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MUST SEE!! See How a Thief Was Beaten To Coma After Stealing From a Church (Photos + Videos)

MUST SEE!! See How a Thief Was Beaten To Coma After Stealing From a Church (Photos + Videos)
Around 4:00pm today, a thief, who according to him hailed from Kaka Ayobo, Lagos state, was caught trying to steal a standing fan from a Redeemed Christian Church of God @ Onifade town Via Ayobo, Ogun State. Whereas it was unknown to him that someone was watching him. He tried to run but no bike was willing to carry him. Below are photos and videos of how angry citizens suffered him.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Actresses Storm Late Moji Olaiya’s Lagos Home In Tears To Mourn Her Demise

Actresses Storm Late Moji Olaiya’s Lagos Home In Tears To Mourn Her Demise 1
News of the death of 42 year old actress, Moji Olaiya sent shock waves through the Nigerian movie industry this morning.

During visit to her Magodo-Isheri family house in Lagos revealed a very tense and sorrowful atmosphere with her colleagues and aged mum whom everyone around 
simply referred to as 'Alhaja' were all in disbelief and tears.

Some of the actresses spotted include; Ronke Oshodi Oke, Doris Simeon, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe and others.

Late Moji had just welcomed her baby girl in March 2017 before she died of cardiac arrest at a hospital in Canada last night.
Actresses Storm Late Moji Olaiya’s Lagos Home In Tears To Mourn Her Demise 2

Actresses Storm Late Moji Olaiya’s Lagos Home In Tears To Mourn Her Demise 3

Actresses Storm Late Moji Olaiya’s Lagos Home In Tears To Mourn Her Demise 4

Tragedy As Lagos State Polytechnic Female Student Commits Suicide By Drinking A Whole Bottle Sniper


A Female Student of Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Damilola Adegoke has reportedly committed suicide after she drank a whole bottle of “sniper”.

As at time offilling this report, no details on why she commit the sudice, but it was gathered that on Tuesday, Dami’s Mom came back home only to find her daughter lying on the floor with an insecticide. See her last post on Facebook + some of her friends reaction:



She Must Be Brought Back To Nigeria – Moji Olaiya’s Daughter Insists


It’s an Islam Custom for the the body of a dead person to be buried the same day they die, except of course they died at night.

“Leaving a corpse for long before burying is a way of suffering the dead and increasing the pains of their loved ones because the more they see their loved one lying lifelessly, the more they feel bad.” an Islamic teacher, Ustaz Mhikail Shittu has said.
But, Moji Olaiya’s 20-year-old daughter, Adun, is having none of that as she insists that her mother’s corpse be brought back for burial in Nigeria, after her death in Canada.

Late Actress, Moyi Olaiya was practising Islam before her sad demise, the actress converted to Islam as an adult, and certain members of her family are suggesting that she be interred according to Muslim rites.
According to reports, Adun disagreed, Family members had to usher her into a secluded room to calm her down, though, the grieving young lady kept repeating that she wants to see her mother.
‘She must be brought back,’ Adun said. ‘I don’t care what anybody says, I just want my mother’s body’.
It could, however, be difficult to bury her the same day as internments are costly in developed countries.

In Canada where she died, funeral costs can rise as high as $15,000. Flying her body back on the other hand could cost around half that figure.

12 Female Jobs That Will Surely Lead To Divorce – No. 4 Will Shock You

12 Female Jobs That Will Surely Lead To Divorce – No. 4 Will Shock You
Who doesn’t want to see the world and have an opportunity to be a jet setter? The sales position that requires you to travel can be a dream come true. You get a chance to see different cultures, sightsee after your shift ends and meet new people every day, but what about your spouse?
We live in a world that is focussed on status, income, and lifestyle. Now that women have a better chance at climbing higher up the corporate ladder, we are seeing more job opportunities such as trade work and executive positions opening up to females.

