Ladies: See How To Tighten Your ”V@gina” If It’s Too Wide

Ladies: See How To Tighten Your ”V@gina” If It's Too Wide
First of all, how do you determine that your v@ginal walls are loose?
  • When you constantly have the desire to insert bigger objects into your v@gina or basically, the need to have a bigger man because the man you’re with is not ‘filling’ you up or in clear terms, you can’t really feel him.
  • When you insert three fingers in and you have no resistance from your walls.
  • When your man complains about how wide you are.
  • When you insert your forefinger in and your muscles cannot grasp it.
Babe, if you’re having any of the problems above, then you need to do something ASAP. But not to worry, this can be easily fixed.
  1. K.egel Exercises. These are also known as pelvic floor exercises for the reason that they particularly work on the walls and avert weakness in the pe.lvic floor area. The pelvic floor holds all of the p.elvic organs in place. K.egel exercises are very easy and follow the simple trick of clenching the walls, holding them for a few seconds and releasing them. It’s simple to do. Think of when you’re in the process of taking a pee and then you stop it midstream. Follow that simple exercise and do it several times a day.
    The good thing is that it can be done anywhere at any time and no one will know. Hey, I’m doing one right now.
  2. O.rg@sms. You just have to have the big O to help your pelvic floor which in turn, tightens your walls. And the more you do that, the better, more prolonged o.rg@sms you have.
  3. S.3x. Healthy s.3x with just one partner is another way to tighten your v@gina. During s.3x, clench your partner’s p.3nis tightly when he goes in and release when he moves out. As the pace increases, just clench and unclench at intervals. With time you will notice that you naturally have clenching abilities and trust me, he will begin to sing a different song about your bedroom skills.
  4. Aloe Vera. This is a natural plant and doesn’t need any complicated rules to use. Simply extract the gel from a mature Aloe Vera leaf and douse it in with a finger gently. Do this five to six times a day and also before s3x as it serves as a natural lubricant. Aloe Vera is known to prevent v@gina prolapse.
  5. Eat Healthy. Protein, vegetables, fruits, combined with carbohydrate will keep your v@ginal muscles healthy and strong. If you have been observant, you’ll notice that what you eat actually goes down there. Hence, eat healthy.
In conclusion, if you meticulously adhere to the instructions above, you will, in no time, notice changes in your v@gina. Please be careful of over-the-counter products. Do not put anything down there if you have no idea what ingredients were used to make it.
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