Classified Sites as a Viable Means against Recession

Classified Sites as a Viable Means against Recession
The Great Depression in
America was catastrophic, the expenditure stimulus worked, but it took a while
and while many cringed it was just time for the smart ones to quickly find a
way to turn thing around in their personal life and finances.
Fast-forward to 2017 and
Nigerians are that same quagmire termed recession, the debilitating state of
the economy his evident in the economic leapfrog currently experienced by all
and sundry even as the depression has scaled up this is much evident in the
rate of suicide or attempt.
I sat down to write this
not to pacify but to put very rational but useful information out there. Using
classified sites like Postwanga allows you to focus your marketing on the areas
you do business in and reach people who are likely to buy goods or services
from you. This is spot-on marketing especially when you have created a business
sales online that target the bargain-hunters whom many of the masses literally
falls into.
business of doing business online is on a steady growth and increasingly more
people are depending on online platforms to exponentially boost sales. As we
are well aware that the location of buyers are now shifting. When talking of
RTM (route to market) some very important questions are always asked.
questions always determine the P&L margins of the good or service.
Questions like WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHAT about would be buyers or purchaser of
your good or service are fundamental. Where are the buyers? When are they
buying? How they buying and what are they buying?
into online buy and sell marketplace and
placing ads on classifieds like and Postwanga is a lifesaver for anyone who genuinely wants to
complain less about the recession and job losses. So, if the question is, where
are buyers? Online, when do they buy? From 10am – 10pm, how do they make
purchase? Through mobile devices and referrals, what do they buy or purchase?
Home appliances & personal effects.
What really is the
Seller-buyer marketplace reality?
The reality is not
far-fetched, as a consummate model, the seller buyer marketplace is the space
where all the trading happens, where the commerce of obtaining a good one
desires for money. Now, translate these happening on a virtual and online
space. The magic is simple, sales, commerce or trade is synchronized and
perfected with ease with the convenience of sitting at home using the online
Stats have shown that more
and more people are now choosing to purchase more and more items or services
through online means and as the margins continue to burgeon more and more
people now can have a piece of this free pie.

The seller-buyer relationship is modelled in a different way in the
online space. The online space is a unique place and so it is meant to deliver
something unique, like creating an opportunity for trade and commerce to occur
real-time and in synchronized loop that runs on its own and round the clock.
One of the most rewarding features of this model is the ability to track and
report sales accurately and in real-time.