Shocking!! Witch Found Lying Dead With a Hand Stuck In Her Mouth [Photo]

Shocking!! Witch Found Lying Dead With a Hand Stuck In Her Mouth [Photo]
A witch was found lying dead with a hand in her mouth after
apparently chocking on a body she was eating. The strange incident
happened in Malamulele, in the Limpopo Province.

Eye witnesses say they heard a heavy thud outside the community
church at around 3am and an ear piercing scream followed soon after
that. Worried residents jostled to see what was happening and got the
shock of their lives when a witch lay there writhing in pain and
speaking in tongues. The main pastor at the church where this happened
was summoned and he sprinkled some holy water on the lady to which she
started speaking in Shona, Zimbabwe’s main language. Luckily there were
some Shona speakers among the crowd who translated what the lady was

Apparently the lady is from Norton, a small town west of Zimbabwe’s
capital Harare, and she had flown over the border to eat the body of her
brother in law who had died at the beginning of August and was buried
in South Africa. “I was summoned by my elder witches to come and collect
the body but I got hungry and decided to snack on a hand. Somehow my
powers started running out when I was passing the church and I crash
landed” she confessed and added that her name was Susan.
Despite efforts to get the hand out, the lady suffocated and died while the pastor was praying for her.
Her relatives in Zimbabwe were informed and they were on their way to
collect the body from the mortuary, with the hand still tucked in her