Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Buhari Wins Presidential Election Results InBorno state (See Figures Below)

As announced by the collating officer for Borno state
AA - 145
ACPN - 243
AD - 392
ADC - 201
APA - 878
APC - 473,543 (APC WINS)
CPP - 310
HOPE - 88
KOWA - 158
NCP - 107
PDP - 25,640
PPN 143
UDP - 31
UPP - 41
Total valid votes - 501,920
Rejected votes - 13,088
Total votes cast - 515,008
Guess Nigeria has a new president. Congrats to
Gen. Buhari

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Edo State Government Declares Public Holiday To Celebrate Buhari

The Edo State Government has declared a work-free day in the state on Wednesday. This is to celebrate the historic victory of General Muhammadu Buhari, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, in the 2015 presidential election.
The state Governor, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, has invited the people of the state to a victory party, which will hold at the Oba Ovoranmwen Square, Benin City, starting from 3pm on Wednesday.
Top artistes, including Davido, Patoranking, Osayomore Joseph and Young Bolivia will perform at the party to celebrate General Buhari’s victory. 

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VIDEO: Private Photos Of Bernice Omotola Leaked Online [Watch And Download]

who has literally slept with over 19 females while taking video or pictures of them.


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OMG!!! Cynthia Morgan Teases Her Fans With Massive Cleavage [PHOTO]

While most people are worried about the electon results, Cynthia Morgan seems not to care. The Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan posted this cleavage revealing photo on her instagram page while most Nigerians anticipates the final results of the Presidential Election. See the pics below:

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Atiku Abubakar Congratulates Gen. Buhari On His Victory [PHOTO]

The former Vice President wrote a congratulatory message to Buhari which he shared on Facebook. See it below:
My hearty congratulations to His Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari, for being elected the next president of our beloved county, Nigeria. You have led our party, the All Progressives Congress to an unprecedented victory within two years of it’s official formation, and in so doing, written the most important chapter of our democracy.
The great Nnamdi Azikiwe once wrote that “history will continue to vindicate the just”. Your victory in the polls, with votes from across the length and breadth of our country, bears witness to the acceptance of not just our party, the APC, but also your ideology of justice, fair play and zero tolerance for corruption as the bedrock for national rebirth.
At this historic moment, it is most important to say a hearty thank you to every Nigerian who voted for the APC. Your votes have not just elected the first opposition party into federal power, but has also set a precedent which will have positive implications for democracy across Africa.
Dear GMB, the journey has just begun. Millions of Nigerians have put their trust in you, because they were not satisfied with the status quo. You represent the hope of a new generation of Nigerians, and you cannot afford to fail them. Our party has made a promise of change to our young people, to secure and rebuild our country, create jobs and opportunity, and improve citizens’ welfare. We will stand behind you to ensure we keep those promises, just like we did during these elections.
Our country needs a new direction. We have voted for you, and our party won the election, but when you assume our highest office, you must become the president of not just the APC, but all of Nigeria, including the people who did not vote for you. We look up to you to heal the fractures of our country, and truly unite this country like never before.
To President Jonathan, I want to specially thank you for conducting a historic election. Your party may have lost the elections, but you have won the admiration of the world by not interfering with the wishes of Nigerians. History will be kind to you.
It is my sincere hope that we will all come together as one country, to build the Nigeria of our dreams.
God bless Nigeria.

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Buhari Thanks Supporters And Preaches Against Wild Celebrations

Ahead of his formal declaration as President elect, APC Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari has expressed  gratitude to Nigerians for choosing him and his party over and above the PDP and their candidate, the incumbent President, Dr Jonathan Goodluck.
The APC declared victory party after Dr Jonathan called General Buhari at 5:15pm to make a concession and congratulate the winner. Director Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Council Garba Shehu quoted Buhari as saying that the mood of the country as well as its current state did not warrant the type of wild celebrations reportedly going on in some cities across the country.
Buhari said anybody happy with the victory of the APC in the presidential election will not be involved in the molestation of opponents or the destruction of their property.

“He or she is not with me, whoever does that,” Buhari curtly said.
He is due to make a major acceptance speech in the coming hours.

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See The Mocking Photo ''Tonto Dikeh'' Posted On Instagram [PHOTO]

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"I Am So Proud Of My Husband" – Aisha Buhari

“I am so proud of my husband and the team who have worked hard to make this happen. Nigerians are aware now more than ever that the people have the power to sway the fate of a nation. We must see this as a triumphant show of democracy, a change for the better.
I am excited for the future of this nation as We now have a mandate for Change.I too have watched with bated breath as the results have been announced. It has been a gripping day for democracy in Nigeria.” – Buhari’s Wife “Aisha Buhari” tweets

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See Pictures Of Buhari Receiving Congratulatory Call From Jonathan

I am proud to call Buhari my PRESIDENT. As Jonathan concedes defeat. See more pics after the cut:

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APC Would Make A Difference In Governance Of Nigeria – Amaechi

ABUJA – Rivers State governor and Director-General of the All Progressives Congress Presidential campaign Organization, APCPCO, Mr. Chibuike Ameachi has said that the APC would make a difference in the political governance of Nigeria.
He added that where the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP has failed, APC would succeed having learnt from the outside.
This was even as the national publicity secretary of APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said that the integrity of the presidential candidate, General Mohammad Buhari won the vote for APC.
Both men spoke with Journalists at the national secretariat of APC amid excitement of an anticipated victory Buhari
Ameachi further stated that APC would be magnanimous in victory.
He said: “We will be magnanimous in victory because the challenges are much. It is not only about celebration of victory, it is about seriousness of governance and we must show the different between us and the current government. If we say there was incompetence, we must show competence.

“If we say there was corruption, we must show that we will not be corrupt. If we say that people were denied of their basic right, we must protect their rights. If we say there was impunity, we must govern by the rule of law, and once we show that Nigerians will see the different between us and the current government.”

When asked to explain what the victory meant to him, Ameachi said: “Quiet a lot. As the Director-General of the campaign, it is good to me.
I will begin to tell my children that for the first time in the history of Nigeria, the opposition party was able to root out the government in power and the party in power by presenting a different picture of what life looks like for giving the people the courage to confront the current government and confront what was going on.

“Confront corruption, confront the reality of the fact that Nigerians are hungry, that they don’t go to market as Nigerians do, they have the kind of fund and can eat the kind of food they want and Nigerians are hungry, to let Nigerians know that Boko Haram was not about religion alone but there was poverty and hunger and we have to deal with education and the issue of unemployment in the North and also in the south, and to also make people realise that religion is not an issue in Nigeria.”

Also speaking, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said “Buhari’s strong personality, character and integrity, his anti-corruption stance for which he has been known for so many years now, helped to make this victory easier for us.

“We would have lost woefully. Buhari made our victory very easy. He is a major factor in the land mark victory. It has never happened that an incumbent is defeated in a national election”.