12. Movies Actress

Whether you are a Baby Boomer, Millennial or Generation Z, we can’t count on both hands the number of actresses that have filed for divorce with their celebrity or non-celebrity spouse. As we look into the glass window of their relationships through tabloids and red carpet pictures, the life of an actress seems like it is to die for, but in some cases, the reality is far from glamorous.
The job may bring with it several challenges, such as being selected for a movie role that requires you to be on the other side of the planet. Not to mention that kissing a popular singer in a music video can create speculation in the relationship. We also cannot forget about the temptation of groupies, people close to them in their entourage, or the nightlife. Even the headline of a tabloid can create a rift between you and your partner. Many believe that once a story is printed in a reputable magazine, it must be true. Yes, there are actresses that have been happily married for a very long time but they are usually the ones that keep their personal lives private. Perhaps because they know how hard it can be to protect their relationship in Hollywood!

11. Traveling Sales Woman

Who doesn’t want to see the world and have an opportunity to be a jet setter? The sales position that requires you to travel can be a dream come true. You get a chance to see different cultures, sightsee after your shift ends and meet new people every day, but what about your spouse? While he is at home taking care of the house, he needs someone to hold late at night too. As your passport collects more stamps of foreign places, the love you have can die down. Not to mention the factor of trust on both ends. He might fall into temptation while you are out of town for two weeks. You might be in Brazil and see a man that reminds you of Enrique Iglesias. Who knows what is bound to happen. A committed relationship can’t remain strong for too long with Skype video chats and pictures sent in text messages. Being physically there in person is a part of the packaged deal. If you find someone that will be fine with this type of career, good luck, but remember if it starts to feel like a permanent long distance relationship you may want to consider a new profession.

10. Transportation Worker

While you may have read this heading and thought I’m talking about being a bus driver, a day in the life of a transportation worker is on a whole other level. These women usually drive big trucks throughout their country and being away from home weeks on end means saying goodbye to their family for long periods of time. Their personal safety is compromised as they drive through multiple cities carrying the delicious food that we buy from grocery stores and other products. This job can leave people feeling lonely when they spend most of their time commuting in a truck. Sitting most of the time can cause back problems and all you want to do is be healthy to go home to your family. It may start to feel like a dead end job and this can create a limited income if there is no ladder to climb at your company. You just need to hope that if you set up your lifestyle the right way, you can work for a certain period of time throughout the year and take an extended vacation.

9. Social Workers

Social workers help bring families together and handle problems in dysfunctional homes. They are often awake late at night working on cases and often have to show up to court to testify as a witness. Social workers are often on-call and have to be there for their clients at inconvenient hours.
Women in this profession are the backbone of broken homes and quite often they end up having their own mental health issues to the point of seeing a therapist themselves. On the bright side, social workers are good listeners and give helpful advice because solving family problems is their forte. What can be unfortunate is if a social worker starts to turn to drugs or alcohol to help muster the energy for another day of work. An alternative to this career is becoming a professor and teaching about the fundamentals of this profession with real life examples to get your students ready for what’s to come.
Opening your own practice is another way to use your family-building skills to avoid this challenging job. Nobody ever said this career was going to be easy, but there are circumstances that you might see that will change your perspective about life forever.

8. Paramedic

Studies show that 22.75% of divorces are with people that work in the medical industry. Paramedics jump in trucks all day and rush people to the hospital with the goal of saving as many lives as they can. If a paramedic works around the clock, they might be calling their paramedic truck their bed because losing sleep happens all of the time. The job itself is also traumatic, with many women helping people with horrific injuries, and that isn’t something that many of us can handle.
They may save a life, but the realization that some people are beyond saving can be hard to take. While these caretakers do their job, speaking about a difficult situation with your spouse after work might be difficult. Being in a high-stress environment can also get in the way of maintaining good health. While it can be a rewarding job, think about your partner waiting for you at home as you work late nights.

