4 Good Reasons Why Guys Patronize Prostitutes

The following are some of the salient reasons why most Nigerian guys patronize call girls and runs girls:

1) Emotional weakness: Some guys are just so emotionally weak! They find it difficult to approach a woman and start a conversation with her or initiate friendship with her! You wouldn’t need that to get down with a pros! Just call her and ask her ‘how much u go collect for over-night’?

2) Fear of rejection: Some guys are so afraid of rejection. They feel if a woman rejects their proposal, the world would come to an end for them, so they indulge in oloshoristic activities because olosho nor dey reject u whether u fine or not…na ur money kill am. As for me, I don’t give a fiok! If I approach a girl and she behaves strangely, I quickly dust my ass and move to the next …you either win or lose!

3) Inferiority complex: I detest guys who feel very inferior in the presence of women! Look, women are just humans! Whether she uses costly electronic gadgets or not, carries a Givenchy bag or not, she still goes to the loo to poo! . So what’s the big deal? If you don’t learn the habit of being confident to approach women, you might end up marrying one of those olosho you patronize. Don’t come here complaining that your wife bleeps outside the home because na water cane soaked in Cameroonian pepper we go take trash u!

4) The cost of maintaining a relationship: This is where wisdom comes to play! Many guys don’t want to get committed due to the high cost of maintaining a relationship in this part of the world. I mean, the constant demand for Brazilian hair, phones, cash and other stuffs can throw a young struggling man off balance! So what do you do? Patronize oloshos? That’s why you need to look out for women who are engaged in something meaningful…something that could help them take care of their needs and wants…be it business, trade or work. You will only become afraid of commitment when you overrate sex and go after runs girls! 

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