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Message From Professor Yemi Osinbajo

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5 Reasons Why Jonathan Lost

Nigerians are so used to the idea that an incumbent should win presidential elections that President Goodluck Jonathan's failure to beat Gen Muhammadu Buhari needs some explaining. Here are five reasons why the opposition won:

1: Harder to rig
Past elections have been marred by serious irregularities and suspicions of rigging. In 2007 observers said the presidential poll was not "credible". In 2011 the vote was considered to be better run but observers said that rigging and fraud still took place.
This time the electoral commission took more steps to prevent rigging, including new biometric voters cards.
Also President Jonathan's party, the People's Democratic Party (PDP), had lost control of some key states which meant it could not control the electoral process there.
2: Boko Haram and security
The Nigerian army has made some recent gains against Boko Haram, but not enough to convince Nigerians
The election took place against the background of an Islamist insurgency in the north-east of the country. The Boko Haram militant group has killed 20,000 people and forced some three million others from their homes and President Jonathan was criticised for not getting to grips with this.
The poll was delayed for six weeks to give time for the security situation to improve, but even though most areas controlled by Boko Haram were recaptured, it seems to have come too late for many people.

3: United opposition, crumbling PDP
The extra six weeks of vigorous campaigning by the PDP was not enough to halt the slide in the party's fortunes
The PDP has been described as an election-winning machine. When it was created it united a northern elite with leading politicians from the south, but that alliance has broken up and the party lost some key figures. Even former President Olusegun Obasanjo came out against Mr Jonathan.
At the same time, the opposition managed to unite under the All Progressives Congress (APC) banner. The last six weeks of desperate and dirty campaigning, in which the APC responded in kind, was not enough to turn the tide.

4: Economy
Nigeria's economy is growing but the wealth is not being spread around
Nigeria is Africa's biggest oil producer and its largest economy, but many fail to feel the benefits with nearly half the population living below the poverty line. Continued corruption is seen as partly being to blame.
National income is due to grow by more than 5% this year and next year, but people did not seem in the mood to thank Mr Jonathan for this.

5: Time for a change
APC supporters chanted "change" wherever they went and it seems to have caught the mood. The PDP has been in power since the end of military rule in 1999, and 2015 is the year that Nigerians decided that someone else should have a go at sorting things out.

President-elect Buhari now has to prove he really can change things.

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See APC Supporters Jubilating At The Party's Headquarter In Anticipation Of Buhari's Victory [PHOTOS]

APC supporters pictured above celebrating at the party's headquarters in Abuja this evening in anticipation of INEC's announcement later today. See more pics after the cut:

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Jonathan Wins Presidential Election in Delta State (See Figures Below)

AA - 1,473
ACPN - 116
AD - 735
ADC - 888
APA - 478
APC - 48,910
CPP - 813
HOPE - 166
KOWA - 311
NCP - 670
PDP - 1,211,405 (PDP WINS)
PPN - 393
UDP - 354
UPP - 261
Total valid votes - 1,267,773
Rejected votes - 17,075
Total votes cast - 1,284,848

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Sokoto State (See Figures Below)

AA - 249
ACPN - 535
AD - 714
ADC - 762
APA - 3,482
APC - 671,926 (APC WINS)
CPP - 1,894
HOPE - 238
KOWA - 475
NCP - 686
PDP - 152,199
PPN - 605
UDP - 269
UPP - 180
Total valid votes - 834,259
Rejected votes - 42,110
Total votes cast - 876,369

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Jonathan Wins Presidential Election in Taraba State (See Figures Below)

AA - 962
ACPN - 811
AD - 586
ADC - 320
APA - 1,306
APC - 261,326
CPP - 1,033
HOPE - 161
KOWA - 153
NCP - 876
PDP - 310,800 (PDP WINS)
PPN - 680
UDP - 224
UPP - 439
Total valid votes - 579,677
Rejected votes - 23,039
Total votes cast - 602,716

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Jonathan Wins Presidential Election in Edo State (See Figures Below)

AA - 159
ACPN - 1,284
AD - 450
ADC - 512
APA - 709
APC - 208,469
CPP - 325
HOPE - 22
KOWA - 175
NCP - 516
PDP - 286,869 (PDP WINS)
PPN - 729
UDP - 160
UPP - 72
Total valid votes - 500,451
Rejected votes - 22,234
Total votes cast - 522,785

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Yobe State (See Figures Below)

AA - 101
ACPN - 164
AD - 213
ADC - 112
APA - 632
APC - 446,265 (APC WINS)
CPP - 329
HOPE - 67
KOWA - 104
NCP - 120
PDP - 25,526
PPN - 101
UDP - 30
UPP - 32
Total valid votes - 473,796
Rejected votes - 17,971
Total votes cast - 491,767

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Bauchi State (See Figures Below)

AA - 131
ACPN - 232
AD - 173
ADC - 189
APA - 964
APC - 931,598 (APC WINS)
CPP - 391
HOPE - 46
KOWA - 128
NCP - 207
PDP - 86,085
PPN - 128
UDP - 29
UPP - 37
Total valid votes - 1,020,338
Rejected votes - 19,437
Total votes cast - 1,039,775

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Benue State (See Figures Below)

AA - 315
ACPN - 1,464
AD - 254
ADC - 539
APA - 945
APC - 373,961 (APC WINS)
CPP - 567
HOPE - 115
KOWA - 105
NCP - 683
PDP - 303,737
PPN - 439
UDP - 66
UPP - 74
Total valid votes - 683,264
Rejected votes - 19,867
Total votes cast - 703,131

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Kebbi State (See Figures Below)

AA - 214
ACPN - 361
AD - 450
ADC - 472
APA - 2,685
APC - 567,883 (APC WINS)
CPP - 1,794
HOPE - 213
KOWA - 448
NCP - 519
PDP - 100,972
PPN - 547
UDP - 207
UPP - 238
Total valid votes - 677,003
Rejected votes - 38,119
Total votes cast - 715,122

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Zamfara State (See Figures Below)

AA - 125
ACPN - 238
AD - 290
ADC - 294
APA - 1,310
APC - 612,202 (APC WINS)
CPP - 655
HOPE - 14
KOWA - 122
NCP - 404
PDP - 144,833
PPN - 374
UDP - 93
UPP - 68
Total valid votes - 761,022
Rejected votes - 19,157
Total votes cast - 780,179

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Adamawa State (See Figures Below)

AA - 495
ACPN - 1,166
AD - 595
ADC - 1,012
APA - 1,549
APC - 374,701 (APC WINS)
CPP - 819
HOPE - 267
KOWA - 752
NCP - 1,212
PDP - 251,664
PPN - 1,163
UDP - 289
UPP - 332
Total valid votes - 636,018
Rejected votes - 25,192
Total votes cast - 661,210

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Godday Orubebe (PDP) Accuses Jega Of Bias

The representative of the Peoples Democratic Party at the Presidential Collation Centre, Mr. Godday Orubebe has accused the chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Attaihiru Jega of bias over his failure to investigate the party protest letter on the election in Kano, Katsina, Jigawa.
Mr. Orubebe noted that while Jega set up a committe to investigate the protest letter of APC on Rivers election, he rejected the letter of PDP on Kano, Jigawa, Katsina and Kadunna.
“Jega threw our letter at us, saying that he will not investigate. Jega cannot be selective, he cannot be tribalist”.
He also shown a collated result across the 36 states and the FCT, which he noted was compiled by Jega and the APC. He added that the result were the same as the one announced by the electoral umpire, questioning how APC got the result when they have not be announced.

