9 Things That Go Through Your Mind When You Spot Your Ex's New Boyfriend

I’d wager that most guys always have a strange, mean and dreamily staring when they spot/bump into their exes new boyfriends, depending on the terms the relationship broke

In as much as you are a guy, one of these things is likely to run through your mind when you spot your exes new boyfriend
1. If the guy is very ugly.. Come on!!! This guy doesn’t even look good at all, See how hin head be like walnut cheesy

2. If your ex is ugly or has a bad behaviour. This guy no even get sense and I really feel sorry for him, I doubt if he can cope with her cheesy

3. If he’s a port belied guy.. So this is the port bellied guy she’s now dating ?.. ** I wonder what she sees in him **Smh!!! **

4. If the guy is very handsome.. Hmmmmm !!! This guy is not looking bad at all. I wish I was as handsome as this

5. If she dumped you for a rich dude.. So she dumped for me this guy just because he has a car ?. No wonder she was troubled by the quicksand of sappy emotions when we were dating

6. If the guy is so short.. Upon all her shakara, she left me for this short dude ** what a pity**

7. If your ex is a gold digger. This guy no even get sense at all, he doesn’t know this lady would screw him up and dump him as quickly as possible when his cash no longer flows

8. If your ex is very beautiful and hot, this dude does not know that all that glitters are not golds

9. If the guy is more older than you.. Like I knew shouldn’t get someone better, now she’s dating an old man

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