Sunday, 3 February 2019

Singer Dija Calls For A Change In The Age Of Consent In Nigeria Which is Currently 11p

Posting the screenshot above, the singer and mum of two wrote;

''Just going to drop this here and hear your thoughts .... We have come a long way, we have advanced beyond comprehension in a short amount of time, music, lifestyle, agriculture and are still growing. That being said there are some areas I believe needs more attention and this is one of them. 
There are many ways to go around this issue but the best one is to go through it... This isn’t a fight against religion, tribe, gender but a redirection of our energies and thought processes to protect the ones that birth your nation. If children become psychologically, physically and emotionally damaged before a certain age all you will have are adults with suppressed memories of abuse, which lead to psychological mind ware-fare.. #saveme

The easiest way to destroy any nation is by creating fear rather than respect.

The child of today isn’t the child of yesteryears 

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