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Jonathan Wins Presidential Election in Cross River State (See Figures Below)

AA - 279
ACPN - 514
AD - 709
ADC - 749
APA - 532
APC - 28,368
CPP - 381
HOPE - 237
KOWA - 312
NCP - 930
PDP - 414,863 (PDP WINS)
PPN - 864
UDP - 289
UPP - 1,487
Total valid votes - 450,514
Rejected votes - 15,392
Total votes cast - 465,906

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Gombe State (See Figures Below)

 AA - 104
ACPN - 192
AD - 169
ADC - 247
APA - 773
APC - 361,245 (APC WINS)
CPP - 407
HOPE - 46
KOWA - 97
NCP - 227
PDP - 96,873
PPN - 157
UDP - 25
UPP - 37
Total valid votes - 460,599
Rejected votes - 12,845
Total votes cast - 473,444

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Jonathan Wins Presidential Election in Bayelsa State (See Figures Below)

AA - 45
ACPN - 38
AD - 69
ADC - 116
APA - 70
APC - 5,194
CPP - 44
HOPE - 18
KOWA - 52
NCP - 95
PDP - 361,209 (PDP WINS)
PPN - 62
UDP - 20
UPP - 35
Total valid votes - 367,067
Rejected votes - 4,672
Total votes cast - 371,739

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Lagos State (See Figures Below)

AA - 1,795
ACPN - 3,038
AD - 4,453
ADC - 2,072
APA - 2,177
APC - 792,460 (APC WINS)
CPP - 1,125
HOPE - 255
KOWA - 1,000
NCP - 1,430
PDP - 632,327
PPN - 1,041
UDP - 269
UPP - 244
Total valid votes - 1,443,686
Rejected votes - 52,289
Total votes cast - 1,495,975

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Buhari Wins Presidential Election in Niger State (See Figures Below)

AA - 307
ACPN - 441
AD - 403
ADC - 614
APA - 2,006
APC - 657,678 (APC WINS)
CPP - 1,264
HOPE - 198
KOWA - 305
NCP - 550
PDP - 149,222
PPN - 449
UDP - 116
UPP - 118
Total valid votes - 813,671
Rejected votes - 31,012
Total votes cast - 844,683

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Disturbing Photo: Is This Person A Guy Or A Lady?

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Major 7.7 Earth Quake Strikes Off Papua New Guinea, Tsunami Warning Issued

A major earthquake with a magnitude 7.7 reportedly struck off Papua New Guinea on Monday, official monitors said, and a tsunami warning has been issued thereafter. Reuters have more:
The epicenter of the 33 km (22 mile) deep quake was near the town of Rabaul in the northeast of Papua New Guinea, The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said “hazardous tsunami waves are possible for coasts located within 1,000 km (620 miles) of the earthquake epicenter along the coasts of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands”.

Tsunami waves reaching 1-3 meters (3-9 feet) above the tide level are possible along some coasts of Papua New Guinea, said the center. No destructive, Pacific-wide tsunami was expected, it said.
“Persons located in threatened coastal areas should stay alert for information and follow instructions from national and local authorities,” it added. Rabaul, a town on East New Britain Island, lies in the shadow of Mount Tavurvur, an active volcano. Rabaul was destroyed in 1994 during a severe eruption.

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Nurse Drinks Poison After She Found Out That Her Husband Had Sex With Prostitute

A nurse was rushed to hospital after deliberately drinking poison in an attempt to commit suicide, doctors in Zimbabwe said. Odd News Blog reports:
The incident unfolded when the nurse of Chinotimba, Victoria Falls, returned home from her night shift at a hospital earlier than usual and was surprised to discover that her husband was having s*x with a prostitute.

The woman became enraged and destroyed property in the home. She then attempted to take her own life by drinking poison.
Neighbors who arrived at the scene after hearing the fight between the nurse and her husband, quickly took the woman to a nearby hospital.
Luckily, doctors were able to save her life and she was released. The nurse said that she will be filing for divorce.

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5 Powerful Lessons A Bad Breakup Can Teach You

We’ve all had that one relationship that knocks the wind out of us. The things you thought you knew about love become all jumbled in your mind because you’re blinded by hurt. Bad breakups are emotionally taxing. With it comes resentment and sometimes outright anger. The thing about a bad breakup is the more emphasis you put on the other person’s fault, the longer it takes for you to re-group and heal.
There are five powerful lessons that a bad breakup will teach you once you stop romanticizing the relationship:
 1) Love is not an event. It’s a process: Many relationships come to a bitter end because someone’s feelings changed. As great as it may sound, love isn’t a feeling you get when you’re around that person. Love is a choice. From those choices come deliberate actions. You invest time learning about them and give yourself a chance to like the person you’re dealing with. From that feeling of like grows love. You can’t rush into something and expect it to last.

2) It’s okay if you aren’t ready: When the right person comes along, it’s natural to want to snatch them up. During Pharrell’s interview with Oprah, he explained how when he met his wife, she was dating someone else. With all his hubris, she resisted his pursuits. She didn’t immediately cut him off though. From that point, they forged ahead as friends and eventually got their happily ever after. A person will respect you more if you’re honest about the level of commitment you can make. That type of transparency is hard and scary because nobody wants to have to wonder “what if…”. But it can save you from sadness and a bruised ego later. The great thing is if you two believe that you’re each other’s “right one”, you’ll stay in each other’s lives.

3) You can’t force your method of love on someone else: The Five Love Languages is a book every single should read at least once in their adult life. Knowing your significant other’s love language is the ultimate cheat code. I think that each love language essentially tells you the bare bones of keeping your significant other fulfilled in the relationship. The quality of love is far greater than how much you love them. If you don’t love a person in the way that they receive it, it’s never going to work.

4) Date longer and more deliberately: For every short courtship that led to a 30+ year marriage, there’s 50 stories of couples who wound up in divorce court within the same year. Some people don’t believe you should fall in love with potential. I tend to disagree for the reason that on occasion – for men particularly – the right kind of love is exactly what’s needed. However, many of us have been hurt because we loved someone for who we wish they were. When you date someone longer or date with your own purpose, you have the space to make a more informed decision about love.

5) No relationship is ever a waste of time: It’s hard to feel “good” about a break up. On the flip side, it’s true that a person’s presence in your life was either to be a blessing or a lesson. I look back and can unequivocally say that every serious relationship I’ve been in has taught me something about myself as a man. A relationship is only a waste of time if it a) didn’t help you see your weaknesses or b) never showed you how strong you actually are.
Relationships are often the catalysts for shifts in our lives. So if you continue to come out of relationships the same exact way you went in, then the problem may be you. You owe it to yourself and your future significant other to accept responsibility, learn from your mistakes, and make the shift a positive one.

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Monday, 30 March 2015

2ND ROUND UPDATE: Presidential Results So Far As Announced By INEC - PHOTO

Result figures is as announced by INEC. More results to follow tomorrow by 10:00am

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NBC Releases List Of Media Houses That Breached Broadcasting Code

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) on Monday released the list of broadcasting stations that contravened the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting code from the beginning of electioneering campaign to date.
A statement signed by the commission’s Director/Head, Public Affairs, Alhaji Awwalu Salihu, in Abuja, said the contraventions included breaches of the rules on the broadcast of sponsored campaign materials.
Other breaches were the airing of campaign materials or programmes that promoted political parties or candidates within the 24-hour prohibited period, as well as unauthorised networking by a group of stations.
The statement said that NTA breached the sensibilities rules while AIT and NTA both breached the rules on airing sponsored materials.
According to the statement, Rima Radio, Sokoto and BSES, Ekiti defaulted on denial of access.
The further said that 15 stations nationwide breached the code for advertising and promoting a political party after campaigns had stopped 24 hours to election time.
The stations included Liberty TV, Liberty FM, Karama FM, Alheri FM, NTA, AIT, Rima Radio, STV Lagos, TVC Lagos, NTV, PRTV, Jos, NTA Makurdi, Vision FM and Nigeria Info,
Others were BECOS TV, NTA Jos, Gombe Media Corporation Radio FM, OSBC TV and Freedom TV Ilesha.
According to the statement, all the stations involved had been either queried or outrightly sanctioned, according to the provisions of the Nigerian Broadcasting code.