7. Fashion Photographers

Fashion is one of the industries that helps make the world go around. If you sit down and think about it, fashion images teach us how to dress. Whether we see amazing photos in a magazine or at a museum, someone had to take that Kodak shot. Photographers are not guaranteed an income and competition in the business is expected. Accepting multiple clients to pay your mortgage can turn your job into a day, night and weekend schedule. Keep in mind that buying new equipment that includes upgrading your camera can also get pricey.
Home improvements might have to take a back seat and depending on necessary updates, it can bring with it a lot of stress on your partner. When you have a lot of clients to handle by yourself, it can also become incredibly easy to feel burned out. Being paid on time because a customer is waiting for funds can also delay date night with your loved one. You might even have to put your values aside to get a client that has a different vision. For most artists, this can be discouraging and make them feel like they are not being true to themselves. But you just need to hope they can keep their head up and hope they’ll be able to create art that speaks to who they are as a person.

6. Models

The lifestyle of a model looks glamorous especially when we see Kendall Jenner or Joan Smalls walking down the runway. While this career offers many perks, they are women that are being told by men most of the time that they have to lose weight, cut their hair off and hide their true personalities to fit into a fashion designer’s image of real beauty. Aside from the fact that the successful ones have to travel across the world, many feel the consequence of a low self-esteem at times and depression during slow times of not getting work is a reality.
There are top models such as Liya Kebede and Doutzen Kroes that are happily married but they are seasoned models that have been working for 10+ years. They know exactly how to stay beautiful in front of a camera and make their husbands feel like the only man that matters at home. But your partner will have to be comfortable with you being the center of attention at events. Watching photographers flirt with you and see you on an outdoor billboard next to a 6-pack toned male model may also be hard for your partner to take. He might even feel the need to quit his day job to follow you if you have to move for work between New York, Los Angeles or Europe.

5. Artists

To all of the artists reading this part, please take it with a grain of salt. What can I say? Artists can be eccentric, laser focused, moody and complicated, constantly changing their minds about life. When your life is dependent on how creative you can be compared to the competition, these personality traits will find their way into your daily routine.
Artists are easy to love but when work is starting to get slow or a client rejects their vision, their partner has to be emotionally available to handle the uncertainty that they may be faced with.
Being a successful artist attracts groupies and followers because an imaginative mind is a beautiful thing. Bringing art into the home can be less expensive than purchasing an open space or a loft. But not everyone is accepting of life-size paintings in their garage or customers coming into your home to be painted or to pick up a piece of work.
Talk to your partner and ask them what they think about you becoming a freelance artist. Whether they do or do not support you, you have to be ready for the sunny and rainy days. Nobody ever said that living your dreams was always going to be easy.

4. Telephone Operators

Imagine spending Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day on the phone talking to people on the job. That is almost 40 hours a week of communicating. This might sound like a piece of cake for those that love talking, but it isn’t easy.
If you are in sales, you have to do a lot of listening, ask questions and face rejection. That can be quite heavy on anyone’s mind after a long day of work. There are breaks in between with the occasional 1-hour lunch, but it may not still be enough to save your sanity.
Going home and complaining about your daily phone calls can be therapeutic, but also a turn-off to some men. As you step your foot out of the door at work, the baggage that comes along with being on the phone may not be easy to forget or let go of. While a slightly different type of operator, Halle Berry starred in the movie The Call as a 9-1-1 operator and opened up our eyes about how one phone call and a mistake can have a negative impact on one’s mental health.

