Checkout Five (5) Best Witches In Nollywood

Not everyone can play a witch and convince Nigerians on screen. It’s a hard day’s job really.
Nigerians are very hard to convince so, you get my point.
However, all the women on this list have been able to convince
Nigerians over time that they only, can play the best witches in

5. Camilla Mberekpe

Camilla Mberekpe 1

You’re forgiven if you ever thought this woman was a real life
witch. Yeah she got us all believing she went to Witch University with
her ability to kill every witch role and evil mother in law role. Even
her harmless smiles can’t be taken lightly anymore…

Camilla Mberekpe 2
But we guess it’s all that Nollywood magic and the ability to act like crazy!
4. Sola Sobowale
Sola Sobowale
Unlike the first two people on this list, Sola Sobowale is not a
veteran witch but put madam in a witch role and you will be convinced
she mentored all the witches in Africa.
Remember her famous role as Toyin Tomato on Superstory when
she went from Suara’s sidechic to main chic in like two seconds? Haha
y’all thought Olivia Pope did it first? Nah, this woman taught Ms Pope.
Mchew what is a Ms Pope.
3. Eucharia Anuobi
Eucharia Anuobi
She tops our list of witches in Nollywood because her eyebrows are
wicked she kills the role whenever she is cast as one. Give it up to one
of the best eyebrow drawers witches in Nollywood.
2. Franca Brown
Franca Brown
When someone stars in movies like Serpent in paradise, ya know you’re ready for a lot of intense spiritualacting. Franca Brown snakes her way into our list because aint nobody witch like her.
She might have gone behind the camera these days but once upon a time, she had that evil character acting on lockdown.
1. Patience Ozokwor
Patience Ozokwor 1
I am not sure anyone has ever seen this woman play a victim (please
feel free to comment if you have). And even if she was cast as a Victim,
I bet she would automatically start playing the witch when the camera
starts rolling. As per default witch mode.
And don’t be fooled by her laughter when you see it in a movie, guys…
Patience Ozokwor 2
Because this usually follows…
Hey, I am not making these things up, you can check out her movies, here’s a suggestion –Evil Genius.
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