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APC Rejects Rivers State Pesidential Results - See Details

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State has rejected the results of Saturday’s fraudulent elections released Monday by the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the state, Mrs. Gesila Khan.
In the released results, President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was declared winner of the election in Rivers by a wide margin, while all the Senatorial and House of Representatives’ seats in the state, according to Khan, also won by the PDP’s candidates, in spite of the non-availability of original result sheets during the elections.
The Director of Communications of Rivers APC’s Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside’s Greater Together Campaign Organisation, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, declared that the released results were unacceptable, but asked the members of the party in the state to remain calm and law abiding.
Semenitari said: “The REC of INEC in Rivers State, Mrs. Gesila Khan, has just engineered a rape of democracy in Rivers State. Mrs. Khan, who made no pretense as to her bias for the PDP, Monday denied the over one million APC voters in Rivers State their voice. This is not acceptable to us and we reiterate our call for the cancellation of all elections in Rivers State.
“Mrs. Khan was kept abreast of all protests of the APC by its state party agent, Barr. Achinike William–Wobodo, whom her staff unceremoniously sent out of the collation centre on Saturday, March 28, 2015.
“Besides the seven petitions before her (Rivers REC of INEC), written and signed by Barr. William-Wobodo, Mrs. Khan is aware that a petition from Rivers State is before the Chairman of INEC (Prof. Attahiru Jega) and he has announced investigations into the Rivers State case. The APC in Rivers State rejects in its totality, the false and misleading results presented by Mrs. Khan.”
The Rivers APC’s governorship candidate’s director of communications, who doubles as the state’s Commissioner for Information and Communications, also expressed optimism that the results of the sham elections in Rivers would be cancelled, the REC removed and a new date for fresh polls announced by Jega, described as a man of integrity.

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LIVE: INEC Announced Results For 9 States; PDP Leading

INEC has announced results for 8 states and the FCT, Abuja - (total 9) and so far PDP is leading with 2,332,734 votes while APC has 2,302,978 votes, though APC won five states and PDP four states.
The states whose results were announced are Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Oyo, Kogi, Enugu, Nasarawa, Abuja FCT.
Meanwhile, PDP won FCT, as against the earlier result posted.
Results so far.

Ekiti: APC – 120,331 ; PDP – 176,466

Ogun: APC – 308,290 ; PDP -207,950

Enugu: APC – 14,157 ; PDP – 553,003

Kogi: APC – 264,851 ; PDP – 149,987

Osun: APC – 363,603 ; PDP – 249,929

Ondo: APC – 299,889 ; PDP – 251,368

Oyo: APC – 528,620 ; PDP – 303,376

Nasarawa: APC – 236,838 ; 273,460

FCT Abuja: APC 146,399 ; PDP – 157,195

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"I See Death Of 'Great' Politician After Election In Nigeria" - TB Joshua

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has warned of the death of a prominent politician due to ‘heated up’ politics in the wake of the closely fought Nigerian elections.
“I am seeing Nigerians heating up politics,” the cleric told his congregation at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 29th March 2015.
“Wednesday and Thursday of this coming week and next week, make sure you fast and pray,” Joshua stated just before the close of his church service at 7pm in a message broadcast live via Christian television station Emmanuel TV.
“They will heat up politics and a great man among the politicians will likely lose his life… I am seeing this kind of thing happening in the night,” he stated, calling on congregants to take heed of his message and maintain ‘an attitude of prayer’ on the days specified in order to ‘save souls’.
Earlier in the service, Joshua reminded congregants of a prophetic message he had shared last year concerning a ‘dark cloud’ hovering over Nigeria. “Well, we can see God’s hand; God is beginning to remove the cloud,” he declared to the delight of attendees.
Explaining what the ‘cloud’ represented, Joshua stated that it meant a situation whereby two political parties would declare themselves as election winners, leading to a state of ‘lawlessness’.
“Whoever wins the race, let us put Nigeria first – the nation first,” he stressed. “The dark cloud I saw last year was two declarations - but I can see the finger of God. Thank you for your prayers.”
The controversial cleric also implored Nigerians to shun violence and consider the nation and its future first. “There is a difference between your faith and politics,” he told his audience and television viewers.
“Don’t play politics as if it is your faith. ‘Do or die’ is not politics. Politics is a game. When you lose, you say, ‘Thank You, Jesus’; when you win, you say, ‘Thank You, Jesus’.”
He specifically called on Nigerians, especially the youth, to resist the temptation to be ‘used’ by the political class to incite violence or cause bloodshed. “Take care of yourself and don’t allow yourself to be used,” he warned.
“Your future and the future of this nation – Jesus will ask you to give account. What we are doing now is for generations yet unborn. Don’t trade this future for money, thuggery or corruption.”
Joshua also predicted the capture of an international terrorist. “A criminal they have been looking for, for many years, who has been terrorising the world - I am seeing him being caught and displayed to the world on international media,” he announced.

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10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Skipped Voting Day

A lot of Nigerian celebrities and showbiz personalities have been quite vocal politically, expressing their thoughts as regards the conduct of free and fair elections while some even campaigned overtly for candidates of their choice. Sadly, while every other Nigerian damned the elements to participate in the general elections , some celebrities decided to attend to other activities. Most of them were out of town to headline concerts in other parts of the world while some others decided to lie low and keep calm in their various homes. We bring you a list of celebrities that did not participate in the elections.

HKN boss, Davido left the shores of Nigeria on Friday, March 27, 2015 in a private jet along with members of his HKN Gang which includes B-Red, Deekay and Kamal Ajiboye. He’s billed to headline the 5th edition of the Afrobeat festival in Kenya today, thus he won’t be voting either Buhari or Jonathan....

He departed Lagos on Thursday, March 26, 2015 to headline the Dance Afrique concert in London. On his arrival in UK, he’s been sharing pictures of his media rounds in London....
Along with Flavour, Paul and Peter Okoye are also listed as headlining acts for Dance Afrique concert in London....

The veteran rapper embarked on a tour of China 2weeks ago where’s he’s been performing in a couple of cities in China. He’s however not returned to the country and won’t be voting in today’s election as well....

She’s a co-host of the Dance Afrique concert in London, so she joins Flavour and Psquare in London....

Starboy boss, Wizkid is yet to return from his trip to Dubai where he performed on Thursday March 26, 2015 at the Industry Nite, Dubai. After his performance on Thursday, he hosted a private Yacht party on Friday at the Dubai Marina Yacht club with his artiste, L.A.X....

On March 12, 2015, the rapper left Nigeria for South Africa, he spent a few days there then he headed to the United States for the SXSW Festival in Houston. The rapper is currently in Atlanta....

