Prophet R*pes 36-Year-Old Woman During ‘Spiritual Cleansing’

Prophet R*pes 36-Year-Old Woman During ‘Spiritual Cleansing’
A prophet has found himself in trouble after he allegedly
r*ped a 36-year-old woman who had sought his services for her to get
married on the pretext that he wanted to remove goblins from her back
and butt.ocks.
The man identified as Erick Mupfumbati appeared before Harare magistrate Adonia Masawi charged with r*pe.
According to H-Metro,
he denied the charges saying he never had s*xual intercourse with the
woman who wanted him for assistance to get married to her boyfriend.
State counsel, Timothy Makoni, alleges that on an unknown date but
sometime in January 2012 the 36-year-old approached Mupfumbati at his
place of residence seeking assistance.
She reportedly wanted to get help so that she would be married by
her boyfriend. Upon arrival, the woman was told to enter into
Mupfumbati’s ‘surgery’ for the cleansing.
Accordingly, Mupfumbati told the woman to undress as he wanted to ‘pluck’ out some goblins from her back and butt.ocks.
The woman complied and undressed leaving her undergarments at knee
level before bending down whilst touching on a sofa which was in the
room, according to the State.
It was at that moment that Mupfumbati r*ped the woman and lacerated her undergarments in the process.
Prosecutor Makoni also alleges that Mupfumbati threatened to kill
the woman in the event that she takes the matter to the police. He was
arrested after the s*xual attack came to light.
However, Mupfumbati in his defence said: “The accused will state
that he never at any stage had unlawful and non-consensual s*xual
intercourse with the complainant as alleged.
“He will further deny ever having s*xual intercourse with the complainant; consensual or non-consensual.
“He will state that there is bad blood between his family and
that of the complainant’s family. He will state that he is a prophet
whilst complainant’s mother is a witch doctor.
“As such there are sour relations between the parties,” he said.
Mupfumbati also said that the woman made the as a counter report
since he had lodged a complaint with the police against her mother after
she reportedly destroyed his property. The incident took place in