Things That Guys Secretly Envy About Girls [Must Read]

1. Lots of attention.
Guys envy girls for this. The girls get all the attention everywhere they go,Facebook,twitter, instagram ,its a girls world online. What about offline,girls still get all the attention. If a guy and a girl should ask for the same help,the girl has 85% more chances of getting helped. So annoying

2. Girls are always right.
In an argument,a guy can never win it,he must give up for the girl to win the argument,also a guy cannot hit a girl even if the girl is hitting him,its not fair.

3. Girls are wooed.

Girls get wooed and flattered all the time,their ego are nurtured 24/7 but a guy is left with his own ego to carter by himself. So sad

4. Lesbians are more tolerated than gays.
Lesbians are more accepted than gays generally,even straight people get turned on by lesbians and not gays. So sad for the gays.

5. Girls enjoy sex more.
Ohhh gush this is the most annoying, imagine me doing all the work ,pounding her like my life depends on her punny only for her to be screaming in ecstacy ,enjoying all the thrill. The kind of intense orgasm girls have ehn,it makes guys fascinate about what its like to have an orgasm as a girl. To make matters worse,they have multiple orgasm. clitoral own is there,vaginal own is there,g spot own is there, even Tips orgasm is there. BUT WHY?

6. Girls manipulate guys without getting noticed.
They know all the tricks in the book. They manipulate guys and we guys don’t see it as manipulation, is it through tears? Through sex? Through sweet words? Chaiii guys have suffered. We even pay for the sex they are enjoying more. Wtf?

7. Women are more sympathetic than men.
Women generally can show more sympathy than men. Some men can’t be taught be importance of sympathy, not all men tho,but generally women have the upper hand.

8. Women do less work

Since they are considered weaker vessel,they do less work wherever they are, on a general note. Men are handled with iron hand while women are pampered and they still get the same reward with the guys or even higher reward. 

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