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''I Pray My Wife Forgives Me for Marrying Another Woman'' – Actor Taiwo Hassan

Yoruba actor, Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo, tells Ademola Olonilua about his
It is a popular belief that you are a womaniser because women flock around you..
I am not a womaniser, I just believe that people surround me because of the love God has for me. It also depends on how you present yourself to people. I believe in self control because if you have sex with every woman that comes your way, then your life is in danger. If I indulge in such acts, I will not look as radiant as I am at my age. Most likely I might have contracted various diseases.
If I were a womaniser, I would have thought I
contracted a sexually transmitted disease during
the time I was critically ill.

  • How did you meet your first wife?

We were in the same theatre group and I
admired her a lot. I saw her and I was interested
in her. I told her that I would like to marry her
and she agreed. I later married another wife but
I believe everything in life has to do with destiny.
I vowed that I would not have a second wife
because I never fancied polygamy but it
happened and I believe it was for a reason. It is
God’s doing.

  • When you told her you wanted to marry another wife, how did she react to the news?

She felt bad and I begged her. May God give us
a good wife; if I had money I could have bought
a hummer jeep to beg my wife but I am not that
rich. I made her understand how it happened
and that regardless, it would not change
anything between us. I begged her to please
accept it as our destiny and I appreciate her for
her understanding.

  • But some women will either pack out of the house or make it unbearable for the man. Did such a thing happen to you?

Not at all, she did not do any of that. I asked
my younger brother and two of my sisters to
help me beg her. When they begged her, she
said she believed that it is destiny.

  • What is the atmosphere in your house?

One thing I like about my first wife is that she
encourages me to help people, especially my
family members. She always makes sure I
satisfy them if they need my help. When my
mother was alive, she took good care of her.
God is the only one that can forgive us our sins
and I pray that he forgives me. I also pray my
wife forgives me.

  • When you fell very ill, it was rumoured that you peddled cocaine and it got burst in your belly

I do not even know what cocaine looks like. Of
course, I heard the rumour but an official of the
National Drug Law Enforcement Agency once
told me that no one survives it when cocaine
bursts in the belly. It is normal for people to
peddle rumours against a popular person. Some
people are image makers while others are image
breakers. While I was ill, a journalist very close
to me published that I had AIDS. When I became
healthy, he began to dodge me. When we
eventually met, I told everyone present to thank
him for me because without his write-up, even
though it was false, no one would have known
that I was very ill and I could have died.
When you were very sick, did it ever
occur to you that you might die?
Of course, it was only natural for one to have
such thoughts at that period. I began to have
the feeling that I might lose my life after I had
sought for help at several places but found
none. I spent a lot of money while taking care of

  • What lessons did you learn from your illness?

I learnt that it is not everybody that truly likes
you. We have a lot of entertainers in Lagos but
only a handful cared enough to check on me
when I was ill.

  • How were you able to regain your stature because you looked very frail when you were ill?

That is the work of God because I did not use
any drug to regain my stature. I had chronic
ulcer so I had to be eating well; the only thing I
could not do was exercise. I am getting over it
because ulcer can only be managed and not
totally cured.

  • Did you have ulcer because you hardly ate?

Ulcer is not only about eating well, there was
too much acid in my body. I don’t go to parties,
neither do I drink alcohol. The day it began, I
was fasting. I was at home for seven months
without taking anything except pap. I thank God
the worst is over.

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