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Quality Soap In Nigeria For Sale - Only On

Quality Soap In Nigeria For Sale - Only On 1

Types of soap

 Nowadays there is a huge variety of types of soaps. The selection of soap types, scents and textures all must be considered when it comes to keying into customer preferences. While soap’s original objective is to remove dirt and germs from the skin, in recent years there has been a mini-revolution of sorts, resulting in an overabundance of soap choices.
The history of soap has its origins in the depths of centuries. Recipes for special soap mixtures were widely used in ancient Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, and Rome.

From conventional soaps to foams and powders, cleaning contractors and end users have many options to choose among, including:

Toilet soap

Usually it consists of alkali substance, which is not very good for the skin. But there is a special soap that is suitable for daily use. PH (which determines the acid-alkaline balance of the skin) is close to normal. Special soap supports natural protective capacity of the body, increases its resistance to adverse environmental influences, and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. For each skin type there is a certain type of soap.
Quality Soap In Nigeria For Sale - Only On 2

Antibacterial soap

Includes antibacterial additives, in most cases, triclosan. You can't prevent infections using such a soap, as the bulk of diseases are caused by viruses. In addition, you can destroy useful bacteria as well.

Liquid soap

Usually contains less alkaline components and connections than a solid soap, it does not dry the skin. Also, it is pretty easy to use, each bottle of this soap is equipped with a special dispenser.
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Intimate soap

Soothes the mucus and relieves the symptoms of allergy and irritation. Contains emollients, natural extracts and oils (sea buckthorn rose, tea tree, etc.).
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Handmade soap

Contains fruits, herbs, and essential oils. There are no preservatives and animal components. Sold by weight and usually costs a little bit more than other types of soap. Natural soap is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays the Internet is full of eye-pleasing advertising of "100% natural" handmade products that do not contain artificial additives.
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