Candidates Dump Us Once We Vote For Them – Physically Challenged Nigerians

People living with disabilities are concerned that they have been neglected by politicians. They are not happy that the attitude of the politicians towards them has always been nothing to write home about.
The PWDs said none of the politicians campaigning for elective positions across the country had specific programme for them. Their anger against the elective office seekers grew when they realised that none of the political parties contesting in today’s election and relevant government agencies thought about their mobility to the polling centres to cast their votes.
Mr. Benjamin Akeju, 34, a graduate of Ibadan Polytechnics, hails from Osun State and lives in Abia State where he is engaged in leather and arts works.
Akeju is furious that none of the politicians has considered it necessary to, at least, ask the PWDs how they could be assisted.

The father of one, who spoke with Saturday PUNCH in Umuahia, said, “Politicians are only after our votes, and once they get what they want, they dump us.”
Akeju expressed displeasure over what he called “the insensitivity” of governments at all levels towards the plights of PWDs.
He said, “In oversees, persons with disabilities are given jobs by their governments but here in Nigeria, if you are not connected to any senior government official or a prominent politician, nobody will offer you employment.
“We depend on self efforts to survive here; our political leaders only use us and dump us. When the President’ wife came to Abia, we tried to greet her, but she just waved at us from a distance. Politicians don’t have us in mind.”

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