Saturday, 30 July 2016

Halima Abubakar: I’ll Quit Acting When My Bank Account Is Fully Loaded

This is what Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar told Saturday Beat about her career and her rumoured plan to quit acting yesterday…

“I love all challenging movies and I accept any kind of roles. If I am not comfortable with anyone, I will not accept it. I will not be involved in soft porn or any movie that involves me removing my clothes on camera. I look forward to playing the part of a cripple; I am looking forward to such a role. I would also love to be involved in a movie that would make me swim for at least an hour; probably a movie shot in the ocean. I love inspirational and uplifting roles.”
“I hardly have time for myself because I am always involved in one movie project or the other. I have to keep working because there is no time to sleep or rest anymore. I will rest when I have made enough money. I need good movies as well as the remuneration that comes with them. I will know that I have enough when my bank account can no longer contain any more money.”

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