Help! My Girlfriend Wants To Kill Me With Too Much S*x

Help! My Girlfriend Wants To Kill Me With Too Much S*x
A man whose girlfriend is obsessed with s*x has cried out for
help as he cannot cope again even after taking s*x enhancing drugs. He
cannot match his girlfriend’s insatiable desire for s*x and has begged
for advice on how to cope. Read his story below:

My girlfriend has a higher s*x drive than me (big bummer I know),
the other day we were watching the show Louis and one of the characters
said “Sometimes I just want to go home, eat a burger, and hit the sack.”
She casually told me that she hopes that never happens to me. She
wasn’t mean about it, but it kind of got to me because I am like that. I
work 7 days a week and sometimes I just want to watch tv and sit back.
I’ve been drugging myself with all sorts of libido enhancers just so
that I can perform even when I am exhausted.
I am 22 and most guys would love to be in my situation, but between
my full time job, full time school, and my real estate business I just
get worn out.
Is there something wrong with this? Should I want s*x every single day?