Do You Love Your P*nis? Then, You Must Avoid Doing These Five Things

Do You Love Your P*nis? Then, You Must Avoid Doing These Five Things

Taking care of your p*nis is important as it is a valuable asset you cannot play with. According to The Mirror, here are five things you must avoid doing that might put your p*nis at risk

1. Alone time
Everyone likes some self-love when they have a spare minute or too, but it turns out your p*nis isn’t that fussed on too much of a good thing.
For the record, touching yourself too much doesn’t cause blindness, insanity, or acne and won’t make hair grow on your palms, says the NHS .
But they point out that if men do it a lot in a short space of time, they can get a slightly alarming looking swelling of the penis, called oedema, caused by fluid in the tissues.
Don’t fret – the swelling does disappear within a day or two.

2. Drink up
Perhaps you like going out for a few bevvies, or relaxing with a glass of wine in the bath – secret’s safe with us.
But too much alcohol isn’t just going to give you a headache up top.
It can also lead to erectile dysfunction down below.
The dehydration associated with drinking causes less blood volume and a rise in angiotensin, which can stop your ability to perform in its tracks.
3. Smoke break
Of all the reasons to give up cigarettes, this is another to add to a long list.
The more tabs you smoke, the more you might be helping the development of atherosclerosis, a build-up of plaque inside the arteries.
National Male Medical Clinics say that the toxic chemicals are another factor which could lead to er3ctile dysfunction.
It’s also been blamed for damaging p*nile tissues, which could affect its effectiveness in future.
4. Digging in
P3nis size is related to obesity along with eating unhealthy foods – think about that next time you decide on a fast food binge.
“In some cases, abdominal fat all but buries the p*nis,” says Ronald Tamler, MD, PhD, co-director of the Men’s Health Program at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York says .
Obsity has also been linked to lack of s*xual stamina, s*xual dysfunction and hormonal imbalance, reports The Health Site .
5. Lack of attention
Alright, so you’re not meant to touch it too much – remember? – but you have to give it some TLC, the experts say.
Er3ctions should be a feature of every day activity, so the shape of the member is kept.
Tobias Kohler, MD, an assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine says: “It has to be essentially exercised.
“If they don’t do anything to maintain normal erections, they will get shortening of the p*nis.”

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