Thursday, 28 January 2016

Blackface’s Outburst Is Unfortunate - 2face Idibia

Blackface’s Outburst Is Unfortunate - 2face Idibia
2face Idibia has reacted to Blackface’s outburst last week where the former dancehall star accused 2face Idibia of stealing his song. 2face thinks Blackface’s outburst is an unfortunate one. He told a Channels TV correspondence;
It is just so unfortunate. I do not know where it is coming from (but) I am trying to think of different reasons. At first I though his account was hacked, apparently it wasn’t, we go trash the whole matter, i gat nothing but love and respect for him, its just so unfortunate that he is coming at me like that.
2face and Blackface have never been the best of friends even during the Plantashun Boiz days. 40 year old 2face when asked if he still see Blackface as a friend, he said, “apparently he doesn’t consider me his friend anymore. I wish him no ill…”

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