3. Spin Doctors aka Crisis Management Specialists

If you haven’t watched an episode of Scandal with Kerry Washington, you are missing out on how crazy the life of being a Crisis Management Specialist can be. If you are knee deep in the industry, you are going to discover some shocking secrets about some of the most reputable companies and public figures on the planet. These women are paid to fix people’s reputations and ensure sloppy incidents do not get leaked to the Channel 10 News. This might sound like an exciting job but brace yourself, it can get ugly.
Many Crisis Management Specialists cannot speak about what is really happening on the job or name drop because certain information is classified. It can be very stressful and even if you know how to handle the negative aspects of your job, it can trickle down into your marriage. The crème de la crème often find themselves climbing the corporate ladder but at what cost. If you are spending a lot of time going to networking events and even working late nights, don’t you think your husband is going to feel neglected? If something at work is taking a toll on you and you can’t explain the details to your husband, after a while he might walk out of your life.

2. Flight Attendant

What some of us will do to fly on a plane and be in a new destination every day is beyond me. If you haven’t noticed, most flight attendants are young. It is not common to see one with gray hair and although they are out there, I bet they have a story or two to tell.
Being up in the air involves meeting new people and depending on how secure your husband is, long periods of time without you can make him reconsider the marriage. Get used to passengers hitting on you and having limited time to see the places that your plane lands on. We spend over 40 hours a week on the job and being unhappy with your career can put a monkey wrench in your marriage. Your work might simply become your life and your husband might be number 2 on your priority list. With so many people in one space on a plane, if you don’t eat healthy, you may also get sick a lot. How would your spouse feel if the times that you are home, you are coughing and blowing your nose? Imagine what he is thinking when you are telling him on the phone about your exotic destinations when he is holding down the fort at home without you.

1. Police Officers

With all of the negative press on the news these days, I wonder how any male or female police officer can walk the streets and do their job without wondering if they will make it home safe. It is one thing to watch COPS on television and think we know exactly what they endure but it is only a sample of what they actually go through. Female cops are constantly compared to their male counterparts.
They are teased on the job for being a woman that can’t live up to the male standard in the industry and often have to work irregular hours. Many spend more time at work than in their own house that they paid for! What does that mean for her partner? Spending time with her a few hours a day, listening to her work related (dysfunctional) problems, watching her resort to alcohol to heal the pain or accepting the fact that the both of you might have to regularly see a marriage counselor.

The suicide rate for cops is also high because of the graphic situations they have to see on a daily basis. The salary of a security guard for a career change is not desirable, so taking on an office job at your police department might be a better fit if you were looking to mix things up.

How To Apply For NYSC Relocation & Redeployment

Seeking approval for relocating or redeploying at the NYSC orientation camp can be a daunting task especially for prospective corp members who don’t have genuine reasons why he/she should not serve in the state they have been posted to.
Although every youth corper has the right to request for a change of state (NYSC Redeployment Scheme / Relocation), one must have a genuine reason to be able to apply.
This article will state the reasons that the National Youth Service Corp Board will allow for redeployment and list the two ways which you can apply for relocation request and be approved easily.
Acceptable Grounds For Redeployment By The NYSC Board.
Below are the reasons that the NYSC will consider your request to redeploy to another state:
1. Marital grounds: This normally applies to only female corps members who want to move to the state where their husbands live at. A corps member who finds herself in such situation should apply in writing after the swearing-in Ceremony stating why he/she wants to be relocated.
The application letter should be addressed to the Director-General through the State Coordinator. Since you are applying on marital ground, you are to attach the following:
*. A valid marriage certificate
*. A document showing change of name in any of the National Newspapers and Affidavit
*. A letter from your husband’s workplace which will serve as an evidence that your husband is domiciled in the state you want to relocate to.

2. Health/Medical grounds: This reason are for those who have extreme or reoccurring illnesses which requires that they be monitored closely. You will need a medical report from your institution’s medical centre or from a recognized hospital. Please note that these claims on health grounds are subject to further confirmation to establish its authenticity.
3. Security grounds: While there are best states to serve as a youth corper in Nigeria, there are some states affected by the Boko Haram insurgents and they are: Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe, and other Northern states in that region. It is no news that parents and guardians won’t even allow their children go for the orientation exercise at the camp talk more of serving in such state.