Pretty female disc jockey, DJ Cuppy also arrived Kenya in a private jet yesterday for her performance at the Pan African Finale of the Airtel/Trace music star to be headlined by Senegal-born American superstar, Akon....

Unclothedness queen, Maheeda doesn’t really care much about politics, she’s in Australia working out in her pants and highs heels and is nowhere near Nigeria’s borders to participate in the election....

Fondly called ‘The Cap’, DJ Spinall is on tour of the United States. As recently as last night, he performed at Club Zanzibar in Houston and he won’t be voting surely.

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2015 Election: 8 Security Tips After The Winner Emerges

Nigerians has vehemently voted for the desired leader they want and sooner or later the winner of the 2015 presidential election will emerges..that will call for celebration n joy al over the country. But as you go around celebrating there are some hoodlums hoovering around to cause havoc. Probably because the election didn't go on there favour or for some other reasons. Here are some security tips after the winner emerges.

1. Do not drink your self to stupor weather jonathan or buhari wins. Many hoodlums usually take advantage of drunk men and tonight wont be an exclusion. Drink responsibly

2. Always be security conscious as many tout uses this period to kidnap people.

3. Don't overspeed while driving. The joy of the candidate you support winning can overwhelm you as that can make you overspeed and perhaps causes accident. Drive responsibly
4. Avoid public gathering. There are haters every were and there sadness triggers when they see you happy. Be careful.

5. Don't go around arguing about who you knew will win and loose as this arouses anger and possibly leads to fight n perhaps murder. Be wise. Don't abuse the other simply because his party lost. Its just an election

6. Stop publishing fake news. Be careful as God is watching you

7. Don't allow your self to be used by politician to accomplish there selfish interest because if being caught. You will rot in jail alone.

8. Don't go about eating anyhow..poison is real.

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Lagos Civil Servants Vacate Offices Over Protest Rumour

Workers of the Lagos State Government at the State Secretariat, Alausa, have continued to flee their offices en masse due to speculation that there will be protest when results for the Presidential election are released.
A visit by our correspondent to most ministries in Ikeja on Monday afternoon revealed that offices had been deserted while staff car parks were almost empty.
A source in the Head of Service office denied the issuance of a purported circular ordering workers to go home.
As of the time of filing this report, the State Executive Council meeting, presided by Governor Babatunde Fashola, is underway at the Lagos House in Ikeja.
A senior government official told our correspondent that there was no security report to justify workers fleeing their offices.

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A Ship Caught Fire In Mile 2, Lagos [PHOTOS]

A ship is currently up in flames at Mile 2 axis close to Rahamaniyya and Techno oil tank farms. At the time of filing this report, fire services are yet to arrive on the scene. See more pics after the cut:

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Jonathan Beats Buhari In Rivers With Over 1.4 Million Votes

According to Punch: President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party has won last Saturday’s presidential election in Rivers State with a total vote of 1,487,075.
Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari(retd.) of the All Progressives Congress followed suit with 69,238 votes while KOWA party came a distant third with 2,274 votes.

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2015 Presidential Election Results In All States By INEC Official Collation

These are the real figures for the presidential elections for 2015. These are the real INEC collated stats.. After collating the 9 states, APC wins in 5 while PDP in 4, but PDP has more votes so far.

#Oyo AA:6331 AD:6282 ACPN:8979 ADC:5000 APA:4,468 APC:528,620 CPP:6,674 HOPE:839 KOWA:1,312 NCP:1895 PDP:303,376 PPN:2842 UDP:1069 UPP:3665
#FCT AA:139 AD:240 ACPN:342 ADC:288 APA:674 APC:146,399 CPP:347 HOPE:83 KOWA:165 NCP:473 PDP:157,195 PPN:269 UDP:95 UPP:96
#Ondo VALID VOTES:561,056 VOTES CAST:582,435 REJECTED VOTES:21,379
#Ondo AA:386 AD:1237 ACPN:2406 ADC:1227 APA:1139 APC:299,889 CPP:1012 HOPE:184 KOWA:223 NCP:846 PDP:251,368 PPN:734 UDP:184 UPP:221
#Osun AA:377 AD:1667 ACPN:1731 ADC:937 APA:1306 APC:383,603 CPP:1029 HOPE:132 KOWA:255 NCP:767 PDP:249,929 PPN:599 UDP:124 UPP:159
#Kogi AA:700 AD:427 ACPN:1089 ADC:761 APA:1001 APC:264,851 CPP:967 HOPE:144 KOWA:190 NCP:399 PDP:149,987 PPN:476 UDP:180 UPP:156
#Ekiti AA:94 ACPN: 534 APC:120,331 CPP:330 HOPE:94 KOWA:108 NCP:377 PDP:176,466 PPN:388 UDP:60 UPP:145
#Enugu AA:433 AD:269 ACPN:479 ADC:478 APA:715 APC:14,157 CPP:237 HOPE:110 KOWA:203 NCP:761 PDP:553,003 PPN:407 UDP:1,623 UPP:290
#Ogun AA:584 AD:1,927 ACPN:3072 ADC:1364 APA:1930 APC:308,290 CPP:978 HOPE:332 KOWA:432 NCP:815 PDP:207,950 PPN:4,339 UDP:562 UPP:597
#Nasawara AA:40 AD:74 ACPN:95 ADC:105 APA:310 APC:236,838 CPP:131 HOPE:4 KOWA:48 NCP:222 PDP:273,460 PPN:164 UDPi:23 UPP:33
These are the 8 verified results.
They have gone on break now, we shall feed you with the rest, immediately they are back from recess (8pm Nigerian time)

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APC Wins Presidential Election In Ondo State

As announced by Prof. Olusola Oyewole the VC, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
AA - 386
ACPN - 2406
AD - 1,237
ADC - 1,227
APA - 1139
APC - 299,889 (APC wins)
CPP - 1,012
HOPE - 184
KOWA - 223
NCP - 846
PDP - 251,368
PPN - 734
UPD - 184
UPP - 221
Total valid votes - 561, 056
Rejected votes - 21,379
Total votes cast - 582, 435

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Estimated Presidential Election Result So Far - See Photo

The table according to Sahara reporters shows that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is
leading in most key states across the country, with APC currently having 69% of the vote and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) having 30%.

These numbers have not been publicly confirmed by the Independent National Election
Commission (INEC), but offer the first national picture of voting trends.

- Sahara Reporters

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Ronke Oshodi Experiences Difficulties in Getting a Fitting Bra

Busty Nollywood actress, Ronke Oshodi-Oke has revealed that she finds it difficult getting her Bra size. According to her,
“Getting my bra size can be very difficult. It makes it more expensive. I always
want to ‘pack’ myself. I wouldn’t want to appear in a movie where I would need to
run or walk fast and my boobs would be bouncing. I don’t like it. When you ‘pack’
yourself very well, when anything happens, you are ready. I have to go the
extra mile to look for good bras.

“I spend at least N10, 000 on a bra. At times, I get my perfect size when I travel
abroad especially in the US. If anybody is going to the US, the only favour that
person can do for me is to buy bra for me. It is the only gift that I can
appreciate from anybody and it would make me happy,” she lamented.

