Disadvantages Of Buying China Phones [Chinadroids]

Yes… That Chinadroid that seems so sleek and cheap might not just be the best for you. We all have seen the advent of china phones coming in deluges to our Nigerian market. Well, cheap is always welcomed here as the economy makes people to adapt to get the last kobo value for any product purchased. However, unless you are buying for a short-term period (3-6 months), then you might need to review your policy on chinadroids.

Here are a couple of reasons to reconsider china phones:

Unfortunately, we are not privy to be close to china as neigbours, most times when a phone’s priced less than $80-100 then you got to ask, what’s the catch? most likely, the parts would be of the level you paid for, not only that, getting their replacements can be a huge pain that you can avoid by going for more recognized brands.

Just as the above, they don’t just last especially for hardcore users.. a friend’s Infinix Zero is close to Zero now (Burial arrangements made) and all these claims to have a gorilla glass and all..Wait a minute, Gorilla glass on a $100 phone? erm…i really don’t think so. With the scarcity of specific parts to help you like i said earlier, when a fault develops you most likely think the selling path.

The Big one of three.. From my findings about reselling these gadgets either to users or people at computer village, alaba or any tech resell joint China phones and tablets come last. I reiterate: A Big LAST. We get cases whereby a phone for about N15,000 would be getting lowball offers of N7,000 at best.That’s for the best and cleanest ones compared to other goods that would be getting N10,000 and around, every second with your phone costs more than the amount you would have supposedly saved.
So all in all, don’t go with that idea that the phone your getting is a bargain, wait a bit and get reactions from other users, then perhaps measure it with what you want. From personal experience, it’s a lot more painful the stress and headaches than the extra dough cough out for your gadget at the end of the day.

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