How To Apply For NYSC Relocation & Redeployment (Approved Ways)

1. Applying within the camp: This is one way for the you can write you letter of redeployment is by applying for it while on camp. It is within the 21 days duration orientation course on camp that interested Corp members will have the opportunity reapply for relocation at the second week on camp.
Normally, a form will be given out to the interested corper to fill. As stated above, the corper would have to state the reason he or she to relocation, providing proof as evidence. You will also be asked to submit an application letter for redeployment together with the form.
2. Applying online after camp :It was difficult or rather an impossible task to get relocation approval after the 21 days orientation camping is over. The NYSC board has now made it possible to easily apply online for relocating even after the camp is over. You need not wait to get your approval for relocation after 3 months as you can get approved for relocation even after 2 weeks of application.
Below is How to apply for NYSC Relocation and Redeployment Online
1. Visit the [NYSC Official Website]
2. Sign in with your email and password (same as the ones you earlier used in registering on the portal)
3. Click on “Relocation”
4. Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided.
You will be notified afterwards through text messages and mails about developments on your application (whether it was approved or rejected).
How to Print the Online NYSC Relocation and Redeployment Letter Easily
1. Visit the Official NYSC Portal.
2. Log in with your email ..and password.
3. Click on Manage Relocation.
4. Make a payment of #1000 (one thousand Naira only) and wait for it to redirect you after successful payment
5. Print your payment receipt which will serve as your evidence of successful payment after printing your NYSC Relocation letter online.
Make sure you make copies of the printed letter for reference during your passing out. Good luck!

7 Things About Moji Olaiya You Should Know

A shocking sad news broke yesterday about Popular Yoruba Nollywood Actress, Moji Olaiya who died at the age of 42, barely 2-months after giving birth a baby.
She passed away in Canada on the 17th of May, 2017. Here are seven things you should know about the late actress, courtesy PulseNG.

1. Moji Olaiya was born on February 27, 1975, to highlife maestro Victor Olaiya.

2. 18 years after her first child, Adunoluwa, the late actress welcomed another child on March 17, 2017, in Canada.
3. Olaiya made her acting debut in the Wale Adenuga Super Story production, “No Pain No Gain,” in which she played Ireti. She made her indigenous movie debut in the Yoruba movie, “Agunbaniro.”

4. In 2015, the late actress was honoured by the Nigeria Police Force in Abuja for being a role model to Nigerian youths.
5. In December 2007, the actress got married to Bayo Okesola. The couple separated few years later following irreconcilable differences.
6. In 2014, the actress who was born a Christian, converted to Islam.
7. Olaiya was also known for her roles in films such as “Sade Blade “, “Nkan adun” and “Omo iya meta leyi “.
May her soul rest in peace.

UTME Candidate Caught With A Gun At JAMB Centre

UTME Candidate Caught With A Gun At JAMB Centre
Operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) has arrested a 21-year-old JAMB candidate for being in possession of a gun at one of the centres at the ongoing JAMB UTME in Nasarrawa State.

Mr Bashir Lawal-Kano, the state commandant of the NSCDC, told newsmen in Lafia on Thursday that the suspect was arrested at the Nasarawa State Polytechnic centre during a search at the entrance to the hall.

Lawal-Kano said that the suspect was arrested on Tuesday after he was found to be in possession of a locally-made pistol and two rounds of live ammunition.

He said upon interrogation, the suspect confessed that someone gave him the gun for safe keeping.

He said that the suspect would be charged to court for illegal possession of firearms, adding that even registered guns were not allowed at examination centres.

Lawal-Kano also said the command had arrested one Mohammed Alakayi from Doma Local Government Area of the state for allegedly posing as a recruitment agent for the NSCDC.

According to him, the command has received several complaints from the public over alleged cases of fake recruitment.

