7 Types Of Bus Conductors You Will Meet In A Public Bus

1)The “no change ones”:This is a very common slang among bus conductors. They don’t have change all time, even if there is they will still complain that there is no change.

2)The Frustrated ones: They are always fighting with their ogas (drivers). They fight over different things ranging from the issue of change to the amount they carry the passengers.

3)The Touts: These ones fight with everybody; the driver, the passengers, and even drivers and conductors of other buses.

4)The Bully: These ones are always fighting with the female passengers. Only tough female passengers can deal with them.

5)The rough ones: They are always dirty, they put on tattered clothes that chase customers away. They are mostly illiterates.

6)The Semi-Literate: They go to school a little and are always trying to impress their customers by saying little English.

7)The descent ones: They are always neat, well behaved and some speak correct English that one begin to wonder why they are bus conductors.

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