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Ladies; 10 Things You Never Knew About Your v**ina [MUST READ]

1. When you’re turned on, your clit basically gets a boner. During female s*xual arousal, the cli**ris becomes engorged with blood and erect. The size obviously varies person-to-person, but is not very large.
2. Your menstrual blood could help patients suffering from heart failure. An ERC (endometrial regenerative cells) congestive heart failure phase II clinical trial is currently testing the safety of the ERC, or “stem cells,” to treat congestive heart failure patients. Stem cells are extracted from the blood and then grown in culture to generate different types of cells in the body. In this case, the stem cells are made into muscle cells of the heart, for reparative purposes in these patients. This is an experimental foreign study, and is not something that is being done routinely, but yes, it could help patients suffering from heart failure.
3. When you’re turned on, your v**ina doubles in size. Women’s vaginas can vary substantially in size and shape during s*xual arousal. This is mainly due to tenting, which causes expansion of the upper two-thirds of the v**ina. The upward tenting also is thought to facilitate the movement of sperm up into the cervix. You know, for conception.

4. You might not have been born with a hymen at all. The majority of women are born with a hymen, and they can have varying shapes and sizes. But if you don’t have one, you’d probably never know it, as it doesn’t have any impact on your s*x life. More noticeable is a hymen that is not easily penetrated or torn — that can result in painful s*x or even difficulty getting a man-hood into your v**ina.
5. You may have more trouble reaching climax if you have a smaller cli**ris. According to a study by the Journal of s*xual Medicine that used MRIs to measure 30 women’s clitorises, of the 10 women who reported having trouble orgasming, all of them had clitorises that were farther from their vaginal opening. There isn’t a lot of conclusive data outside of that, but it seems to be a good indicator that there’s a possible correlation. Additionally, many women with smaller clitorises find that penetration-clit-stim combo vibrators (like the Rabbit) don’t work well for them because the “ears” don’t reach their clit.
6. There are 8,000 nerve endings in the cli**ris, while the man-hood only has 4,000. The cli**ris has many more sensory nerve endings than the man-hood, and stimulation can result in a cascade of immense nerve stimuli. (This may be why direct clitoral stimulation can be painful for some women.) Clitoral climax is therefore generally far more intense than male climax.
7. It’s impossible to lose anything in your v**ina. The very top of the v**ina is the cervix, an opening only big enough for microscopic sperm to get through. The v**ina is a fixed space that doesn’t continue up, so you can’t permanently lose something in there. It’s always retrievable. (Just make sure you’re retrieving whatever it is with your hand—and with trimmed fingernails—and nothing sharp!)
8. It is possible for your v**ina to fall out. With utero-vaginal prolapse, the v**ina, or the uterus and v**ina, can protrude outside the body. This can happen after childbirth or after menopause from lack of pelvic support, but it’s rare and repairable with surgery.
9. Your v**ina can’t get looser just because you have a lot of s*x. According to Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, Ph.D. and author of the blog s*x and Psychology, “the v**ina naturally becomes looser when women are sexually aroused in order to prepare for intercourse—but after s*x, everything goes back to its normal state. What does cause vaginal looseness? Older age and (for some women) childbirth.”
10. Your v**ina has the same pH level as a glass of wine. The normal vaginal pH for vaginas is 3.8 to 4.5. Most wines’ pH fall around 3.0 or 4.0; about 3.0 to 3.4 is desirable for white wines, while about 3.3 to 3.6 is best for reds. Yes, but what does my v**ina pair well with? What of that?

Source: yahoohealth

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“Why I Separated From Pawpaw” - Aki

It’s common knowledge that they both entered the movie industry at the same time and it’s their partnership that gained them their present status in Nollywood. Apparently, Aki and Pawpaw whose real names are Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme respectively parted way as we stopped seeing them in movies together and they stopped living together; there was really no beef between them.
Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) explains as he speaks to the Tribune.

There was no clash between us. Then, the owner of the property wanted to use it, so we both had to vacate the apartment. The truth must be told, we cannot live together forever. We are adults and someday we would get married. We are not some twins, I am from Abia and he is from Imo. It’s just that we are good friends. It is not bad we go our separate ways, though; we are not far from each other.

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APC Wins Jigawa Elections [Details Here]

All Progressive Congress (APC) has won all the three Senatorial seats contested in last Saturday general election in Jigawa state.
The APC’s presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari won the presidential
election in the state.
Declaring the presidential election result, the returning officer – Professor James Ayatsa – who is the Vice Chancellor of Federal University Katsina, announced that General Buhari scored 885, 988 while President Goodluck Jonathan scored 143, 904 votes.

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Dwarf Bodybuilder Finds Love With 6'3' Woman [See Photos]

Anton Kraft, 52, is a world record bodybuilder, who stands at 4ft 4in and arguably the strongest man in the world, as the only man in the world who has lifted four times his own body weight. Anton is known for dating women only 1ft taller than him, but found love in China Bells, a 6’3’ woman 6 months ago. They both live in Florida and Anton says he is the luckiest man alive for having such a pretty woman by his side. But wait, China Bells has got a but, she was born a man. She is transgender. See more photos of the couple who says they will tie the knot after the cut. By the way how did her breasts get to be that big, doctors they try. See more pics after the cut:

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Presidential Election Results Could Be Released By 6pm Today - INEC

The final collation of results for the presidential and National Assembly elections will commence at the INEC National Collation Centre, Abuja, by 12 noon on Monday.
This was announced by the INEC Deputy Director, Publicity, Nick Dazang, while speaking on a programme on the African Independent Television Sunday night.

He said collation of results is currently at the various levels in all the states and that results from only two states could be said to have come in.

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APC Leads As INEC Releases Presidential Election Results In Osun State

The Independent National Electoral Commission has announced the results for the presidential election in the state of Osun, in western Nigeria. Of the 22 councils declared, the APC candidate, Muhammadu Buhari lost just one of councils: Ife East. Results are still being awaited in eight local councils. There are 30 local councils in the state, along with Modakeke Area Office.

Here is a council by council breakdown of the result.
Boluwaduro: APC- 5,288, PDP-4,413
Ifelodun: APC-17,040, PDP-9,847
Ila: APC- 11,576, PDP- 7,647
Boripe: APC-12,152, PDP- 7,457
Ife North: APC-8,369, PDP-?7,921
Ife South: APC-9,793, PDP-9,283
Ife? East: APC-12,513, PDP-15,532
Olorunda: APC- 26,342, PDP-7958
Atakumosa West: APC- 6,639, PDP-4,734
Atakumosa East: APC-8,668, PDP-5,418
Orolu: APC-8,466, PDP-6,360
Isokan: APC-10,187, PDP-6,974
Ifedayo: APC-3,824, PDP-3,786
? Egbedore: APC-9,577, PDP-6,507
Ayedade: APC-13,560, PDP-9,466
Ola-Oluwa: APC-8,125, PDP-5,910
? Odo-Otin: APC-13,351, PDP-10,230
? Ilesa West: APC-11,714, PDP,5,145
Irepodun: APC-12,485, PDP-7,750
Ayedire: APC-8,280, PDP-6,323
Obokun: APC-10,506, PDP-9,325
Oriade: APC-12,724, PDP-10,490
Total votes won by Buhari: 241,179
Total Votes won by Jonathan: 168,476

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A Four Year Old Boy And Sister Burnt To Death In Lagos

The fire began from a cooking stove which exploded in the bungalow where the victims lived with their parents.
The inferno was said to have quickly spread and torched the room where the children were.
Our correspondent gathered that the mother of the children fled the area and called for help, but the children could not be saved.
firefighters and other officials of the Lagos State Fire Service and National Emergency Management Agency were on ground during the incident.
The Director of the Lagos State Fire Service, Rasak Fadipe, said the agency was not alerted on time, adding that when firefighters got to the scene, they only met the charred remains of the victims.
He said, “The fire started around 5am, and it involved a bungalow on 11, Fabiyi Street, Igbo Efon. The bungalow has a two and a three bedroom flats.

