24 year old Lisa Reid, who has been blind since
the age of 11, has miraculously regained her sight
after hitting her head on a coffee table.
She wanted to say goodnight to her dog when

she bent and hit her head, she went to bed with
the pain, only to weak up in the morning to find
her eyes restored.
Read her interview with ABC News below:
Nobody knows what happened or can explain
it,’ ‘I can’t really find words to describe how
it felt – amazing, fantastic.
‘You can imagine not being able to see and
then you can, you can’t really describe that.
‘To see the world again visually is a gift.’”I
just saw the white of my ceiling ..Looking
around my room… the light shining through
the curtains… the window frame” Doctors say
there is no medical explanation for how Reid
regained her sight,while some suggest her
blindness may have been psychological.

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