Whenever You Beat A Woman, You Beat Your Joy, Peace And Success – Mr. Ibu

Whenever you beat a woman, you beat your joy, peace and success – Mr. Ibu

Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor a.k.a Mr. Ibu, has a message for
those beat women. The actor who had a chat with Saturday Beats, said;

“My mother spoilt me so much while she was alive and she also taught
me a lot of things. I flaunt my wife on social media because of the
orientation I had.

Women should be respected and I am one of those that respect women so
much. I believe it is a sin to beat a woman. God removed a rib from a
man to create a woman which
means that women are connected to men spiritually.
Whenever you raise your hand against a woman, you beat your joy,
success, business, peace in your family. Watch the position of any man
that beats his wife and you would know what I am talking about. .

Praise your wife and tell her how beautiful she is. Buy things to
make her happy because her happiness could influence your business. I
love my wife with everything I have. .

Our women need to be praised. I work hard while she stays at home to
take care of our children. I don’t regret anything I spend on my wife.
If I am outside Nigeria, I always shop for her and I buy things like a
blind man because she deserves it.”

On how he started dating his wife, he said: The wooing period was so
serious. She had a boyfriend and I was aware of it. They had a quarrel
and I was busy settling it. One day, the guy sent her a text message b
which made her cry for two days. .

In the text message, the guy said she should leave him alone and that
if she said should ever come close to him again, he would leave a mark
on her body that she would never forget in her life. .

I told her to wipe her tears and promised that I would replace him
and be better. Months later, we met in Port-Harcourt and I offered her
shelter that night. You know that they don’t leave a goat and yam in the
same place; that is how she got pregnant and we got married.”