LASU CRISIS: Open Letter To Prof. Obafunwa And Gov. Fashola [MUST READ]

It is no more news that LASU MGT ordered the students and staffs of the school to vacate the school with immediate effect.The annoucement i know was what the school community were expecting after the staffs union sent the management team out of the campus,perhaphs the annoucement is a way of curbing the ongoing crisis within the citadel rather than the election excuse.
Now straight to business the graduating students currently waiting for their clearance form from different department of the university i.e library,sport,bursary,department,faculty,students affairs and finally internal audit .Let me remind you that the clearance form is the gate pass to collect
Notification Of Result from the ICT department.
Now the implication of this partial decision made by LASU MGT is that the graduated students might not go for the 2015 NYSC batch A that has been slated for May 5 2015.DO i need to remind you that notification of result from the school is a pass to the camp of NYSC.

Fact gathered from majority of the graduated students is that they had done library and sport clearance alone,some had submitted in bursary unit,and asked to come back after 2weeks.Student affairs,internal audit and faculty clearance all last for atleast a week,summing all to 5weeks.
Even if the school is re opened on the 13th of April, the implication is that most/all of us will be absent at the camp on 5th of May.I need to remind the school magement that this piece is a plea on behalf of the affected young graduates of the citadel.
I hereby call on over 6,000 affected graduates to remain alert,prepared,resolute and calm,as this is just a warning note.We hereby give the school mgt and Lagos state govt to respond to this on/before April 1st 2015 .Else we can always resolve to
confrontation as this is the only language our leaders seems to understand.

Aluta Continua

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