Questions Ladies Ask Without Expecting Sincere Replies

What Are Some Questions Ladies Ask Without Really Expecting A Sincere Reply?
1. How Do I Look?
Don’t you get it, girl? After all the “Jezebelian” earrings that looks like a cutlass and horrible make up making you look like a DOLL, how do you think you look? OK, can the mirror tell a lie? Hian!
Well, to let peace reign, we’ll just say, “you’re okay”…and Okay means “I’m just managing you”… So that we can quickly leave the house…she’s wasting so much time on the mirror.

2. Do You Love Me?
OK… I love with every love imaginable
You’re both on bed with his hands all over your body and you’re “wise” enough to ask him “Do You Love Me?”
Let me open up a lil: An Average guy sees any girl who is nice to him as a potential sex mate…You greet him and he starts seeing the image of you both on bed…
Love is a Journey girl! You sell Unclothedness and wants to buy LOVE…Haba!

3. Have You Ever Cheated On Me?
Hmm, if he tells, it won’t be nice…So, why ask?
Especially if you know he is cheating… You know but you want him to say it? How dumb? He won’t unless An Angel touched his heart…

4. Will You Abandon Me If I Get Pregnant?
This one get as e be… The guy does not really answer this one, he just says No…but if you check his heart.
His heart is saying, ” I leave that to your imagination”
You can’t tell if he will abandon you or not because guys differ. With an “hustling” guy, your chances are slim…he wants to still explore…You Can’t Tie Him Down!

5. Why Me? Why Did You Chose Me?
What an intimate question! She really wants to know but most times, guys don’t really have a good reply to that. Some guys are into her because of her beauty, size of butt, boobs, hair length and texture, sex skills, smooth skin, nice lips, legs etc.

If he tells her, she might feel he’s Short-sighted, body-minded, immature and irresponsible…she may dump him, so he says, Intelligence, Character, Charisma etc. According to tosyne, this he does just to get to her pants. He tells her what she wants to hear. It’s not because guys are good liars, it’s just because you expected him to lie. There are some questions I deem unnecessary because ACTION is supposed to unveil them- you are supposed to see them from afar and quickly avoid it rather than blindly playing into its palms.

Feel free to add yours…

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