“We were alerted to the incident exactly 6.03am and when we got there, we still met the fire raging. We deployed our men from the Eti-Osa and Onikan divisions in the area.
“However, when they got there, they only saw the corpses of the kids; they had suffered severe burns injuries.
“Preliminary investigations reveal that the children’s father was not around, but their mother was. They were preparing a meal on the stove, when the stove exploded.
“The children could not escape it and that was how they were burnt to death.”
Fadipe said an uncle of the victim called the ambulance service which conveyed them to the mortuary, adding that the tragedy was avoidable if precaution had been taken by the children’s parents.
He advised members of the public to avoid storing kerosene and petrol in the same keg, which he said might have been responsible for the incident.
“We suspect that the explosion was because kerosene was mixed up with petrol in the tank of the stove. This could be because the couple used the same keg to buy petrol and kerosene.
“It is very important for people to ensure that the keg they use in buying kerosene is not the same used for petrol.
“Again, when the fire in a cooking stove is to be put off, we must ensure the thread is completely out, and not for us to be using crude method of water or mouth to blow out the fire, which could cause an explosion,” Fadipe added.
The spokesperson for NEMA, Ibrahim Farinloye, said the victims were with a couple in the area because of the elections, when a gas cooker exploded.
He said, “The children were in the area because of the election and wanted to seek refuge in the event that there was violence where they stayed with their parents. They were cooking when there was an explosion.
“The kids hid under the bed, but were burnt to death. Nobody knew they were there until somebody remembered that they were still in the house, but by then, it was too late.”
He added that officials of the agency tried to salvage the situation, but it was too late.

Source: PUNCH

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Armed Robbers Rape Seven Women During Deliverance Vigil

Seven ladies who  went for night vigil for deliverance in a new generation church, located at 2nd Cemetery Road, Benin-City, were allegedly raped by armed bandits who stormed the church at about 4am on Thursday.
The robbers were said to have earlier raided a  building near Ewuotubu community where they robbed some tenants living in four different flats in the compound. It was learnt  that two persons, including a police officer, were shot dead while others sustained various degrees of injuries in the process.
What was supposed to be an all-night marathon prayer session , tagged ‘Koboko Night’, meant to cast out demons tormenting some members of the  church, turned sour as the masked armed robbers, numbering six, shot sporadically, ordering the members to go back to the church shortly after they said the final prayers to depart the church.
The robbers had, on storming the church premises, rained bullets on the roof and ordered members to lie down. Consequently, they  raped the women.
One of the victims, who narrated her ordeal to Sunday Vanguard, said, “Though I was not raped, I was beaten mercilessly when they were asking us to identify the pastor and we refused. After collecting our phones, money and jewelleries, they ordered some of the ladies to UnCloth. They threatened to kill them if they refused and, of course, they removed their clothes and were raped one by one.
“It was actually two churches that they attacked. They raped five women in our church. Later, we found out that they raped two others in a church close to ours. They ransacked the church and collected any cash they found and escaped. It was a horrible sight”.
The raped women are said to be receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital on Ekenwan Road, Benin City.

Source: Vanguard

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10 Disgusting Things Guys Do Because Of Sex [MUST READ]

In recent time, sex has become overrated and that's why we hear unprintable stories, disgusting and ridiculous things guys do just to get under the skirt of a lady.

1. Risk of Life
Some desperate dudes wouldn't mind risking their lives just to satisfy their sexual urge for intimacy, especially when a lady has assured them of sex
It's pure abnormality for a dude to travel by road for almost 48 hours (Lagos to Maduguri) just to see a lady he barely knows who has assured him of sex at arrival. Isn't that crazy ?
Some desperate niqqas can even use their school fees to book flight especially when she has assured them of sex at arrival

2. Passing The Night At Her Place When Her Parents Are Not Around
I can never forget what happened to a fellow friend. His gf invited him over to her place to pass the night (guys you know what that means na ) because her parents went for wakefulness overnight prayers and unfortunately for him, the girl's parents returned earlier than expected and my friend was caught red-handed. The man locked the door till dawn, called the police to get him arrested and a rape charge was brought against him. Hahaha (This is no joke at all)
3. Informing All Their Friends They Wanna Straff
Some dudes will inform their friends and show them the porous part of the door where they can peep through just to have a clear and the eediots will stand peeping through the door when the deed is going on. Hahaha

4. Disturbing Neighbours With Loud Music
Hahahaha !!! Many are guilty of this. They will tune their deck or home theatre to the loudest volume because they don't want their neighbours to hear her voice when she's moaning

5. Giving What They Cannot Afford To Lose
Not every dude that gives money to ladies does it out of his kind gesture, many however do this because they feel it will give entrance to her kitty-cat. I could recall when a dude came to me seeking advice just because he bought an expensive phone for a lady and the lady dumped him in a wink exactly a week later. He asked me if it was proper he collected the phone back. Why buy what you cannot afford to lose?

6. Placing Ladies Over Their Friends
I have a friend who can ridicule his friends in the presence of ladies, in fact, this dude can order 500 guys out of his house the moment a lady he invited for straffing comes

7. Taking Condoms Everywhere
I have heard the story of a young dude who wanted to give an offering and a pack of condom fell to the ground during church service. Many dudes take condoms everywhere in case of necessity, it's good though but it's not something one should be proud of

8. Cohabiting
Personally, I have no atom of regard for students who live together just for sexual relationship. More reasons why many guys cohabit is just to relief their konji without stress and struggle. Many end up with poor grades at the end of the semester/session and they blame it on lecturers

9. Intake Of Alcoholic Drink
It's funny some dudes get high on alomo, osomo, jedi or weed without minding the health implications just because they want to show bedmatics superiority over a lady. I no know when sex become Olympics oooo

10. Using Their Friend's Parents' House As Hotel
This is so disgusting. Why on earth would a dude take a lady to his friend's parents" house just to get her laid. I have seen people doing it and I consider guys who allow their friends do that as guys who have no atom of regard for their parents 

Source: tosyne2much.blogspot.com

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TRAGEDY: Pregnant Woman Stabbed Husband For Supporting Jonathan

Tragedy struck yesterday at Ejigbo, a suburb of Lagos State, when a pregnant woman stabbed her husband dead for allegedly refusing to support the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.
The woman is being interrogated by the police. It was gathered that the couple supported different presidential candidates.
While the husband was said to have decided to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), his wife, simply identified as Onyiyechi, voted for Buhari.
The argument degenerated into a fight and Onyiyechi who so much believed in the APC candidate could no longer hold back her anger, she allegedly stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife in the chest.

