SHOCKING! How Married Female Teacher Was Busted After Having S*x With Three Of Her Students

SHOCKING! How Married Female Teacher Was Busted After Having S*x With Three Of Her Students
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Casey Lee Sullivan, the married teacher had s*x with three of her students. According to Mirror Online, the woman was exposed and has been jailed for two years this morning. Sullivan, 33, even had s*x with one of the boys twice within a week at the school. The s*xual encounters took place on gym mats and in a school corridor, the court heard.

Sullivan’s actions were rumoured around the school after the 16-year-old pupil bragged to friends about having s*x with her. He also claimed a teacher almost caught them the second time.
They carried on having s*x for two months and Sullivan sent him explicit texts and photos. The teacher, a mum-of-two, had s*x with the other two students, 15 and 16, in her car at a beauty spot and a beach.
She claimed she thought the younger student was old enough to have s*x. Sullivan had s*x with them between 2012 and 2015.
Her lawyer James O’Shannessey said Sullivan sought the attention of the teens because of a troubled marriage. It was also claimed she had self-esteem issues.
She was deeply ashamed and had been ostracised by her local community, the court was told.
Sullivan pleaded guilty to nine charges of having intercourse with underage boys.
Judge Chief Justice Alan Blow said the crimes had cost Sullivan her job and exposed her and her family to abuse and ridicule.
But he added: “The only appropriate penalty is a prison sentence.”
He suspended eight months of the two-year sentence on the condition she did not commit another offence within two years of her release.
Sullivan, who was put on the s*x offenders register for seven years, will be eligible for parole after eight months.
However she will never work again as a teacher.

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