Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Shocking! University Student Died While Having Marathon Cx With Girlfriend In Hostels

Shocking! University Student Died Why Having Marathon Cx With Girlfriend In Hostels
PANIC in a campus hostel after a 24-year-old student collapsed while having s*x with his girlfriend in the Thika area of Kenya. 
According to online reports,The victim identified as Tuko had resorted to s*x-enhancing pills to improve his bedroom performance after his girlfriend complained of his poor bedroom skills.
The efforts to impress his babe however turned awry when he fainted during the act as he was said to have happily showcased his new found prowess only to collapse in the process while gasping for air.
It was gathered that when the shocked girlfriend noticed she couldn’t salvage the situation on her own indoor, she cried out, attracting the attention of other students, and he was quickly wrapped in a sheet before being rushed to the campus clinic.
It was further learnt that the guy took the inhancement pills following the advice from his friends since he feared his girlfriend might leave him because of his poor performance.
The collapsed student was luckily attended to quickly, and regained consciousness to the amazement of his fellow students who had gathered around after word went round.
He was advised to seek counselling but has now become the subject of mockery following the incident.

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