Why The Bathroom Is The Happiest Place On Earth

Why The Bathroom Is The Happiest Place On Earth

Take a quick poll among people you know about the place they get the most peace of mind in their house and chances are that all of them will unanimously vote for the bathroom. This small (for those of us from Mumbai) space in our homes is often the place where we get to be completely at ease and spend a few moments of solitude. Simply put, spending time in the bathroom makes you a happier person. Here’s why:

1. You come up with the craziest and wackiest ideas about everything while taking a hot shower.

Ever had a Eureka moment after spending 10 minutes under the hot shower? You’re not alone.

2. The pot is the best place to while away time.

your favourite addictive games on your phone, reply to the family group chats (which you have muted) or just waste time on the internet. The options are endless.

3. You can finally finish the book you’ve been meaning to read since weeks.

Raise your hand if your morning routine is not complete without spending 15 minutes reading the newspaper or book in the loo. We don’t judge.

4. You can unleash your inner entertainer.

This is the best place to try and re-enact your favourite Bollywood scenes. Nothing like throwing some shade at an imaginary Mogambo while you have a towel wrapped around you.

5. You manage to practice the perfect pout.

Ever wondered how people master the art of the perfect pout? Well, now you know.

6. You manage to sort your to-do list for the whole day.

Productivity begins in the bathroom. You figure out what your day looks like and you finally feel like you have a hold over your life. Is this what being an adult feels like?

7. Your interests and hobbies rise and shine here.

Especially when your secret hobby is bathroom singing. No one will judge you if you decide to croon to all your favourite Himesh numbers.

8. You can just forget about the world.

This one is our favourite activity. Just stand under the shower and do nothing. Inner peace guaranteed.

9. And finally, It’s your own personal space.

This is your ultimate personal heaven where you can do as you please. You don’t need to go to the mountains to find happiness. Your bathroom will do.
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