“We have had reports of some criminal elements posing as our recruitment agents and following our intelligence, we arrested the suspect with full uniform of NSCDC and forged recruitment forms,” he said.
He said that five witnesses had testified that the suspect collected between N 4,000 and N15,000 each from them under the pretext that he was going to get them job with the command.

“We are therefore charging him to court for impersonation and fraud as soon as investigation is completed, ” Lawal-Kano said.

He, however, appealed to job seekers, especially those desiring to join the NSCDC, to be watchful and disregard any information concerning recruitment coming from any other source apart from the command or its headquarters.


Actress Ini Edo Finally Confess On Her Failed Marriage After 3 Years

Actress Ini Edo Finally Confess On Her Failed Marriage After 3 Years
Nollwood actress, Ini Edo, has opened up on her marriage, saying she has no regret breaking up with her husband of six years.

Ini Edo got married to an American-based Nigerian businessman, Phillip in 2008. She walked out of the marriage in September, 2014, following accusations of domestic violence and cheating.

Speaking on ‘Rubbing Minds’ a Channel Television programme, the actress cited irresolvable differences and incompatibility as the major reasons for the crash of her marriage.

Ini Edo said that closeness should have, may be, saved her marriage since her former husband was in America and she in Nigeria. According to her, “May be being together would have helped keep us together. Because it would enable us study and understand each other more. May be it would have helped but I’m not sure.”

Asked if her estranged husband was comfortable with her kind of job, she said,

“He met me an actress and I believe he was okay with that. Actually he complained. My work takes my time and interferes with so many things. “I tried to keep my (movie) roles as decent as possible when I got married.

But naturally, there are certain roles you won’t be allowed to play. Even when you are allowed to play them, you can reject them not just because of your husband but you got relations as well.”

Asked if her former husband’s family interfered in her marriage, she added,

“He was the last child, so family members will try to see if their child is doing okay. “I try not to regret (the time I spent in marriage) but I will say, it’s been an experience I have learnt a lot from. It made me a stronger person. It made me wiser and I think it actually made me more mature.”

Source: VanguardNG

Serious Drama As JAMB Candidate Almost Lynch To Death After Stealing A Phone Inside The JAMB Exam Hall (Photos)

Serious Drama As JAMB Candidate Almost Lynch To Death After Stealing A Phone Inside The JAMB Exam Hall (Photos) 1
A candidate of the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) identified as Terva Tersasba, escaped lynching after he allegedly stole a phone in a JAMB hall in Benue state.

According to reports, the Benue state-born student was caught by operatives of the Nigerian Police team monitoring the ongoing JAMB examination in the center.

See more photos below;
Serious Drama As JAMB Candidate Almost Lynch To Death After Stealing A Phone Inside The JAMB Exam Hall (Photos) 2

How Custom Officers Force Woman To Strip Down And Squat (Photos)

A Melbourne woman claims her dream holiday to the US took a nightmare turn when she was forced to undress in front of immigration officers then thrown behind bars.
According to Dailymail report, The woman identified as Molly Hill, 26, told Daily Mail Australia she was jetting to Hawaii for a holiday with her US boyfriend Ross Maidl when customs officers pulled her aside in Honolulu airport.
She said the officers decided she was planning to overstay her visa after reading notes in her diary about her ‘last day at work’ and ‘going away drinks.’
Speaking to Daily Mail Australia after touching down in Melbourne on Thursday, Ms Hill said she was still shaken.
‘I still can’t believe it, it all feels so surreal,’ she said.
She said the nightmare began when customs saw she planned to stay in the US for 88 days and began combing her luggage in a holding room.
‘They were convinced I wanted to immigrate illegally. They searched my luggage, and saw my diary had notes like ‘going away drinks’ and ‘last day at work’. This is normal before a long holiday,’ she said.
She said after that, she was given a ‘full screening’ – which entails being made to strip down, put her clothes in a box, then ‘cough and squat’ in front of them.

