He doesn’t use condoms but you use pills… why?
He gets you pregnant, you have aborted like 3 times because he is not ready.
He is tired of the natural place for S3xual intercourse
He moves to your ass, saying it is tighter
Then you begin to lick & smell ….why?
Because you want to please and not lose him..
You have been wearing his engagement ring for close to 4yrs
He is not wearing any …why?
Because he has promised you marriage..

You dress half n*k-*d thinking u look S3xy & hot
He isn’t complaining
But he has more clothes on…..
you get Pregnant 4 him because he promised you marriage but at the end of d day, He still doesn’t marry you..
YoU become a single mama with no Job, no means for fending for ur Baby & Urself so…
you leave your baby with your Grandma & You go back to the Hustling field
Then you begin to say MEN Are Wicked, MEN are dogs..
Whose fault is it? Please ladies be wise..
You deserve better than these.!!
If you are in this situation, better leave him now and throw his ring back at him. You say he is tired of your V, and then goes to your anus?
Helloooooooooo, can you hear me, my sister, don’t let this story above be told about you, run fast out of that relationship. You deserve a better man, a real man. And guess what? You are as important as he is; in some cases you are even more important. Now get yourself out of that situation.
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