Customs Warehouse In Ikeja Gutted By Fire [Photos]

Customs Warehouse In Ikeja Raised Down By Fire [Photos] 1
Nigerian customs service warehouse lost billions of naira due to a fire outbreak. The fire started at 11pm on Friday night April 22nd and burnt into the next day April 23rd. According to a source who witnessed part of the incident, the cause of the fire was an electrical issue from a class room located on the top floor of the warehouse for training officers.

The source said it started from a computer that wasn’t switched off properly and sank the decking into the warehouse which caused the fire and caused the loss of billions of naira in goods that were seized by customs.
Fire service operators were at the scene but couldn’t control the situation due to inadequate water supply.

Fortunately, all gallons of groundnut oil which would have escalated the fire, rice, soap, clothes and some many other items, had previously been moved to IDPs within the last week.