A 58-year-old mechanic, Sabitu Jimoh, has pleaded with an Alagbado Customary Court in Lagos State to dissolve his 26-year-old marriage with his wife, Afusat, over threats to his life.
Sabitu, who lives at 39, Babsalam Street, Alagbado, Lagos, told the court that his wife wanted him dead.
Jimoh described his wife as a witch, alleging that she accused him of ‘spoiling’ her charm when he entered her room.
“She does not care for me, she stopped cooking for me 20 years ago. I have tried to manage her but I have realised that she cannot change.
“She comes home late every night and does not listen to me. At every slight opportunity, she abused me. She is adulterous. At times, she won’t come home for a week and her phone number was never available. I heard she is having an affair with a tout in the garage where she sells her wares.
“When I tried to correct her, she slapped me thrice. She said I wasn’t going to witness last December. I thank God I am alive,” he said.
Jimoh told the court that if he accepted his wife back, his life would be in danger.
“I am tired of the marriage, please dissolve our union,” he said.
But 53-year-old Afusat denied the allegations, saying: “I am neither a witch nor fetish. I am also far from adultery.”
She said all she wanted was a settlement, adding that she was sorry for everything she did.