Why I Have Kids From Different Women – 9ice

Why I Have Kids From Different Women – 9ice

Singer 9ice, has revealed why he had all his kids with different women.

Speaking with The Sun, 9ice opened up on walking down the aisle soon, saying:

“The most key element in life is finding happiness. I just want to be
happy, so if settling down will be my happiness, so be it. But if being
single will bring me happiness, fine. I just want to be happy.”
Recall that his marriage to Toni Payne sensationally crashed barely a
year after they had a secret wedding and the pair had gone their
separate ways. But recently, it was his birthday and Toni Payne was all
over social media gushing over him.

Are they back together?

9ice waves his hands as he responds: “Anything that has to do with my family, I don’t like talking about it in public.”

In an interview he granted recently, the musician said that he wished
he had all his kids from one woman. Was he regretting? “I wasn’t
regretting. I was saying that it would have been much easier for me,
because it would give me less stress having all my kids from one woman.
Some of my kids are in Abuja; some are in New York and so on. If they
were all in one place, the stress would be less,” he explained.

New album, new deal

Last year November, 9ice dropped a new album, his eight studio album
named after ID Cabassa, his producer and the man behind his greatest hit
so far, Gongo Aso. He talks about the project which he says is very
close to his heart: “The album is doing well. Ever since it was released
last year November, the response has been wow! It is entitled ID
Cabassa and has 22 songs including Lord’s Prayer, Hadiza, ATM,
Olorunsogo, Alo, Glass House and Aunty. The response has been so
fantastic. We did not expect this much. The album is just growing on

Opening up on his management deal with Temple Management, the artiste
states: “The purpose of the deal is to reach out to as many clients as I
can. I am talking about expanding the brand. Temple Management is
always there for you; they know how to take care of business whether you
are there or not. What I am saying is that they are the ideal
management company in Nigeria.”

If 9ice had been told 10 years ago that he would be so loved and
popular, would he have believed it? His response: “No, I won’t because
of my background and upbringing. What I am saying is that ‘butter is not
for monkeys’. There are people that are privileged and things come to
them naturally. My up-bringing did not give me that option.

“I had to take whatever was thrown my way or given to me. My dream
has always been ‘get a self-contained apartment and settle down’ with my
family and not to be buying many cars and traveling abroad at the snap
of a finger, and to be known all over.

“It took me a year for reality to dawn on me that Gongo Aso had gone
far. It was when I went to London to perform at the Mandela’s Birthday
Concert. From the instance I started leaving the shores of this country
to where you don’t expect people to know your song, and they are singing
the song word for word, I knew Gongo Aso had gone far.”

How did he handle the fame and stardom? “It is all about staying true to yourself and keeping your head low,” he posited.


Multiple awards winning 9ice added yet another feather to his cap at
the CityPeople Awards held at Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos last Sunday,
April 2. How does he feel winning? “I feel honoured because if you
notice, I was the youngest among those that received awards that day,”
he says amid laughter. “It is not a child’s play. I feel honoured and
privileged and I want to say thank you to CityPeople Media Group.”

So, what should fans expect from him in 2017? “I have just released a
video, and aside that, we are releasing Glass House video by the end of
this month. So, from now till the end of May, we will be focusing on
the ID Cabassa album and making sure we promote it very well.”


Does he have any regrets about going into politics and not
succeeding? “I have not given up on politics, neither do I have regrets.
For me, it is ‘never say never’. I can still go back to politics any

Happiest moment

“That is when I am with my family and my kids.”