“Runs Girls Started It”: Upcoming Actors Now Pay 500k-1M To Producers For Lead Roles

"Runs Girls Started It": Upcoming Actors Now Pay 500k-1M To Producers For Lead Roles

I was with a celebrity and we were discussing this new trend, and a
friend also with us was a victim, now it is getting to the extreme, that
it is now talked about everywhere, Several people said that it’s the
girls they refer to as ‘runz girls’ looking for popularity that started
this trend.

They would offer movie producers money to
feature in their movie so they can refer to themselves as actresses and
now it’s become a part of Nollywood. This sounds so weird but it is

According to our source ,A-list Nollywood actors &
actresses get paid for featuring in movies, but if you’re an unknown
actor struggling to get into the movie industry, some movie producers
make you pay to feature in their movies.

That’s the new trend
now. If you’re looking to feature in a movie, all you need to do is pay a
fee, no audition is required. For minor roles, these producers demand
anything from N50k to N100k…it all depends on the role they are giving

If you want to play a lead role it’s between N500k to
N1million. Waka pass people are even made to pay. The trick some of
these producers use is this; they say they are not making money from
these movies because people aren’t buying them so can’t invest all their
money in it.

They also say finding financiers to pay for the
production of a movie is hard, so for these movies to see the light of
day, every cast member has to contribute. Thing is, many are eager to