‘I was treated like an inmate. It was so degrading. They started asking me if my tattoos were gang related.’
Afterwards, she said customs told her there was no more flights to Australia: she was spending her first ever night in prison.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Moji Olaiya's Last Post On Instagram Before Her Death (Photos)

Moji Olaiya's Last Post On Instagram Before Her Death (Photos)
Hello fans, Okiki app is now on Apple App Store. Watch movies from me and other great actors for free. @okiki_app #okikiapp

Alliamdulilahi to you Allah I give all the glory for all you have done. I will forever praise and worship you. It's not by power but the Grace of Allah. Thank you for the gift of life. Thanks also to all my friends and family my fans for your supports and prayers. Love you all.
Moji Olaiya's Last Post On Instagram Before Her Death (Photos)1

Moji Olaiya's Last Post On Instagram Before Her Death (Photos)2

The Cause Of Nollywood Actress, Moji Olaiya's Death

 The Cause Of Nollywood Actress, Moji Olaiya's Death
Nollywood actress and film maker, Mojisola Olaiya who shone into limelight in Wale Adenuga's SuperStory TV Series has been reported dead minutes ago.

She died in Canada. It was said that her cause of death could be linked to complications that arose from her child birth in March. She died Of Cardiac Arrest.

It is also possible that the actress would be buried in Canada where she passed on.

Moji Olaiya welcomed her first child In Canada.
 The Cause Of Nollywood Actress, Moji Olaiya's Death1

Monday, 15 May 2017

Veteran Actress Sola Sobowale Stuns In Black For An Award Show

Veteran Actress Sola Sobowale stuns in black for an Award show
Veteran actress, Sola Sobowale looked gorgeous in black as she stepped out for an award show last night.
Evergreen beauty.
Another below
Veteran Actress Sola Sobowale stuns in black for an Award show2

"Even The Devil Can't Stop Me" - Mercy Aigbe Declares As She Returns Back To Work

"Even the Devil can't stop me" - Mercy Aigbe declares as she returns back to work
Mercy Aigbe has fully returned to work after her marriage crashed over allegations of domestic violence. Responding to people saying she should slow down, Mercy captioned the photo above; 
"Did I hear someone say slow down? Even the Devil can't stop me."

HIV+ Woman Hides Her Status From Her Husband Before Marriage

HIV+ Woman Hides Her Status From Her Husband Before Marriage
Court Dissolves 4-Year-Old Marriage For Concealing Disease

A Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court sitting in Maitama on Monday, nullified a four-year-old marriage between Mr Ugochukwu Eke and Uchenna Eke due to the wife’s terminal disease which she concealed.

The judge, Justice Jude Okeke, in his judgment, held that the petitioner’s evidence had been accepted since the woman did not file any protest contradicting the facts.

“The court holds the view that by undeniable evidence that the respondent is suffering from HIV prior and during the marriage.

“In the circumstance, the court holds the view that the petitioner has fulfilled the provisions of section 5 (1) (a) of the Matrimonial Causes Act 2004 to grant the prayers sought.

“In the light of this, a decree of nullity of the marriage between the petitioner and the respondent contracted on Feb. 12, 2013 at marriage registry of Kaduna South District is hereby nullified,’’ Okeke said.

He recalled that Eke on June 15, 2016 filed a petition seeking the nullification of his marriage with his wife, Uchenna.

The judge said that the petitioner pleaded for voiding of the marriage because his wife was suffering from a terminal disease, and in a communicable form before the consummation of the marriage.

He held that the woman concealed the information about her health condition from her husband and they got married after which she relocated from Kaduna to Abuja on Nov. 29, 2013 to join the man.

Okeke held that there was no pre-marital dating and no medical laboratory test to ascertain their HIV status.

He said that Eke on Dec. 2, 2015, discovered that his wife was HIV positive after observing that she was sick and frequenting Kaduna to visit a doctor.