A neighbour who spoke on the condition of anonymity said: “We were outside preparing to go and cast our votes when the couple started shouting at each other. While the wife was shouting that Buhari was the man to beat, her husband was shouting that Goodluck Jonathan was the man. We thought it was an ordinary argument until we stopped hearing their voices. We thought they had stopped the argument until the wife ran outside, seeking for assistance. She was saying that her husband was dead. “We did not understand how someone we just heard his voice would just die until we rushed inside his room and he was in the pool of his blood. It was at that time that the wife said she allegedly killed him with a kitchen knife”
Another tenant, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, told Crime Watch Today that he did not witness how the suspect allegedly stabbed her husband.
He said: “We were all outside waiting to vote when Onyiyechi rushed out, shouting for help. Out of curiosity, we all ran inside, only to discover blood all over the ground, on entering their apartment, on closer observation, we noticed that the blood was from her husband’s chest region. We met him on the ground. Before we could rush him to the hospital, he gave up the ghost.
Perhaps, he would have survived the attack had Onyiyechi called for help earlier. From all indications, it was clear that she attempted to manage the situation immediately the incident occurred. It was when she discovered that the situation had overwhelmed her that she raised the alarm. The irony of this matter is that she is not a trouble-maker. She has never beaten a little child, let alone fight with any neighbour. Again on that day, we saw both of them together. They were seen sitting outside, one hour before the incident occurred”
Policemen from Ejigbo were said to have removed the body to the Isolo General Hospital morgue”.

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President - Elect To Emerge Today - Jega

The Independent National Electoral Commission has said that despite the extension of Saturday’s elections till Sunday in some parts of the country, the results of the presidential poll will be declared on Monday(today).
INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, gave the assurance   as some of results from wards, local government areas and states continued to emerge on Sunday.
For instance, results from Osun and Ogun states showed the All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Maj.Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, defeating President Goodluck Jonathan.
But in Ekiti State, Jonathan had an easy ride as he beat the APC candidate.
Jega, who gave journalists an update on the conduct of the polls in Abuja, said that as of Sunday evening, results of the elections had only been completely collated in two states, one of which was Ekiti.
He said, “Some people assume that when I said 48 hours( for the release of the results), it starts from the morning the elections commenced. It is 48 hours after elections have ended, like yesterday(Saturday).
“You start counting 48 hours from yesterday (Saturday) when substantial majority of the polling units ended elections.”
The INEC chief expressed satisfaction over the conduct of the   polls, which he said held in a substantial number of polling units across the country, including the troubled North-East zone   where   internally displaced persons   voted in   Adamawa, Yobe and Borno states.
“We are pleased that the elections went on smoothly in a substantial number of polling units across the country, including the North-East where the commission was also able to conduct voting for Internally Displaced Persons in the three states of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno,” Jega said.
He said that out of more than   150,000 card readers used for the conduct of the polls , only 300   failed, representing   about 0.25 per cent of the total number of machines.
“It is also gratifying to note that the card readers worked well in the majority of polling units, even though there were areas where difficulties experienced necessitated additional guidelines to allow for manual accreditation of voters, as announced yesterday (Saturday),” Jega said.
He stated that manual accreditation was done in some polling units in   Osun, Kebbi, Ekiti, Adamawa, Borno, Jigawa, Anambra, Akwa Ibom and Ebonyi states.”
Jega said the elections were extended and   concluded on Sunday in nine states and the Federal Capital Territory.
Taraba State has the highest number of 116 polling units where the polls were extended.
Other states where the number of polling units where the elections were extended are Lagos (90), Kebbi (16), Adamawa (25), Niger (six ), Yobe (37), Borno (eight), Jigawa (37), Kano (13) and FCT (two).
He also rejected the claim by the spokesman for the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation,   Femi Fani-Kayode, that his party had won in certain number of states.
Jega, who said Fani-Kayode should be asked the source of his figures, stated that as of the time he was addressing the journalists on Sunday evening, collation had only been concluded in two states. He said that   the results from the two had yet to arrive Abuja in the manner that it could be announced.
The chairman said, “You said somebody in one of the parties said the PDP is winning in 23 states. I don’t know the sources of his information. I know result have not been collated in 23 states.
“May be you should direct the questions to him and let him explain.”
He   advised journalists “to be careful about reporting this kind of information that is being put out there by people who are clearly partisan.”
He also debunked speculation that he was under pressure to declare results of the presidential election inconclusive.
“We are not under any pressure to declare inconclusive elections. In fact, I wonder who will be interested in declaring the election inconclusive. I think candidates will be interested in being declared winners and not to have the election declared inconclusive,” Jega said.
The INEC boss said his office had on Sunday morning received petitions from the APC in Rivers State calling for outright cancellation of the elections   in the state.
He assured the petitioners that the commission would consider all the complaints, including the allegation of presence of some underage voters and substitution of some members of the commission’s ad hoc staff with untrained partisan persons in Rivers and Lagos states.
However, results from Osun State showed that Buhari recorded   victory in 22 out of the 24 Local Government Areas   so far announced by the state INEC. He had 264,734 votes.
Jonathan,who won the remaining LGAs – Ife Central and Ife East – scored 192,288 votes.
The   results were announced in Osogbo by the returning officers for each of the LGAs on Sunday.
Also in Ogun State, the APC presidential candidate defeated Jonathan in 13 out of the 20 LGAs whose results were announced by INEC.
He polled 308, 290 votes while Jonathan scored 207,950 votes.
The APC candidate for the Ogun Central Senatorial District,   Lanre Tejuoso, defeated   PDP’s Abisola Sodipo-Clark, the wife of an Ijaw national leader, Edwin Clark.
Tejuoso scored 115, 197 votes while Sodipo-Clark had 30,036 votes. The sitting senator for Ogun Central and Social Democratic Party’s candidate, Olugbenga Obadara, got 15,124 votes.
Jonathan, however, had it easy in Ekiti State where he polled 176,466 votes from 16 councils in the state. Buhari garnered 120,331 votes.
The result was announced by the state Returning Officer, Prof. Adebiyi Daramola, to party officials on Sunday.
It was also a sweet victory for the PDP as it won all the three senatorial and six House of Representatives seats in the state.
Impliedly, by implication two of the APC   senators – Anthony Adeniyi and Olubunmi Adetumbi – who contested the poll   will not join their colleagues in the eight National   Assembly.
Gbenga Olofin, the third APC candidate for Ekiti Central was defeated by Fatimat Raji-Rasaki, wife of a former Lagos State military administrator, Brig.-Gen. Raji Rasaki of the PDP.
Those elected for the House of Representatives seats are Kehinde Agboola, Ayotunde Oladimeji, Thaddeus Aina, Olamide Oni, Akin Awodumila and Segun Adekola.
In Kogi State, Buhari was leading by polling 108,817 votes from six LGAs as against Jonathan’s 84,555 in five LGAs.
The APC candidate also won in Dekina, the LGA of Governor Idris Wada with 18, 819 votes to Jonathan’s 13,885 votes. He also won in Amadu Alli’s LGA of Idah with 10,445 votes to Jonathan’s 6,113.
But there was a mild tension in parts of Imo State on Sunday as armed officials of the Department of State Services, the Police and the Army barred journalists from collation centres in the state.
At the collation centre in Owerri Municipal Council Secretariat, journalists were turned back from the gate by stern looking security operatives who asked them to go back   and wait until the results were announced.
All efforts to reach the Resident Electoral Commissioner, George Ada, were abortive as his telephone was switched off.

Source: PunchNG

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