According to the judge, the petitioner stopped having sexual intercourse with the respondent and on Feb. 15, 2016, she packed out of the house.

He, therefore, dissolved the marriage on grounds that the woman did not contradict the prayer of her husband and the facts presented by him to end the union. (NAN)

Stop Deceiving Nigerians – Adeyemi Attacks Tinubu

Stop Deceiving Nigerians – Adeyemi Attacks Tinubu
Following a recent call by a National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, on Nigerians to stop unnecessary speculation about President Muhammadu Buhari’s health, the Patron of Anti-Corruption Crusader, Prof. Tayo Adeyemi, has admonished the APC Chieftain to stop engaging in “mere political ruse.”

In a statement he personally signed, Adeyemi said it would have been better for the APC chieftain to remain silent on the issue of Buhari’s health because he had failed to speak at the appropriate time and watched as the President was portrayed in bad light.

He noted that the comment of the former Lagos State Governor was a failed attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of Nigerians as the relationship between him, Tinubu, and Buhari was deteriorating.

Stressing that the failure of the Buhari’s administration was already visible to Nigerians, Adeyemi admonished Tinubu “to refrain from playing on the intelligence of the educated class of Nigerians.”

Adeyemi said, “Tinubu’s press statement has therefore unfortunately come too late as the political space has been contaminated by the undercurrents of anonymous sponsored articles in the media to portray Buhari in bad light by unidentifiable spin doctors and masters of propaganda normally used by political adventurers.

“Tinubu’s nonchalance to the Buhari administration’s strides and effort has been undisputedly apparent.

“Public analysts, political observers, the educated class, the electorate and Nigerians in general have read between the lines and realised this press statement to be none other than a mere political ruse.

“The press statement is, therefore, a faux pas and totally unnecessary. It is a sign of weakness or guilt complex.

“It would have been more appropriate if the APC National Chairman-John Odie Oyegun, the Minister for Information or the Senate President had issued this sort of statement. It is out of place and irrelevant for Tinubu to issue this in his personal capacity.”

Nigerian Man Arrested In India For Duping Girls (Photo)

Nigerian Man Arrested In India For Duping Girls (Photo)
An international gang involved in duping girls in Jaipur after befriending them on matrimonial sites was busted. Those arrested include a Nigerian youth. Police officials said that the gang committed at least 14 frauds in the past 10 days. This fact came to the light when cops checked one of the accused man’s bank account and found transaction of more than Rs 10 lakh in this period.

The accused were identified Kenena Solomon (41), a resident of Olowale Stivictoria island in Nigeria, and Kaushal Prasad Gupta (35). Kaushal belongs to Bihar and was currently living in New Delhi.

A similar gang had been busted by Bikaner police last month. Both the gangs committed frauds with same modus operandi.

The gang members would befriend girls on matrimonial sites, posing as non-resident Indians (NRIs).

“This particular gang was busted when we launched an investigation into an FIR lodged on May 3 by a Adarsh Nagar-based girl in Jaipur,” said commissioner of police Sanjay Agarwal.

The officer said that she had been contacted by one Kelvin who claimed he worked with a company in London as an advisor. He promised to marry the girl and said that he would settle in India after the wedding. Kelvin told the girl he needed to transfer some money and other valuables to India before moving.

On May 2, the girl received a call from a woman, identifying herself as Simran. She said she was a customs officer in Delhi.

“The girl said that the customs department had seized gold biscuits, electronic items and 75,000 British pounds. The girl was asked to pay the customs department Rs 40,000 as taxes to take possession of the confiscated items. In installments, the girl paid a total of Rs 1.35 lakh in name of various clearances,” said DCP, west Kunwar Rasthradeep.

The accused Nigerian national had come to India on a tourist visa. He didn’t leave the country even after his visa expired. He had been living in India illegally for the past eight months.

The police have found some banks accounts belonging to the gang members. They were opened on the basis of forged documents.